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Natural Beauty of Simrin

I’m so inspired by natural beauty found on simple paths, flower beds, or while strolling on the beach. A pebble, a fallen leaf, a pinecone… everything so beautifully designed and special that you can’t help but appreciate these free gifts all around us. Often when I need to collect my thoughts or just draw inspiration, I go into the woods on a short hike near my house or I venture to the coast and just walk the beach where the world seems to go on forever as you look over choppy waters as far as your eyes can take you. When I was little I thought that if I looked hard enough, maybe I’d see France!


I’ve been thinking about nature a lot this week because it’s been raining for so many days now, and cold, that there seems to be no end and I can’t get outside as much and I’m starting to feel it in my bones. Like I need to get out and just be with nature! My town does not have sidewalks and I live on a very busy road so I can’t just go do a few laps around town with an umbrella in hand so I’m thinking of just grabbing my raincoat in a moment and head into the apple orchards or the forest to breathe in that fragrant scent of apple, wet wood and brush combined with pine.


Simrin at Le Souk - 20% off

Simrin at Le Souk - 20% off

Because nature has such a healing power over those who let it work it’s magic and who make time to really enjoy it, I reason that this explains my attraction to bringing the outside in through patterns that mimic nature. I’m a lover of florals and leaf prints, so the moment I saw Simron towels over at the Le Souk Shop I felt an instant attraction to them.


I love their simplicity and beauty, rooms that feel very connected to the outdoors give me a sense of calm but also my mind becomes more centered when I’m around simple beauty and small luxuries. It’s confirmation of the truth that less is more, don’t you think?

What do you like about bringing natural fibers, textures and patterns indoor – what connections to do make, feel, remember from the past that causes you deep appreciation for the natural world?

UPDATE: Daneille from Le Souk just informed me that she’d love to give decor8 readers a discount on the Simrin products that she carries in her shop. She’s giving you a 20% discount, just place your order via email: info AT and she will reply with the total after discount and shipping costs.

(images: simrin and le souk shop)

Posted in shopping on June 24, 2009

NEW: Fey Handmade

Have you ever heard of Fey Handmade? They just launched a few weeks ago and I can already see this site taking flight because there is a very special lady behind it who is keen on promoting the work of talented emerging artists and designers while providing the rest of us with unique, quality products that are shipped in earth-friendly, recycled packaging. Founder, Christine Lindstrom, has her BA in fine art and was once a visual merchandiser which is obvious from the moment you visit her site — the design is so pretty and welcoming.

Fey Handmade is brand spankin’ new so of course Christine is currently looking for fresh new artists and designers so if you are interested in contacting her please do so via her website. I can’t wait to watch Fey grow up, it’s exciting to see promising new businesses being born!

(images from fey handmade)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, shopping on March 27, 2009

Giveaway Time at Elsewares!

Ready to win some fabulous gift certificates from my friends over at!? I’m trying to do giveaways a little more frequently, at least this month, because I sense that lots of you are in need of a pick-me-up right now. I’m so pleased to announce that Elsewares is giving three (3) decor8 readers the chance to each win a $75 gift certificate to be used on their website where they sell lots of independent art and design for men, women and children at affordable prices.

If you would like to win all you have to do is leave a comment below (one entry per person, per household please) with 3 things that you would love to own from the Elsewares website. Please link the item name, no links, UNLESS you shorten the URL using Thank you!

On Thursday, March 19th three winners will be selected and announced on decor8 Friday, March 20th. Have fun everyone!

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Posted in shopping on March 13, 2009

Horne: My Wish List

I’ve known about Horne for awhile now but after seeing them again yesterday on Karin’s website, I thought I’d highlight a few of my favorite things from this beautiful web shop.

I’ve been craving relaxation, texture, sunshine, products made from wood and clay, fresh salad, and good old-fashioned natural simplicity lately. Aside from function these objects also act as art with their lines and shapes…

And how about this for a brilliant product idea? You can turn any wine glass or vessel into a candlestick holder with this contemporary porcelain insert called CandlestickMaker by Designfenzider in New York. I really like this!

(images from horne)

Posted in shopping on March 03, 2009


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