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Design Star Dish {with Becky Harris}

July 14, 2008

Here’s the weekly Design Star Dish with Becky Harris… The stage is all yours, Miss Becky! – Holly

Design Star Dish {with Becky Harris}Hi Design Star Viewers! After reading last week’s comments from you all, I’ve been thinking a lot about the show and my attitude toward it. I realized I have not been taking into account that this is not a cutting edge, high end design show, that it is an HGTV show set in Nashville. HGTV is for the masses; it’s not geared towards design experts, it’s geared towards people who are interested in design to help guide and inspire them, which is a great thing (I’m not trying to knock Nashville or the masses – Nashville is the new Atlanta, and I live in Atlanta). Thus, I’m going to try to approach the show with this in mind as I watch it from here on out.

That being said, this episode should have been called “The Kitschen.” The kitchen challenge always seems to beat the tar out of the contestants, as they scramble to finish overambitious projects in too little time. I was shocked at the amount of demolition and construction this group planned to accomplish from the start. I have to say I was impressed how quickly they were able to put up drywall, install a floor, and reface the cabinet doors. It was a superhuman effort in time management and accomplishment.

However, this challenge is the perfect example of what is wrong with most of the solutions the contestants have been coming up with – they think that accessorizing with a bunch of tchotchkes is the same thing as design. A glass full of jelly jars and a hideous valance does not a design make! Some bolder color choices, creative repetitive elements or vertical painted stripes on the wall probably would have sated these judges.

A few comments/questions without giving too much away:

1) No one on the show wanted Tracee to succeed as a leader. I think she actually had some good ideas in the past (silver leaf in the first challenge, the pattern she stenciled at Opryland). Time management was such an issue that she didn’t get a chance to try to design, though she did pick a hideous tile combination – I’ll take the brown walls instead, thank you! That being said, she should be self-aware about her shopping problems. Who would you have sent to do the shopping? How much more quickly do you think they would have done it?

2) Why didn’t the cameraman or anyone else tell Tracee that she had white spots under her nose? Were they trying to do a crossover show with Intervention on A&E? Someone who won’t tell me that I have lipstick on my teeth or paint on my face is no friend of mine! It was there for the entire shopping excursion! Obviously, she was not wasting time primping in the ladies room.

3) Why would you waste the time of the 911 operator, the expense of a fire truck and the resources of four firemen to remove a ring? Couldn’t the van have dropped Trish off at the fire station on the way to the challenge? Couldn’t they have put some ice on it? What would you do if you needed a ring removed?

4) Martha said “wow factor,” one of my biggest Design TV pet peeves. What’s your biggest design cliche phrase pet peeve? I’ve created a drinking game out of these and would love to add some to the list. Holly, I know yours is “make it pop,” right?

5) Who is doing the best job hosting? Do you think the judges made a wise choice?

Please chime in with your comments. I’d love to know the answers to the questions above or any others that you have. Go ahead and rank the remaining contestants in some different categories, like likability, hosting ability, and design ability. It seems that is the order of importance on this show. Go ahead and do it for the judges too. I rank them 1) Cynthia 2) Martha 3) Vern.

– Becky

P.S. I have the answers to Stephanie’s questions. I went ahead and posted them on Hatch because Miss Holly is off having a great time for her anniversary, and the answers just came in at the last minute.

Reality TV

Design Star Dish {with Becky Harris}

July 7, 2008

Here’s our weekly Design Star Dish with Becky Harris… The stage is yours, Becky! – Holly

Design Star Dish {with Becky Harris} Well, it was down to six contestants on Design Star this week. I am still on a high from seeing Joel McHale make fun of Michael on The Soup this weekend! Anyway, the group was split into teams of two, and I was very surprised by the team that did the best, because as individuals, I find them all to be pretty weak designers.

So, where to begin? First of all, I know it’s Nashville, but Shabby Chic? Really? That’s so ten years ago. If I see one more distressed, antiqued paint job I’m going to have to rip my hair out. I know that when we’re talking about the Opryland Convention Center and Hotel, not Ian Schrager in Manhattan or Kelly Wearstler in Santa Monica, but perhaps we could have been talking The Greenbrier or The Inn at Little Washington. Perhaps take inspiration from Savannah, Charleston, or the Garden District in New Orleans. That’s what comes to mind when I think of “Southern Elegance,” not a bad attempt at copying some old, dated Rachel Ashwell aesthetic that Rachel herself has moved on from.

