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Design Star *Week 1*

What did you think of the first episode of Design Star last night? Per the request of Becky and Paola, I’ll post a weekly open thread each Monday so those of you who are DS viewers can dish about the show. I struggled through last season, so I’m hoping that season 2 brings a bit more drama and decent design so we can at least have a little fun watching it and maybe learn a few things. I’m also hoping for a little character bonding to happen because if a viewer can relate to at least one finalist, it’s a good show (at least until that finalist gets canned).

I predict a lot more drama this season, a few cat fights coming on, and with the finalists being quite an assorted bunch (two words: Josh Sparkle), I’m thinking we’ll at least have fun watching it until Project Runway kicks off.

A few snippets from the bio of Mr. Sparkles himself: His favorite designer is Versace, if he weren’t a designer he’d be a Solid Gold dancer, and the boy knows how to clog. Pair him up with finalist Christina Ray, who adores the designs of Christopher Lowell, or with Neeraja Lockart who adores Muriel Brandolini, and you just may have the recipe for good reality tv.

(images from HGTV, photographer: Dennis Galante)

Posted in Reality TV on July 23, 2007

Reader Q: Name That Poodle from Top Design

decor8 reader Jennifer needs our help. She writes, “Last night on Top Design, in Carisa’s room, there was an AWESOME white ceramic poodle on the floor at the foot of the bed. I absolutely have to have it. Do you have any clue as to who makes it or where I can find it? Thanks so much!” -Jennifer

Jennifer – For the first time all season, I missed Top Design last night. I have to leave this in the capable hands of readers to help you out. I pulled the above image off of the Bravo website, but can barely see the poodle. I’m sure it came from the PAC, but with so many showrooms to choose from on their website, it’s hard to narrow it down. Did anyone notice which showroom Carisa shopped last night? Jennifer, have you searched Ruby Lane or eBay? Maybe you can call around to your local antiques dealers to see if they have a life size ceramic poodle?

Can anyone help out Ms. Jennifer?

Posted in Reality TV on March 29, 2007

Dishing Top Design – Episode #6 Open Thread

Here’s our Top Design open thread for Wednesday, March 14th. Meet you back here after the show, and if you’re too tired to post tonight, we can dish tomorrow… :)

(image from top design)

Posted in Reality TV on March 15, 2007

Dishing Top Design – Episode #5 Open Thread

Tonight Top Design will resume its normal schedule, so meet me back here later on so we can discuss it. I hope there’s another somewhat realistic challenge, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Kelly does with her hair (of course), what oddly chic furniture Goil will design, and of course, to read what Jonathan Adler has to say in his blog over the next few days, he writes a splendidly sarcastic recap post show.

While I have Bravo on the brain, does anyone know when the next season of Runway kicks off?

(image from top design)

Posted in Reality TV on March 08, 2007


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