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DaWanda – Feeling Etsy-ish in Europe!

Have you heard of DaWanda? They recently launched online out of Berlin mitte (my favorite place in Berlin for shopping), and offer a free store to newbies that sign up before May 31st. After 5/31, a standard rate will apply, so try to sneak in during this special offer. DaWanda is somewhat of an Etsy operation, they offer storefronts to sellers on one condition, that you make whatever it is that you’re selling. Even a great big table like the one below, which I love.

“Dawanda is a new online marketplace for artists, designers and artisans across Europe to set up their own shop to sell their handmade products.”

The site just launched, so it’s not jam packed with sellers yet, but I’m hoping I can start a bit of a trend and get other bloggers to talk about it and spread the word.

The site is in English (British), French, and German, you select the language by clicking on your flag of choice in the upper right hand corner of the homepage. You can browse by color, tag, technique, materials, or category. You can even create and organize wish lists and vote for your favorites.

Why does the world need DaWanda if Etsy is already out there? I think that for most Germans without credit cards (not the norm in Germany), they prefer using their bank account to pay for things and DaWanda gives sellers that ability so it makes things a lot easier. Most of my German friends and family do not even have (or want) Paypal accounts, so I think DaWanda offers them the chance to engage in a little e-commerce in the way they are most comfortable with, via their bank account. Plus, unlike Etsy, the site is in 3 languages, including German.

Check out DaWanda and let me know what you think. I’m interested in hearing what my pals in Europe have to say about this site.

Psst: Bridget Davis has some great pillows!

Posted in Arts + Crafts, small business on May 22, 2007

Jasna Janekovic (+ her little store)

Jasna Janekovic is a very talented lady that lives in K?ln, Germany and has some of the most gorgeous images on Flickr that I’ve seen in awhile. Very relaxed, uncomplicated, simple. I love the lighting, softness, there’s just this vintage beauty about her photos that makes me want to spend a weekend on my grandparents farm drinking peach iced tea and collecting wildflowers in a basket. Jasna has her own little store online selling beautiful homemade delights created by her own hands. Everything in her store is completely Jasna, step inside, you’ll see. Completely charming.

(images by jasna janekovic)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, inspiration, Rooms, small business on May 22, 2007

Adorn magazine: Summer ’07

Do you read Adorn magazine (published quarterly)? It’s growing up all the time, and I enjoy watching it evolve. It’s fun to see who they’ll feature next, so many great finds in this super cute ‘n crafty magazine. Adorn truly support indie artists and bloggers like crazy, which is refreshing. Not just a slight nod either, the entire issue speaks of them and to them and their cult of followers.

The evolution of Adorn is interesting to watch because it somewhat mirrors how blogs gain popularity. Not through expensive advertising, knowing the “right” people, and fancy events, but through indie craft fairs and web chatter, which is how I found out about them back when they first launched. And so far, word on the street is very much in favor of this “Crafty girls guide to embellishing life.”

Psst: I’m eagerly awaiting their Summer issue since a few of my favorite artists are featured in it (Lisa Congdon comes to mind). In case you aren’t that familiar with Adorn, look for it in the craft section at your local bookstore, like Borders (where I find mine). You can also subscribe to it, which I suggest because Borders seems to sell out of them quickly.

(images from adorn magazine)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, inspiration, small business on May 21, 2007

Tah dah! Contest Winners…

A huge thanks to all that participated either with an entry or a supportive vote for the decor8 Get a Hobby contest. If you spot your name and abbreviated answer below, please email me (decor8blog AT yahoo DOT com) with your complete mailing address so I can get one shiny new copy of Get a Hobby! 101 All-Consuming Diversions for Any Lifestyle by Tina Barseghian in the mail to you before I go on vacation. Now it’s time to announce our 23 winners (not in any particular order). Drum roll please…

Travel making gorgeous little travel journals. -Kristin
Take a train around the USA and research mustard.-hollye
Collect HOMES all over the world. -Amy D.
Photography Chinatowns all over the world. -Anita
Design and build miniature movie sets. -Masquaradj
Fulfill secret wishes like Amelie, be a happy-maker. -mooi hoor
Research the Italian mafia + their homes. -studiowellspring
Spent time with craftsman all over the world. -Hajni
Stay at every boutique hotel in the world. -the antibride
Build a beautiful + stylish indoor/outdoor aviary. -paula
Live in a repro period house, in costume! -mymarigold
Beekeeping. -Lauren
Write travel letters using locals inks and memorbilia. -Holly
Collector of rain from all over the world. -Tiziana
Travel via VWCamper + doc American culture. -SFGirlbybay
Be a gift giver to complete strangers. -sarah
Do residential interior design for FREE. -abbey
Build schools for girls in underdeveloped lands. -NYmuhtari
Make elaborate pop up books. -Melissa
Build tree houses for children and adults. – Tonia
Paint huge jungles and rainforests in ugly bldgs. -amrein
Build entire storybook cities for real people! -becca
Collect antique keys and their original locks. -marion


A special thanks to Harper Collins for supporting my idea to host a book giveaway, and for supplying me with 23 copies of this publication.

(congrats card shown above from bella bella – love her!)

Posted in contests, inspiration, small business on May 10, 2007


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