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Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Oh Etsy, how you continue to inspire me with your thousands of new stores popping up every millisecond. But the time! The time! Where does it go? It takes hours to scour Etsy for finds that I write about in this column, but I don’t even mind because I’m always ready for a little treasure hunt. Here’s what’s on my radar this week friends — hope you love ‘em as much as I do.

Dandee Designs has some darling finds, I like their crafty feel and how well made everything is. The Mini Spring in a Can kit is super cute, complete with burlap and pom pom trim and if your garden doesn’t grow, you have a cute pencil cup for your office.

I love the Big Idea notebook from Chewing the Cud in San Francisco, along with their old-meets-modern design aesthetic and cards — I really like vintage typewriters so I can never see too many of them as a design motif. So cute.

If you have a crush on chairs, you’ll delight in the work of Maria Janosko. Her current chair series is excellent but then again I’d have a house full of chairs if only my husband would allow it. :)

Nina Van de Goor in the Netherlands, whom I just love (her home is gorgeous), just opened a brand new Etsy shop where she currntly offers her ceramics, so fluid, sculptural, the shapes are organic and lovely in pure white. But more is to come, including screenprints and collage. Congratulations, Nina!

Turkish designer Irem Petek Guven has a store packed with handmade jewelry, placemats, and more. Colorful, fun, happy, and definitely unique. Great work.

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Posted in etsy, Etsy Take 5 Tuesday on April 29, 2008

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

What’s on my radar over at Etsy this week? Here’s my round up of a few favorites…

Kirby is a freelance costume designer and artist who has one Etsy shop for vintage clothing called Kirby Vintage and another under the name Oh Kirby where she experiments with different papers and mediums to create paintings, pillows, paper dolls, prints, and brooches and recently, has translated her love of Tudor history in the form of a few prints.

Looking for a chair? California-based 1000 Chairs locates ones with potential, especially good mid century modern finds with good bones, and makes any needed repairs finishing them with new upholstery. They plan to launch more green products, 100% latex foam, natural wool batting, and bamboo and hemp fabrics, soon. Prices are great!

Mom and daughter Linda Ackerman (the mother) and Jen Ackerman team up to bring you handmade rings and things for $7.50 at Dillon Designs. 10% of your purchase will benefit the Etsy for Animals charity of the month: The Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary.

Grandiflora in San Francisco offers crafty things to adorn you and your home created from vintage scraps left over from large projects so that little goes to waste. Their artful designs include pillows that look like heads of cabbage and yo yo necklaces that would make Project Runway’s Angela Keslar proud.

Crafty things from Autumn to May to embellish gifts or to write your dreams inside. Her photos are lovely, she does a beautiful job at making her shop inviting and fun to browse. So pretty!

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Posted in etsy, Etsy Take 5 Tuesday on April 09, 2008

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Happy April 1st everyone! I’ve been working on more Etsy slideshows for Domino magazine (online) so I’ve been clicking around like a mad woman lately so I found more talent over the last few weeks. Sometimes I wonder if the pool will ever dry up? But it seems there is no end in sight so we’ll always have amazing talent to discover. Here are my fantastic five for the week. Enjoy!

Artist and instructor Heather Smith Jones just opened her shop about a week ago and already she has sold 20+ of her drawings and paintings. Each are original pieces of art making them that much more special. I have a feeling that once she hits the blog circuit, she’s going to have to do a lot more painting to keep up because her work is beautiful.

Janice J’s Illustrations show a love of architecture and are inspired by books and places she’s visited. I knew immediately upon viewing her work that she must be from London and of course, she is. Can’t you see this in her work? It’s like strolling through Notting Hill…

I really love these cards from Story By Mia, especially the baby announcements and the You and Me card, it really has a Zakka feel don’t you think? She also carries stationery sets, gift tags and personalized cards, too. I want it all!

Nervous System is Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, a jewelry design duo who both graduated from MIT (Jessica holds degrees in Architecture and Biology and Jesse in Mathematics). A mix of architecture and physics, they created Nervous System, “to explore a design approach that relates process and form in a context of interactivity and openness”. Basically, they apply mathematical formulas derived from natural structures and apply it to their designs. Complete bio here. They will be exhibiting at the designboom mart at the ICFF at NYC’s Javits center on May 17-20, 2008. I wear the Radiolaria brooch on my jacket and people really respond to it, it’s a gorgeous and unique piece.

I don’t use a clutch that often, but Red Ruby Rose just may change that for me. Hers are stunning and with warmer weather coming and outdoor parties, this may be a really nice accent for the little black dress.

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Posted in etsy, Etsy Take 5 Tuesday on April 01, 2008

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Here’s my hand-picked collection for the week of a few Etsy stores that caught my eye. If you’ve missed previous Take Five Tuesdays please click here to catch up on your reading, and your shopping too! :)

What a fine way to get started today, with the work of Iris Schwarz of Paulette Edition. Iris is a Zurich-based graphic designer and illustrator who is such a romantic at heart. She comments, “Old things are my passion, sometimes I think I?m born in the wrong century”. You can really see this in her work, can’t you? The charm of times’ past translated into works on paper of objects that inspire her.

I adore handmade dolls. It goes back to the gifts my aunt sent to me as a child, she made bears and dolls and it thrilled me whenever a box from her arrived. I always felt so loved. Simpli Jessi creates dolls that a child or even adult would enjoy having, darling little people made from cotton and thread, it’s pretty special to own a one-of-a-kind dolly. She also does custom dolls and accepts wholesale orders too.

Functional ceramics by Laurel Begley is another Etsy shop that has my attention this week. I especially like these ‘bones’ plates and this sake set.

Paper Sparrow out of Chicago serves up delicious paper goods from cards to prints that you’re such to love if you’re a bird nerd like me!

Have I talked about Gypsy and Twink before? I’m certain they’ve appeared in my Etsy ticker over in the left column several times already. Their decorative wood figures are very sweet, they have so many to choose from and I like the colors and patterns selected for each little critter. I’m not sure ‘who’ is because Gypsy and Twink, it’s rather vague unfortunately… But I love the shop just the same.

(images linked to shop above)

Posted in etsy, Etsy Take 5 Tuesday on March 18, 2008


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