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Gift Guide: 20 Under $50

I thought I’d jump on the gift guides bandwagon and do a few gift guides in case you need some inspiration! I know when it comes to shopping, I love to see what my fellow bloggers are giving (and receiving!) because oftentimes, I spot stuff I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. So whether this guide serves as help for your holiday shopping or simply a gift for someone that you love after the holidays have passed, I hope that you enjoy my roundup of 20 faves under $50.


1/ Animal rubber stamp that doubles as a decorative object from Anthropologie 2/ J.Crew playing cards 3/Library of Flowers bubble bath from Terrain 4/Jonathan Adler elephant match strike 5/Liberty Print wallet case for iPhone from J.Crew


6/ snow globes from West Elm 7/champagne pop candle in copper by Jonathan Adler 8/2014 Kate Spade agenda 9/Decorate Workshop (my book!) Kindle or Print Edition 10/phone cases from Rifle Paper Co.


11/Holiday card set 12/Oyster print  13/Plated Glass ornaments 14/Liberty print handkerchief 15/Serena & Lily set of belly baskets

16/ Garance Dore print 17/Bake something delightful, then fill these Peppermint Winter Cupcake Boxes by Martha Stewart 18/geometric pillow handmade by Nirwa 19/twin triangle necklace from artsy modern 20/German glitter ornaments from Pottery Barn

Fancy anything for yourself, too? I bet you do!

(images linked to their sources above)

Posted in shopping on December 10, 2013

NEW: Happy & Bright IKEA Slipcovers

Hello everyone! I’ve been thinking about all things renovating and all things baby lately. It’s kind of taking over my brain! We will move either the end of December or first week of January, my due date is January 25th, and my new space is completely under renovation. My husband and his friend will go work on it today since the painter doesn’t think he’ll finish it all in time (he is leaving for Paris soon for the holidays) but we’re all determined to get things done so we’re hard and having fun in the process.


I am generally pretty laid back and, good news for all, baby hormones haven’t made me in the slightest bit moody or whine-y, so I’ve been really relaxed about everything. I haven’t felt any stress from taking on so much (so far). I like being busy because having a full life takes the stress off of me – If I’m sitting here with lots of free time then I have more time to worry about the typical baby delivery and new motherhood concerns. Everything is moving along so well and it feels really great you guys! I wanted so much to enjoy my pregnancy and after the first 20 weeks of pregnancy sickness hell, it’s great to have energy, the “glow”, to really be able to enjoy this moment in my life. It may never happen again, so I’m trying to take it all in, you know? AND I’m finally gaining weight. I lost 20 lbs during the first 18 weeks but I’ve gained nearly 12 of it back. I’m still lighter than I was when I got pregnant, but my baby boy is growing beautifully and his measurements are in synch with normal baby measurements (week 31 begins on Monday). I couldn’t be happier.


So let’s talk about decorating. Today I received the cutest press release about Swedish slipcover company Bemz and their new partnership with Littlephant. Made for young and old alike, their new collection is made up of 100% natural fibers and is machine washable, features covers for mattresses, sofas, mattress pads, chair covers, bedspreads, beanbags and more. This stuff seriously got me so excited about the baby’s nursery design, even MORE excited that I thought I was before. I love seeing these sweet rooms and happy colors. These sweet designs are by textile designer and illustrator Camilla Lundsten.

By the way, is that washi tape on an IKEA locker cabinet above? Hmmm. I think it is and if so, brilliant!

Check out all of this color – wild, right? I couldn’t live in a home with this much pattern and color BUT I can definitely imagine a few of these patterns in a baby’s or kid’s room, playroom or even a living room or dining area. I love strong geometric prints! Here are more dizzy rooms to make your head spin! Fun!







I LOVE the legs on this sofa! Don’t you???


I’m all about stacking small mattresses, princess and the pea style – so cute!






There is that IKEA locker cabinet again with, what I’m guessing is, washi tape on the front. So cute! Speaking of IKEA, I have to go to my local store this weekend to order new countertops and hardware for my cabinetry and look for a few small things for our new apartment. I think I read somewhere that this collection presented throughout this post won’t be in stores until March but perhaps I’ll spot a few things and if so, I’ll let you know what I thought once I see everything up close and personal.

Do you spot any ideas or patterns that catch your eye?

(images: bemz)


Posted in shopping on November 22, 2013

Flower Shop Love: Landet Järna

Hello everyone! I’ve been working on final edits for my third book and also finalizing my e-course curriculum for our upcoming November Blogging Your Way: Intention & Style class (we just started enrolling, yay!), so I’ve been a bit scattered lately as you can imagine.

