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Dishing Top Design – Episode #5 Open Thread

Tonight Top Design will resume its normal schedule, so meet me back here later on so we can discuss it. I hope there’s another somewhat realistic challenge, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Kelly does with her hair (of course), what oddly chic furniture Goil will design, and of course, to read what Jonathan Adler has to say in his blog over the next few days, he writes a splendidly sarcastic recap post show.

While I have Bravo on the brain, does anyone know when the next season of Runway kicks off?

(image from top design)

Posted in reality tv on March 08, 2007

Q: What’s The "Little Black Dress" for Interiors?

Do you catch the live feeds after Top Design on Wednesdays on the Bravo website? This week, Margaret Russell and Goil were the special guests. You can watch the entire clip here, so I won’t bother recapping, but there was a great question a caller asked Margaret that I would like to throw on the table to see what you think because it’s really a great question…

What would you consider the “little black dress” for interiors? That one must-have piece that every home simply cannot live without?

Margaret mentioned the Parsons table. I’d have to say one good chair, not one in particular comes to mind, just a really fabulous chair that you love.

Your thoughts?

(images: borboleta dress from anthropologie and parsons table from room and board.)

Posted in reader questions, reality tv on February 23, 2007

Dishing Top Design – Episode #4 Open Thread

What did you think of Top Design tonight? I loved the challenge, finally something a bit more realistic, yeah for that. Who wants to get us started? All I can say is Goil rocks and Go Kelly! She is the best, love how strong and confident she is… Who can rock hair like that, am I right?

See ya later, decorat…oh, whatev!

(image from top design)

Posted in reality tv on February 22, 2007

Dishing Top Design – Episode #3 Open Thread

What did you think of Top Design tonight?

I have to say, the judges looked great on Santa Monica beach. Loved Adler in the cocoa polo and Kelly’s gorgeous dress…

Team Tahiti had a beautiful space but the ceiling looked a little unfinished. It really did need sun protection. I would have loved to see some color, it was very neutral. I like Felicia a lot, she is so well spoken. The Gilligan’s island and that comment about going to the Viceroy for a “Girls weekend, all three of us” was cute. (he he) Team Miami’s roof was gorgeous and I loved all the strips of fabric and the way the light filtered in, wow. Just add mojitos and music and I’m there… I have to say Team Miami got hammered. The judges do not like Elizabeth, Kelly called her, “passive aggresive”. I also liked Team Saint Tropez, what an amazing structure. So sculptural, clearly Goil has amazing talent. It was definitely better than a hamburger shack. Ryan should not have gone shopping. Period. All I can say is that at least they got out of the PDC this week, sheesh! Your thoughts???

So far, I’m liking Felicia and Goil as designers… Michael for sheer personality, his sarcasms keep the show fun and less serious, and when he was stuffing his bed, you had to admit it was cute. Who do you think stands out?

If you’re just jumping in on our threads, you can catch up on what readers think about the show by clicking below:

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See ya later, decorator’s (eek!)…

(image from top design)

Posted in reality tv on February 15, 2007


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