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Volksfaden Fabric Inspiration

I’ve been dying to get my hands on some fabric for Spring and though I have no clue what I’ll do with any of it I went on a bit of a spree a few days ago online at Volksfaden. This is a web-based shopped owned by an American living in Berlin and so that is where I usually go for fabrics when I’m looking for ones from American designers. I guess I needed a little fabric fix from the mothership. Here are the ones I had to have… they made me feel so Spring-y. And I’m on the whole chevron bandwagon with the rest of the blog world, so of course I needed to add a few of those to the pile. Here’s a glimpse of what was inside of my little magic package that arrived in the mail today. Spring in a box!

Bring Spring!

I’m sure I missed some, but you can have a look around the Volksfaden site to find some favorites of your own. If you live in Germany, or the EU, this is a great way to get fabric from the states I think as shipping can get quite expensive if you’re ordering a lot from outside of the EU.

Bring Spring!

8 prints in blues, greens and yellows. So fresh and ready to be transformed in pillows. I’m been dying to get rolling on some of my Amy Butler patterns.

Bring Spring!

These remind me of the coast and I imagine how nice they’d look on a covered balcony or patio.

Bring Spring!

I like these patterns because together, they remind me of a sweet little baby. Many of my friends are pregnant or have little ones and when I added just a few cute accents to the mix I noticed how perfect these patterns really would be in a baby’s room.

Bring Spring!

The wavy pattern is so versatile, it goes great with almost all of the patterns that I purchased.

Bring Spring!

I dream of someday owning a new pale blue or white Fiat. I’m just crazy for them. I love the vintage ones too, but I think a new one would be better for weekends up on the coast. My neighbor has a pale blue fiat and I have had my nose to the window more than once inspecting the interior. :) Last year I bought myself a toy Fiat that I display in my cabinet as a reminder of my dream. And aren’t these sweet prints so playful, I just adore the mini trees and the kids with the umbrellas.

(images: holly becker for decor8)

Posted in textiles on February 19, 2010

Tea With Camilla Engman

Artist Camilla Engman just made a few of her tea towels, designed alongside Third Drawer Down in Australia, available in her web shop. I particularly like the yellow and white towel and enjoy seeing it simply tacked to a wall above a chair – nothing fancy but quite lovely and relaxing to look upon – don’t you think?

Camilla Engman

One does not need to fuss around perfecting their interior environment, often a simple statement makes the biggest impact and can also cost the least amount of money. I often wish those who stress about decorating their homes thought about design in the way that I do, that you do not have to buy extremely expensive things or go into debt to impress others — but to simply challenge yourself to not spend a lot of money and still create an environment that speaks to you.

Some try to make their home fit the expectations of others or to fit a popular lifestyle trend simply “fit in” that their own heart and soul has been removed and replaced with brand name chairs and fancy wallpaper. Some crave that others will like their style and see them as cool or stylish — they want them to be impressed, but they’ve forgotten a key element — a truly stylish space is one that reflects the authenticity of those living in it and the life and joy and experiences they have had in the past.

When I see such beauty in simple touches that look and feel very cozy and personal I cannot help but think some worry way too much and if they’d only relax and decorate from the heart then their spaces would magically fall together. Perhaps that is the missing link in design, what sets apart one space from the next, not expensive things or copying the ideas of others or even replicating some common style or catalog theme but to simply do what you want to do – decorate from the heart – how would you decorate your bedroom or living room if you knew that no one would ever see it – only you and your family? And then perhaps with that thought in mind, you can feel free to paint birds on your ceiling and paint your moldings black against white walls and paint the legs of your dining room table chairs bright yellow. Maybe one just needs to free themselves from the expectations of others and pretend for a moment that only your decorating sense matters and go with it.

What do you think?

(image: camilla engman)

Posted in kitchen, textiles on February 01, 2010

Erin Flett Textiles

In case you missed it, I wrote about Erin Flett recently over at Real Simple and since, she’s sent over some new colorful photos of her work that really caught my eye on this gray and snowy Wednesday.

Erin Flett

Erin Flett

Erin Flett

Erin is a graphic + textile designer in Maine who just launched a line of hand silk screened pillows that she hopes will speak, “to the stylist soul”. I don’t know about you, but that squirrel is totally speaking to me. He is saying something like, “buy me, dude”. He’d be perfect for my friend’s new baby boy!

More about Erin and her work can be found here.

(images: erin flett)

Posted in textiles on January 13, 2010


I heard from Kaitlin Andorfer who runs b.poetic and couldn’t resist writing about her handmade collection of girly things as they’re quite pretty! Kaitlin creates banners, headbands and belts, shoe clips, and unique pillowcases that are silk-screened (black on white) and can work in a variety of different decor styles – modern, romantic, eclectic… She shows them in a romantic bedroom but I can totally see them in a more streamlined modern room as well.


I love pieces like these pillowcases that are versatile like this, I’m still thinking of House Doctor and how they said their new collection is about, “mixing the elements rather than matching the elements”. They really hit the nail on the head with that statement, I think that’s what I’ve been trying to say for years but never quite sure how!  I decorate in a very eclectic feminine style where styles of the pieces I have in my home do not match but are mixed — my last home had a Swedish credenza, a modern sofa, a round IKEA dining room table, Eames chairs, a Danish stool, a modern lacquered desk with clean lines, etc. I think personally the “key” to doing this whole mixing thing successfully is to not mix your woods (oak table, walnut chairs, mahogany credenza) — try to stick to one wood type or various woods with the same finish (medium, light, dark) and then if you want to add something more ornate, like carved chairs or a fancy carved dresser from India, you can as an accent piece in that particular room. But you wouldn’t necessary put several accent pieces in the same room unless you like a more flea market/no rules look. I personally believe that when it comes to accent pieces, it’s best when that piece is a different color or finish than the others in the room.


A space can be very vanilla if everything is the same (all white or all pickled wood or all oak), which is why catalogs tend to look very boring as they show rooms with furniture that is all the same. For some healthy tension, throwing in a very different piece in a color or finish that stands out from the others is a good way to break things up. For instance, say you have furniture with clean modern lines. Bring in an ornately carved dresser from India and paint it glossy black or turquoise or even bright yellow so that it really stands out. I think that is how, “Mixing the elements” can work successfully.

But back to b.poetic… I’ll take some pillowcases and a hair band, please! :)

(images: b.poetic)

Posted in bedroom, fashion + accessories, textiles on January 07, 2010


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