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Etsy Take Five Tuesday

Good morning! Everything feels so new and shiny to me still, so please bare with me! I just started using WordPress yesterday. It’s like taking a new car out on the highway for the first time – exciting and scary with tons of cool new bells and whistles that I’m not quite sure how to use!

By the way, have you noticed where I’ve placed the Book and Blog of the Week? If you look straight up, there it is in the header! My picks will update weekly in that space. And to the right, at the top, you’ll find 3 quick links to things I find interesting that will update during the day — news and links that you may want to check out. Whether it’s something I saw on another blog or a great news article or a funny video on You Tube, I will use that space for quick blurbs. They won’t have their own dedicated blog post within this section so they’ll hang out over there instead. As new ones are added they’ll be replaced and archived here in case you miss a day. If you subscribe to decor8 via RSS you will receive them via your regular feed. And by the way, if you want to subscribe to this blog via RSS or newsletter look to your right and locate the Search box. Notice the tab that says Subscribe? That’s where you will find RSS info.

Let’s get down to business. Shopping! I found some nice things worthy of your attention this week over on Etsy… From letterpress to original works of art, you’re bound to find a new favorite shop from this week’s finds!

First up, Wendy Chung’s darling paper shop Dozi Design. I can’t stop browsing her clean, modern paper goods. I enjoy the simple design, uncomplicated and lovely like a strand of freshwater pearls or the perfect little black dress. You’ll spend time browsing this shop just like me, I’m sure. Little houses, chirpy birds, tiny acorns, mini trees, very kawaii I think.

Things Are Better With a Parrott. Period. And I believe it because everything is better with Sarah Parrott in the world designing her delicious gocco and letterpress paper goods. I’m crazy about her papers with the deep impressions, especially the plump strawberry letterpress drink coasters. This is one of those rare shops where you could give me anything from it and I’d be bouncing off the walls happy. Not only is her paper delightful to the touch, but her pretty range of motifs cover everything from bicycles to lilacs yet still feels so very cohesive and complete. The colors are energizing and don’t get me started on her variety of fonts… Truly a shop that has something for everyone!

Love pastels? Dream of strappy sandals or peep toe shoes? Collect (or wish you could collect) vintage cameras? What Katie Does is a London girl with dreams just like yours. And call me a peeping Tom, but I had fun looking through her product images trying to spot extra photos because she has lots of cute glimpses of her adorable home in some of them.

Syko is from Finland and creates, “Soft art for everyday living” made by the skilled hands of Kajsa Wikman. Her handmade soft art includes bags, quilts, pillows, dresses… Everything is her shop is so happy and bright! All items are clearly made from the heart. Isn’t it always obvious when you see work that is clearly authentic, you know you can just sense the person stayed up for hours trying to finish a creation just because they love the craft so much? And to think these things are from Finland, aren’t we lucky to be able to shop the world from our computer like this?

I just found out about Rachel Robertson via Creature Comforts and I haven’t been able to take my eye off of her etsy shop ever since. I love the maturity displayed in her work. Clearly a talented mixed media artist, this San Francisco transplant from the Midwest is inspired by both the natural world around her and city life combining the two as she experiments with an array of mediums such as acrylics, watercolors, papers, ink, pencil, yarn, and vintage ephemera. Her art emerges out of the chaotic studio she describes in her profile. I’d love to visit Rachel to see how she makes sense of the chaos, I’m forever fascinated with how artists work and have often wanted to spend the day with a mixed media artist just sitting off to the side observing them create. I find the whole organic process of the mixed media collage one that directly speaks to my personality as I’m definitely a free spirit, not a strict ‘by the rules’ kind of girl when it comes to exercising my creativity or building something. This is precisely why I’d rather find a dresser on the street and refurbish it vs. tote home boxes from IKEA trying to build it by the book. My husband is better at that so I delegate all IKEA building projects to him. {wink} I digress… Anyway, Rachel your work is nothing short of inspiring and I’m a new fan, that’s a fact!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the Etsy Take Five Tuesday this week! If you have a favorite Etsy artist that you think I would like to feature on decor8, please click here and let me know!

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Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Are you ready for another installment of Etsy Take Five Tuesdays? Today let’s see about some his and her ceramics, baby elephants, letterpress frames, custom labels, and a few freshly sharpened pencils! Let’s go!

