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Let’s be Frank, or shall I say let’s meet Frank, an online shop specializing in work created by independent British designers, a delightful mix ranging from ceramics to pillows and art. It’s quite obvious that a great talent runs this very special shop because everything is exquisite, from the site design to the bounty of creative work. Frank is impressive.

Sukie, Vicky Hageman, Poppy Treffry tea cosies, Hannah Turner Ceramics, notebooks by Angie Lewin, more paper goods by Kim Jenkins, Twee As Can Be Sewing Buddy sewing kits, Laura McCafferty prints, and Julie Arkell’s paper mache dolls are just a few of my favorites.

It’s so refreshing to catch a glimpse of what the British indie design scene is up to lately. I’m dying to visit a craft fair in England someday, I’ve only visited flea markets so I hope to check out something like Origin or Top Drawer in the near future. Have you attended either of these two craft fairs and if so, would you suggest one over the other or something totally different? I may try to visit London in the Fall…

(images from frank)

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

It’s time for Etsy Take Five Tuesdays so here’s a round up of what I’m enjoying over at Etsy this week. I continue to be amazed and inspired, there is so much to fall head over heels for. See for yourself…

Wall art out of porcelain? Why not! Stepanka’s work blows me away, I can’t stop looking through her shop trying to decide what I’d like to order. I love what she makes and think some of you will as well. I adore her wall pillows. Everything is affordable here and original, such a good reason to support this NYC-based artist. She is definitely one I’d include if I had a storefront so if you’re a small business owner it may be a nice touch to introduce her work to your community?

Robyn is an artist that I love to watch, she has a ton of skill and it’s a pleasure to not only view her creations but to see that her originals are so affordable, you can own a one-of-a-kind mixed media piece for as low as $30. Not that I think art should be affordable, not at all, everyone has to come up with a price that works for them. But in the case of buyers that want to show their appreciation for original works but who are on very limited budgets, Robyn gives them a chance to start their art collection. Psst: Her Flickr gallery and blog are quite an inspiration.

I showed you the work of Lorena Siminovich last summer but I recently noticed lots of new original works in her etsy store that I know you’ll love, Seeds being one of my favorites. Gorgeousness.

There’s something about handmade linen covered composition books and patterned clips in the office… Office supplies shouldn’t be boring! Autumn to May makes some of the prettiest handmade things, she has a nice way of layering texture, color, and objects in just the right amounts. Super feminine, too. Great product photography makes her work that much more appealing. I just blogged about her things a month ago, but with so many new items I couldn’t resist giving you a second peek.

In-Vita Paper Studio is a new paper goods favorite of mine. Crisp, modern, clean, and c’mon yellow and gray? Is there a finer pair? First blogged by Creature Comforts, I bookmarked them the moment I saw them. Lovely papers!

If you’ve missed previous Take Five Tuesdays, please click here to check them out.

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Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves, Handmade, stationery on May 06, 2008

Heliotrope: Atomic Soda, Orla Kiely Paper, + More!

Have you heard of French paper designer Atomic Soda? Tommy from Heliotrope in Georgia wrote to me and he was so cute in his email confessing that though he hates to admit it, this stuff is JUST SO CUTE! And he is right, these paper products are darling and so very French.

Heliotrope is quite an online store, they carry a large selection of dazzling accessories and things for the home from companies we all love like Sukie, all the new Orla Kiely paper products, LoLLIA, Charley Harper, Bud Designroom, Xenia Taler, Pamela Barsky, Cath Kidston, PaPaYa and many more.

Thanks Tommy for writing and sharing the cuteness. We can never get enough of the C word over here. :)

(images from heliotrope)

Posted in stationery on May 02, 2008

Liquid Sky Arts

I’ve blogged about Kathleen and Liquid Sky Arts before, but I can’t help myself… I have to sing her praises again. I love how she recently shared her workspace with readers on her blog and I think her latest designs at PaPaYa! Creative Abandon are some of my favorites, especially the fishy wrapping paper.

PaPaYa! is a collaboration of three amazing artists, Kathleen Rossi-Howell, Anahata Katkin, and Teesha Moore. These ladies are on fire, their creative energy jumps out and grabs you from the screen, it’s such a positive force.

Notice how Kathleen has even used some of her own creative papers as art in her office — nice affordable DIY trick, don’t you think?

(images from liquid sky arts)

Posted in stationery on April 30, 2008


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