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Dishing Top Design – Episode #2 Open Thread

February 7, 2007

Don’t forget… Top Design is on tonight at 10/9c (an hour earlier than last week, thank God.) Then come back here, meet me on this thread, and we’ll dish like last week. Here’s our thread from the premiere episode, if you’d like to catch up. It’s pretty funny to read through all 40 comments, here are a few that stood out…

Dishing Top Design - Episode #2 Open Thread“Alexis Arquette was in the Wedding Singer and other movies–part of the Arquette clan of actors. Famous in LA for a drag show and underground performance stuff. Weird choice… I think the Elle Decor editor was horrified.” – Anon

“I thought the Heather/Lisa room looked like a typical catalog page for World Market or Pier One or something. Boring.” – Becky

“Just wanted to say that I didn’t like the Elle Decor judge very much either…she just seemed very snobby and mean. Trying to be Nina, but in a not-cool way.” -K

“For some reason home design shows always feel outdated and tacky…I’ll keep watching and try to be open minded.” – Lena

“Hated the swing.” – Jaime

“I think this show has promise, like annon said a minute ago, it seems very “Design Star” right now.” – Cortney

“Was anyone else distraced by Todd Oldham’s Mystic Tan and overdone makeup?” – Anon

“Adler’s vases! I was distracted by those vases gracing every interview and wish they would scrap them. I cannot believe he allowed this frankly tacky display of his products.” – Casapinka

“I felt really uncomfortable with Todd Oldham. As much as I wanted to like him, he’s lacking in the excitement catagory.” – John

“Sort of sympathised with Elle Decor woman not looking very impressed with any of it as I wasn’t either. Didn’t much like her though. She is far too skinny to be involved in something as voluptuous as design and I have to say that I’ve been profoundly unimpressed with Elle Decor since I got here (compared with the UK or French editions).” – Paola

Read more comments here and after the show tonight, meet me here and let’s dish!

See you later, decorators (gulp!).

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