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Summer Style Handmade Home Tour

Hey guys! It’s Holly Marder with another edition of Homes With Heart on decor8. For May, I’m excited to walk you through the charming, eclectic modern home belonging to blogger and maker Ingrid Janssen and her husband that feels so much like a beautiful summer day to me! I just know you’ll love the happy energy this home exudes and all of the pretty that lies within. If ever there was a Home with Heart, this is it. Let’s go…


Ingrid is the founder and maker of the wood and crochet line of homewares WOOD & WOOL STOOL. Together with her husband Henk, they were long in search of a classic Dutch style home from the 30s, finally finding it in 2004 when a neighborhood of modern homes with a post-war aesthetic went into development on the outskirts of the city of Dordrecht, the Netherlands. 


The 240 square meter family abode boasts beautiful oak herringbone floors throughout and bundles of charm so characteristic of 1930s style homes, with the benefits of a modern home. They purchased it newly built and completely empty. Starting with a concrete interior, they had the walls plastered and painted and invested in oak herringbone floors that they had a local craftsman make. “With the white walls and the unvarnished floor, the base was just perfect,” Ingrid says. The kitchen was white and very simple, so Ingrid and Henk covered one of the walls with scrapwood. “That was ten years ago, and everybody thought we were nuts.” Today, scrapwood walls are trending!






With a penchant for travel, Ingrid and her husband have filled their home with treasures they have gathered over the years, keeping the walls white throughout and layering in colour through bright textiles and an eclectic smattering of vintage accessories.

“Our journeys inspire our interior, we always find the best stuff during our travels,” Ingrid says. “We buy what we like, no matter the style. Everything fits in naturally and I love the way our home is a growing and every changing space.”  


“Interior is one of our passions,” Ingrid says. “The most wonderful thing is, the interior is never finished and it never will be.” 

Favourite items in the couples home include their long leather sofa, canteen kitchen table from a Belgian school, the vintage Geoffrey Harcourt design chair that Ingrid swapped with a friend in exchange for a Wood & Wool Stool, and the many Boucherouite rugs the couple brought back from their many trips to Marrakech. 




“We are not very interested in brands,” explains Ingrid. “We often find furniture in second hand shops or vintage barns. Most of our furniture is not new, but vintage, second hand or antique.” 

Color plays a significant role in Ingrid and Henk’s home, though the sense of calm and serenity is largely owing to the color white. “With a white base and oak floor, everything looks good,” Ingrid says. “Although we have lots of colorful items, the house still looks bright and uncluttered.”



The layout features an open lounge, living and office leading to a kitchen and dining at the front of the house. 











The master bedroom, situated on the third floor of the house, features slanted ceilings, dormer windows, a hand made scrapwood headboard and open closet. “Our attic bedroom is a wonderful space,” Ingrid says. “We have the whole attic to ourselves and it feels a bit ‘French’ (Je ne sais pas pourquoi).”

Throughout Ingrid and Henk’s home are items the couple have hand crafted, turning necessity into a successful, home operated business. “We always made furniture ourselves, whether it was a kitchen table, an outdoor bench or headboard for our bedroom,” Ingrid says. “In 2007 I made a stool out of scrapwood and dressed it with a handmade crocheted cover . It turned out to be an object every visitor of our home wanted to have, which is how Wood & Wool Stool began. Since then, I have made lots of interior objects, including pillows, rugs, signs and frames, and it always has something to do with wood an/or wool. I am a textile maniac!” 





Despite their regular travels abroad, they are always happy to return home to their bright and cheerful abode. “Our home is very important to us,” says Ingrid. “We still like our own house best. Wherever we have stayed, even in the best boutique hotels, we are always in love with our own place when we return.” 

Upstairs, they have a spacious, playful bathroom. Simple white tiles line the walls, while pebbles add a tropical bathroom aesthetic underfoot. Bright bathroom accessories keep the space fun and fresh.




I love that feeling when you enter the house after weeks away yet it all feels so fresh and cool.”

So what do you guys think? Don’t you love the way Ingrid uses colour so delicately in her home? To me it looks like an island escape with all the bright pops of colour and fun textiles. What do you love about this home? See you back here soon with another lovely home tour – Holly

(text/photography: holly marder)

Posted in Home Tours on May 15, 2015

Eclectic Paris Apartment Color Inspiration

Can we just talk about this very fabulous living room and kitchen for a moment because it made me very happy when I spotted it right before nearly logging off for the night. Damn the internet, always distracting me! But this is just SO GOOD. You can see more over here. Wow. Lots of white punctuated with great color and hello, that glittery eyelash photo, amazing octopus-like ceiling light and jaw-droppingly awesome sofa – c’mon! This is the stuff of dreams!