So, I’ll get us started with some questions. When a country star is to serve as the inspiration for a design, are you simply supposed to copy her home right down to paint color? If you arrived at these suites, would you say to yourself, darn, I should have booked over at The Holiday Inn Express instead? How functional are semi-circular rooms? Why did Cynthia Rowley have a hula hoop around her neck? Who do you think will make the best host? Did Mikey V.’s hosting remind you of the fake P.S.A.s on Reno 911? When you are trying to avoid matchy-matchy-ness, how much is too much mixy-mixy-ness? Who do you think should have gone home? And most importantly, do you use the coffeemaker in hotel rooms? I’ve heard gross urban legends about their lack of cleanliness, but I tend to want the coffee so badly that I use them anyway.

I am going to be flying right over Nashville today and won’t be able to check out everyone’s comments until a bit later than usual, but please dish away! Please remember not to read the comments if you don’t want to find out who had their show canceled! By the way, that room they step out into to go “Off Air” looks like they are checking into Oz Prison or something. I half expect to see Adabesi standing there waiting to get them as they exit.

Reality TV

Design Star Dish {with Becky Harris}

June 30, 2008

Here’s our weekly Design Star Dish with Becky Harris… The stage is yours, Beckster! – Holly

Design Star Dish {with Becky Harris}I just finished watching Episode 4 of Design Star on HGTV. As soon as Mikey V. said he was going for “zen,” I realized what the problem is with these contestants. They watch too much HGTV, including past seasons of Design Star. People saying they want “zen” when they are designing, unless they are professional Japanese garden designers, make me cringe. Anyway, if you missed the show but want to skip and just see the designs so you can comment today, they are right here.

I was hoping the theme of the show would be “go big or go home.” Instead, the theme became “I want my mom.”

Slight Spoiler Alert: If someone implied I was going somewhere in a private Gulf Stream that required a passport and then sent me to Michael’s, the homicide would be justifiable. I hate that place. It makes me feel dizzy and nauseated, much like this show. I’ve only spent time in two of the destinations. All I can say is Italy = Aalto, fountains, history, and Prada. Spain = Ibiza, Gaudi, Miro, Picasso, Las Ramblas, Calatrava and sangria. Michael’s is the world capital of fake flowers, which is part of what makes me dizzy in there. Personally, I would have totally used the inspiration of the fake flower field that the Marc Jacobs windows had last spring in the West Village… You know, the one that the man in the skunk suit hung out in on the weekends? It would have gone big, right?

Again, WARNING: There will be no major winner/loser spoiler alerts in these intros, but there will be in the comments section, so if you haven’t seen it yet and you don’t want to know what happened, do not click into the comments section until you have caught up on your viewing.

What did you think? Do you have someone who would make the best host in mind, regardless of design skill? For me it’s a very clear cut at this point. What cheesy typical “design moves” irked you? Did you think someone was making a fort in the first 5 minutes? What are your design-speak pet peeves? I know you have a bunch! What do you think of as inspiration when you think of the different destinations mentioned? What would you have done with certain destinations and Michael’s as your shopping source? Who is showing appropriate restraint? Too much? Not enough? Who should work for Rooms 2 Go? Who had karma rain down on them? Who didn’t? Should saying “Ferosh” or “Tee-ragic” be banned? Did someone make manopy #2? Whose room looked the most like a Trading Spaces “feng shui” room? Did you agree with the judges? More interesting, with whom did you disagree?