Originally from Turkey, Basak Notz runs a successful stationery studio out of San Francisco called Small Square Design with paper products that are minimalistic, fresh and modern. Cards printed with gocco are also available. You can view more from the collection on the Small Square Design website, where I learned that you can find her paper sold nationally at one of my favorite destinations for pretty papers — Paper Source. Basak also authors a blog where she shares her many inspirations.

Another Turkish designer to share with you today, this time it’s Studio tto or Baris Gun Sahin, a student at the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, Turkey. She is studying in the traditional Turkish handcrafts department specializing in ceramic and traditional tile design. I like what I’m seeing from this talented student… She has many good ideas and I’m enjoying the simplicity here. All are original, hand painted designs, completely dishwasher and food safe, and she even accepts custom work.

Sycamore Street Press is unique because in addition to lovely letterpress stationery and creative couple Eva & Kirk at the wheel, you will find letterpress frames that are quite original finds. They are budget-friendly and an ideal way to spruce up your framed art, a great alternative to the typical mats out there. Let’s here it for something new – hurrah, hurrah!

Are you looking for custom stickers and stamps in lovely fonts and borders for your small business or to label things at home? If you want to add that perfect final touch, Sweet Papery is a Dallas-based shop that specializes in affordable rubber stamps and stickers, completely custom. Wedding seals, business labels, address labels, Thank You stickers, they are all here… I would use them to seal bundles of cookies and homemade sweets to gift friends or to mark the inside of books to ensure loaners to friends return to me! :)

Stockton & Company so nicely donated papers to the Inspire Me giveaway so I have to highlight them today because seeing some of their papers in person made all the difference for me. Cute baby elephants have me at hello every single time, I swear. Total cuteness. Stockton & Co. maintains a blog too. Side point: For more animal cuteness only of the real kind, this image on Marilyn Patrizio’s blog made my day and maybe yours too…

If you’ve missed previous Take Five Tuesdays, please click here to check them out. I try to run this column each Tuesday but sometimes I fall behind if other work commitments get in the way, you know the ones that involve editors and such. What I’m saying is that if I miss a week here and there, don’t worry, I usually make up for it with extra special finds. You can also check the left column of this blog for my Etsy picks of the day. Thank you!

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Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

I nearly missed posting Etsy Take Five Tuesdays today. Oopsy Daisy! Thankfully I remembered just before the stroke of midnight because I have some lovely sellers to share with you with some very special finds ranging from custom fabric to puffy brooches, floral coasters, neon brights, and a man playing his accordion – oh my!

First up is June Craft in Chicago who is relatively new to Etsy. The scalloped edges on this gocco print are so refreshing to see, I don’t think I’ve spotted anything like it before. I just may have to order one… I also like the custom fabric that she designed and printed using Spoonflower (printing details here). It’s great to see people experimenting with Spoonflower.

Roadside is amazing. I randomly found Jayme McGowan while searching for something else totally unrelated on Etsy last night and sat here in shock that I hadn’t heard of her before. She and Roadside deserve major blog coverage because seriously, this work is unique and gorgeous. Wow.

I get so excited when I find quirky unique handmade things, like everything in the Toast Clothing store. These puffy pins are fantastic, don’t you think? How cute to add to your handbag or even a throw pillow.

I take my eyes off of the neon treasures at Raeburn Ink. It’s electric (boogie woogie)! I’m usually not big on neon hues but this stuff is fab, seems the designer really knows how to bring neon from the 1980’s into modern times in the most beautiful way ever. Seems to key to making neon work is to pair it with pastels or neutrals. So grand.

Alison Tauber in Brooklyn has a lot of very nice things. It all looks so comfortable and down-to-earth, and the subdued colors are grand. A few of her design motifs are somewhat retro so there’s this vintage charm about her wares that I really like. The hostess set is perfect, it comes with recipe cards and a tea towel. Great to gift a friend who has invited you over to dinner, especially if you just don’t feel like bringing another bottle of vino. Mix things up!

If you’ve missed previous Take Five Tuesdays, please click here to check them out. See you tomorrow!