Now let’s talk about this subway tile, seating, mirrored-table and the floors! Oh the floors! Any of this doing it for you too? I love the use of purple and yellow in this home with lots of gray. Very cool.


Such a great bedroom, looks like it’s in Australia not Paris, right? I adore the pops of pink on the bed. Some people make using color so effortless don’t they? Gorgeous editing in this place.


What do you like about this swank pad? For me, it’s the use of color. And yes, I am unapologetically STILL a lover of a fresh, white base. I was reading a new design book last week where the designer really came out against white homes like this one above and said white is totally boring and I couldn’t help but think it’s such a personality thing. I could never go dark and bold, deep and moody or hunter’s lodge-y or even anything remotely like that. My personality just would clash and dark walls wouldn’t inspire me AT ALL. I love them in a hotel room or where I’m temporarily cocooning, but not in my living space.

Color is so psychological and while some people like their colors light, others love over the top and bold and still others, moody and dark. I will never apologize for liking what I like and I don’t care what any designer or anyone else says is cool or “the way” to decorate. What’s cool in my opinion is to follow your own instinct and rock your home with what speaks to you – color, some color, no color, dark color – it’s your home, so it’s your choice right?

Oh this apartment is so sweet and the fact that is sits directly in Paris definitely makes it even more appealing… Imagine rolling out of bed in the morning and onto the streets of Paris?

To quote Megan Draper, “Zou Bisou Bisou!”.

See you Monday everyone.

(Designer: Sandra Behaumou, Photographer: Montse Garriga Source: Elle Decor España)

Posted in Home Tours on April 17, 2015

Herz und Blut Homestorys in Berlin

I love a good home tour. Or ten. And Heart and Blood or Herz und Blut (nd of course homestorys are home stories) has some nice ones… And you’ve guessed it, they are home stories with heart for sure. I love the Berlin homes on this German blog because they are so very Berlin, you know? That very cool city definitely has a certain apartment style when it comes to artists, designers, musicians, bloggers and other creatives who live and work there. I want to point you over to Herz und Blut so you can see for yourself. Here are some of my very favorite photos from the site.















By the way, you have to see this shop and makers space of fashion designer Lilija Meier. Right here. Click. Go ahead. It’s amazing. It’s called Karakulowa and is located on Graefestraße 65 in Berlin. I am totally going to visit this shop this summer! I am SO inspired by it and all of that tile work.


(Photos: Jules Villbrandt)

Posted in Home Tours on March 26, 2015

Small + Natural Scandi Style Apartment

Hello decor8 readers. This is Emelie Ekborg and this is the first time I’ve ever written a post on decor8 so excuse me if I’m a bit excited! I originally wrote to Holly to inquire about the possibility of her sharing an apartment that I photographed with her readers and she wrote back and offered me more than I’d ever expected – to actually share it with you myself and get paid for it. Sweet! Sooooo here I am to share a small natural style studio flat from the 30s in Gothenburg, Sweden. Ready to see?


This space belongs to 28-year-old Fanny Henricson (shown photographed below) who gently decorated it in true Scandinavian style in blue and grey hues on a white base with lots of fresh plants and personal details. The flat is only 37 square meters (398.26ft²) and includes one room for living and sleeping, a kitchen with an eating nook, a very small entry and a bathroom – perfect for a single city girl!

When Fanny bought the flat in 2009 she removed a built-in wardrobe to have more space and then gave the entire flat a facelift with a fresh coat of white paint. She also painted the kitchen cupboards and replaced the hardware. There haven’t been any renovations aside from those small changes. With limited resources Fanny created a stylish little flat with a strong personal touch that makes her happy.


A whole wall in the room is covered with windows which lights up the entire flat. Even though the room is decorated in white and cool colours like navy, turquoise and grey, it manages to still feel very warm and cosy because of all the cushions, woven rug and the sheepskin.

The “Ektorp” sofa from IKEA is full of nice cushions from H&M Home, Åhlens, Chhatwal & Jonsson and the classic elephant pattern from Svenskt Tenn. The wall next to it is decorated with some large post cards, a nice contrast to the two large posters above the sofa.