Flower Shop Love: Landet Järna

I found something very interesting and spectacular via a reader that I have to highlight quickly – a wild flower and plant shop in Sweden called Landet Järna on my friend Emma’s blog. Landet Järna, located at Hornsbruksgatan 24, Hornstull, Stockholm, gathers their finds from nearby forests such as branches, tiny oak trees, lingonberry bushes and ferns. As a forest gatherer myself (I have one behind my house), I am inspired to go later this afternoon with my friend Kristina and see what I can find for my dining table – I’d love some berry branches. I also have so many lab bottles, vintage apothecary bottles and glass vases that I’m thinking to pull together a pretty display in my home inspired by Landet Järna. These gorgeous photos were taken by Mikael Axelsson.



Emma always finds neat things in her country and I love being able to access Sweden in the click of a mouse. We’re all so lucky to have design bloggers tapping away on their keys all over the world to bring us their impressions on style & design. Thank you Emma for being my Scandinavian design go-to girl! I think everyone who follows your blog appreciates you so much. Oh readers, if you are fans of Emma you have to get the book that she helped to write and edit called Northern Delights. I have a copy and it’s stunning.

Flower Shop Love: Landet Järna

By the way, I have to mention that I attended a local home fair called INFA and found some interesting things like two DaWanda shop owners, Julia Dettmer and Maschaa, who had the sweetest handmade goods and a small company from Kyrgyzstan called Jurten where I bought my future son the most adorable felted squirrel. We also came upon a South African company called Design Africa where we bought delicious rooibos tea and a leather postman bag for my husband. The owners were also the loveliest and best-dressed men at the fair. They’re both originally from Cape Town and we had the nicest conversation with them; in fact our meeting inspired me to want to visit Cape Town since I’d never met anyone from there before other than online friends. I’m definitely more intrigued than ever.

How are you doing?

Photographer: Mikael Axelsson

Posted in shopping on October 15, 2013

Love Warriors of Sweden

I adore this Swedish shop called Love Warriors because the overall vibe is super slick and stylish and the concept is the just best – it was formed by a group of four friends who have exceptionally good taste and they scour the globe for the best interiors products to sell in their online shop. This creative team (composed of Yvonne Arentoft, Hannah Lemholt (who takes most of the photos), Per Sandahl and Sara Bergman) specializes in design, architecture, styling, photography, construction project management, purchasing, logistics, brand building, flow optimization and sales – so they not only run a shop but they take on both commercial and interior spaces, both large and small, to spread their magic touch. They also love to recycle materials from demolitions like flooring, doors, glass and oil drums and combine the “rough” with natural elements like leather, linen, sandstone, shells and ceramics.

Love Warriors of Sweden

Aside from their creative vision and products for their shop, I’m so impressed by the restraint they show in their very monochromatic palette and find their styling so super gorgeous. I’ve seen lots of other websites try to copy their look but it’s just not the same – Love Warriors is just so unique and the best of the best.

Love Warriors of Sweden

Love Warriors of Sweden

Love Warriors of Sweden

Love Warriors of Sweden


Don’t you just love this quote from Eckhart Tolle, “If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place”. What a powerful thought. I will hang on to this one for a long time.

Love Warriors of Sweden

Love Warriors of Sweden

Love Warriors of Sweden

Their photo art is among some my favorite things on their site. I can get lost in these stunning images and am trying to decide whether or not to add one to my own home. So in love…

Love Warriors of Sweden

Love Warriors of Sweden


Another great thought to ponder, “Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option”. Wow, right? I wish more people in relationships would give this some serious consideration. So much unhappiness in the world due to poor pairings and unhappy couples that are so unbalanced and broken. But onto happier things…

Love Warriors of Sweden


Coffee Made Me Do it! Yup! Or margaritas…

Love Warriors of Sweden

Love Warriors of Sweden

I love that image above – I have a real thing for masks that’s been going on since childhood. I think it started when I was around 5 years old and my mother made me the cutest Minnie Mouse outfit for Halloween and she painted my nose black and painted my whiskers – I loved looking into the mirror with my big mouse ears on and this “mask” on my face of nose and whiskers – it was a moment for me – I felt really excited and loved the idea of being something else – and when I wore the tail with the outfit I was in heaven. It was so much fun to play pretend and slip into this world where imagination and fantasy exist.

As an adult, I still love a little magic – the dark side, and though you won’t find me in a bondage club anytime soon, I still love the whole appeal of role playing, dress up and the mystery of masks. It’s a peek into my darker more mysterious side maybe? Yeah, most likely. I even have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to my affection for masks and a little taste of the dark side. I dream of hosting a party someday where guests can only hand make and wear their own masks. Wouldn’t that be so fabulous?

If you are looking to read a lovely blog that is quite poetic and deep, you have to spend a moment delving into their blog. It’s seriously wonderful and a big bonus – it’s in English.

P.S. THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE – so have fun!

(images: Hannah Lemholt of Love Warriors)

Posted in shopping on August 29, 2013


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