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Etsy Take Five Tuesdays {10 Today!}

I’m away at an art class today so while I’m painting you can enjoy a few etsy finds if you’d like. Since I missed Take Five Tuesdays (my apologies) last week because it was the first day of class I have a treat for you today – 10 sellers instead of 5! If you look carefully you will actually find 12 stores linked below. See if you can find the hidden two. Weeee! But only for this week, don’t expect me to be so nice next Tuesday because it will drop back to 5 again. :)

Nesting Emily is a real charmer, isn’t she? Hand thrown ceramics… Could these be more feminine and lovely? Oh Emily! I love the raw matte porcelain and what she is doing with her most recent work incorporating these lacy details. So, so nice.

Her name was Lola… She was a showgirl. Eh. Um. Not in this case, Lola is a jewelry designer and her shop is called The Lola Collection and it runs over with good things. No dresses cut down to there! Just necklaces perhaps meant for such dresses. :) These pieces are all so very pretty, I think you’ll like them. See for yourself.

Caramelos is a sweet crafty supply shop for those of you who like to create things by hand. I especially like how she packages her goods and the overall look and feel of her etsy shop, I think it’s pulled together rather nicely. This store owner is also the lady behind a second etsy shop called Artful M Studio where she uses her crafts to create special handmade goods including Marie Antoinette flat cards, digital collage prints, and my favorite – wedded bliss tickets. Dum, dum, da, dum!

I think you’ll really like how Elizabeth Williams displays and photographs her handmade jewelry, her designs are very vintage-like. They have that Anthropologie ‘look’ without the high price to match. It’s great that we can buy handmade jewelry direct, to own something original like this is a piece to always cherish. All of my necklaces and earrings from Etsy are such a treat to wear, share, and display. Elizabeth has a really nice blog in case you are interested in learning more about the lady behind these dainty things.

I found Cutie Pie Company via email, she wrote to me regarding this post and quickly sent in a package of scraps for the upcoming decor8 inspiration pack giveaway (stay tuned!). I adore her sweet handmade stationery and books, and I just noticed that she has another Etsy store called Hunters Hideaway where she sells scrap packs so if you’re in need of inspiration $6 can buy you some.

Kitschy Hippo is a cute collection of collages from Chicago. Whoa. Lots of C’s there. I like how honest the seller is about her art, “I have never been able to concentrate…I think that’s why collage suits me.” Isn’t this what draws us to blogs and indie sellers in general — the honesty? I mean, you just don’t find gems like this in most magazines where everything is sugarcoated to perfection, like everyone just fell into their amazing career and lifestyle. I prefer it ‘raw’ nowadays. These ‘magazine voices’ as I call them are boring me. Just say it how you see it, show yourself for who you are, and stop polishing up everything to please and impress others. The Kitschy Hippo says a lot about her humility in one single sentence. It’s a good lesson for us all I think. Oh and Ms. Hippo, sorry for invading your space here with my rant. I appreciate your down-to-this-planet reason for why you started collage art, that’s all.

Pretty Little Thieves has some sweet original drawings as well as prints. Love her simple lines and charming little characters. Way cute. The girl in pink reminds me of the quirky cute Lisa Loeb (who I secretly want to be when I grow up) or the supergirl of graphic design – Nicole aka Pink Loves Brown. Nicole this little girl is calling you, dear!

If you’re riding on the rubber stamping wagon these days creating your own patterned textiles (or even wrapping paper), Cotton Blue has some darling stamps for ya. They even sell Japanese fabric along with iron-on embroidered patches, trims, craft books from Japan, and leather handles in case you want to create a tote. Decole/KOKKA/kawaii fans will love this place.

Studio MIKMIK is a great find for prints and handmade notebooks. They just opened up shop a mere week ago so let’s run over and give them some love, shall we? I like their Japan pop aesthetic.

Hide your eyes as this image may offend due to a little dog on dog action! {grin} These dashing dachshunds from the UK are handmade by Alice Apple and absolutely adorable. The fabrics she uses have that Japanese kawaii thing going on. Come to think of it, I had a stuffed pup like this when I was a kid, I had one at school that everyone autographed. It was something we did in the late 80’s — though I don’t recall the occasion or why. Maybe it was for elementary school and middle school graduation? I almost remember it had a black cap and we had them around the same time the annual yearbook released… Does anyone remember this dog signing thing? Do kids still do this?

If you’ve missed previous Take Five Tuesdays, please click here to check them out.

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