The gingko plant is just magnificent on the coffee table and adds an extra freshness to the space. The grey candle holder is from Serax and the marble tray are a few of my favorite things in this room.




Everywhere in the flat you can find different vignettes like this one next to the TV. A book by Alexa Chung in pretty pink, two candle holders, a marble diamond, an old license plate and a simple bottle with asparagus ferns is a charming little vignette in soft colours. The diamond was a Christmas gift some years ago and the license plate was found at Williamsburg Flea Market in Brooklyn, NY. “In such a small flat it’s not possible to refurnish that often”, says Fanny. “I found the perfect way to make some changes is to work with styling small vignettes! My friends used to say that flat looks totally different every time, just because I changed a few things around.”


The city map of Gothenburg from The Global Institute of Creation is one of Fanny’s dearest belongings. The cabinet “Bestå” from IKEA hangs on the wall, which frees up space on the floor lending to a more airy impression. An old jar serves as a vase for some lovely hydrangeas and the turquoise bottle matches the colours in the map. The colourful skull was bought on a holiday trip to Mexico a few years ago. Now it rests on top of a pyramid of boxes from Hay. “I love to bring things home from travels”, says Fanny. “These things keeps memories and are truly treasures that will come with me to any place I call home.”


The bed is placed in a corner of the room. The wall next to the door is just large enough for the headboard. Instead of a bedside table, Fanny placed a shelf above the bed to hold some books, a light, a candle and other small things that one needs next to bed. An old sugar box works perfect as storage for magazines and candles! Even though Fanny gets really happy and satisfied when she finds some nice and old things at a flea market or second hand shop, it’s not very often the places where she goes for shopping.

“Patience is not my best friends”, she admits. “It’s not always I have the patience to search and dig deep at flea markets. But when I do it’s mostly for small accessories.” Fanny prefers neutral but rustic flower pots and old terracotta pots are her favourites. The fresh green leaves of a little pepperomia works really nicely above the bed to add life and some color to her sleeping nook along with a single monstera leaf. To obtain a more united and sleek look, the backs of the paperbacks are facing the wall so the titles are hidden from view to reduce visual noise and create a sense of serenity.


Even though the house originates from the 30s, there are sadly no original features left. The kitchen is probably from the 60s. When Fanny moved in there was Josef Frank wallpaper in the kitchen and a wallpaper with an oversized pattern in black and white in the entrance.


Fannyspray painted the cupboards in the kitchen and changed the handle to update the space so it feels fresh and clean.


In the kitchen Fanny placed a metal trolley against a wall. It gives some extra storage for cookbooks, groceries and plates. And of course the spare surface is perfect for some flowers. The wall above keeps memories and business cards. A dried hydrangea is still sharing its beauty in a purple glass bottle along with a candle holder in brass.


The chairs around the kitchen table are all different, a nice vintage mix. One of them is a little special, Fanny thinks it might be a Gemla. In the window there’s lots of different plants and a large iron “F” for Fanny.


The corner next to the window is the coffee corner and around the window hangs a black string light which gives a soft glow in the evenings. On the wall above the espresso machine there are some restaurant menus posted from local restaurants and the espresso capsules are kept in a beautiful black Mariskooli bowl from Iittala.


Delicious cooking ingredients and refreshments such as limes, garlic and pink lemonade are kept next to the stove. Fanny is a real urban gardener and she loves to grow plants, even though she has no balcony or terrace. On the kitchen table Fanny has created another vignette. Different hard materials like marble, glass and terracotta work very well together with wild Queen Anne’s lace and a geranium.


The sunlight is streaming in through the kitchen window, which makes it a nice place for Fanny’s plants.


In the narrow entrance you can find magazines hanging on the wall. Wire hangers turn them into functional storage and wall art at the same time so they’re not littering the room.


In front of the entrance door, Fanny used a net of rebar and clips to create a mood board. Quirky animal head hangers is ideal storage for her keys.

“Things that tells a story or that are very personal can almost give me butterflies in my stomach”, says Fanny. “Decorative accessories don’t need to be trendy. If I find something I love – I love it whether it appeared in an interior magazine or not. Of course I also fall for trends but it’s the uniqueness that I really love.”

So! There you have it, small city living in a warm, natural style. What do you think, do you like this space and if so, what do you like about it?

(text & photo Emelie Ekborg, styling Fanny Henricson)

Posted in Home Tours on March 17, 2015


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