O.K., I’ll stop, just dish about whatever you want! – Becky Harris

Reality TV

Design Star Dish {with Becky Harris}

June 23, 2008

Here’s our weekly Design Star Dish with Becky Harris from Hatch. The stage is yours, Beckster! – Holly

Design Star Dish {with Becky Harris}Well, I just finished watching this week’s Design Star on HGTV. It was really boring. You know how on Project Runway they have amazing creative challenges, like making in outfit from materials bought at the grocery store or in a nursery? The interior design shows just don’t seem to have very creative ideas for challenges. It seems like the contestants spend more time stripping wallpaper, painting, and racing the clock than they do actually designing and problem solving. The end results never seem very well thought out or polished. Maybe that’s why they race through them during the reveals. I literally have to pause my DVR to really see the rooms.

This week the contestants were put into teams of two, which made for more interesting dynamics and created the potential for results with more of a point of view. Do you think any of the teams accomplished that? What did you think of the rooms? Has your opinion changed about any of the contestants, or are your first impressions proving to be pretty accurate? Do you think anyone in particular appears to be a front runner? Did you agree with the judges on who was sent home? How much do you think the inspiration pieces influenced the designs?

Again, WARNING: There will be no spoiler alerts in these intros, but there will be in the comments section, so if you haven’t seen it yet and you don’t want to know what happened, do not click into the comments section until you have caught up on your viewing.

Now dish away…

Reality TV

Design Star Dish {with Becky Harris}

June 9, 2008

Welcome to the Design Star Dish with Becky Harris, the mouth from the south as I like to call her, a sometimes cheeky and always energetic blog friend of mine based down in Atlanta. Her witty words regularly entertain me over at Hatch where she blogs for Design Public. I’ve invited Becky to drop in weekly on Mondays to dish about HGTV’s Design Star season 3 with us, so without further ado… Here’s Becky!

Design Star Dish {with Becky Harris}Alright Everyone! Design Star Season 3 premiered on HGTV last night and it’s time to dish! It had a dash of the American Idol early episode painful tryout theme this year, don’t you think? They seem to be targeting people with proven design backgrounds, and keeping the hosting potential in mind from the start – an improvement in my eyes, but the design requirement would have disqualified hairdresser Kim, last year’s winner. What do you think of these changes in terms of the variety and quality of contestants? Does it make the show too exclusive?

There will be no spoiler alerts in these intros, but there will be in the comments section, so if you haven’t seen it yet and you don’t want to know what happened, don’t click into the comments section until you have caught up on your viewing. I will say, my favorite comment of the night was something like “I’m a cop. I can come to your house, arrest you, and then decorate it.” We’ll be coming up with nicknames for all of the contestants, and if that guy makes it, I hereby deem him to be “Ponch” from now on. Feel free to discuss potential nicknames – they are much easier to remember than their real names, and only the winner’s name really matters in the end. Remembering the rest of the names is kind of a waste of brain space, you know, in the Einstein not knowing his own phone number kind of way.

Now dish away…can’t wait to hear from you! – Becky

Reality TV

Dishing Top Design – Episode #3 Open Thread

February 15, 2007

What did you think of Top Design tonight?

Dishing Top Design - Episode #3 Open Thread
I have to say, the judges looked great on Santa Monica beach. Loved Adler in the cocoa polo and Kelly’s gorgeous dress…

Team Tahiti had a beautiful space but the ceiling looked a little unfinished. It really did need sun protection. I would have loved to see some color, it was very neutral. I like Felicia a lot, she is so well spoken. The Gilligan’s island and that comment about going to the Viceroy for a “Girls weekend, all three of us” was cute. (he he) Team Miami’s roof was gorgeous and I loved all the strips of fabric and the way the light filtered in, wow. Just add mojitos and music and I’m there… I have to say Team Miami got hammered. The judges do not like Elizabeth, Kelly called her, “passive aggresive”. I also liked Team Saint Tropez, what an amazing structure. So sculptural, clearly Goil has amazing talent. It was definitely better than a hamburger shack. Ryan should not have gone shopping. Period. All I can say is that at least they got out of the PDC this week, sheesh! Your thoughts???

So far, I’m liking Felicia and Goil as designers… Michael for sheer personality, his sarcasms keep the show fun and less serious, and when he was stuffing his bed, you had to admit it was cute. Who do you think stands out?

If you’re just jumping in on our threads, you can catch up on what readers think about the show by clicking below:

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See ya later, decorator’s (eek!)…

(image from top design)

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