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DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Home

This is such a gorgeous autumn color palette! DAY Birger et Mikkelsen is a Danish label known for their amazing fashion but did you know that they also have a well-curated collection of goods for the home? Their current campaign is called Quirky Autumn and I just love it with the smokey shades of blue, gray…. vintage charm, extremely tactile, a few classic designs from the 60s, some ethnic “raw” pieces made of wood, silhouette art work, embroidery, lots of handmade charm — we all are so drawn to these things because they feel so real and in some ways connect us back to our childhood…

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Home

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Home

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Home

This is definitely a look/palette that many designers are gravitating towards right now — Sibella Court, TineK Home, House Doctor, DAY Birger et Mikkelsen, West Elm, Anthropologie, etc. The mix of high and low, old and new is currently popular but I believe that it has real staying power — like denim jeans — in the sense that you can see a living room in these colors, in this style, in 5 years and it would still be just as lovely and cozy and not at all appear dated or, “Sooooo 2010″ as I imagine some current trends will look and feel years from now. Like denim, this look is clean, natural, casual and lasting since it is a mix of periods, cultures, and mostly neutral tones which you really can never go wrong with.

What do you think of these colors, textures and combinations?

(images: DAY Birger et Mikkelsen)

Posted in Decorating Tips, trends on September 16, 2010

Trends: Layering Patterns On Furniture

I feel so inspired today thanks to my friend who just completed a trend forecast for her client and I had the honor of seeing it a few moments ago. It was this collection of beautiful and super creative mood boards, so now I feel like I’m flying! It is so important as a creative person to have a few others in your immediate circle who are also creative because on days when you feel drained, their energy can really pick you up and she certainly did this for me today.

Layering Trend

Speaking of trends, I’ve been noticing something more and more when it comes to furniture — fabric layering. I came across this new collection from Moroso called Sushi and I think it’s inspiring to see the mix of color and pattern. This collection, designed by Edward Van Vliet, is described as a, “sophisticated wrapping concept inspired by universal layers, found also in nature and architecture… each layer distinguished by a different sort of upholstery.”

Layering Trend

I love sofas with different layers and I’m guessing this is all an extension of the patchwork pattern trend and we’ll only see more and more sofas and chairs with various layers of pattern and color because it is one way in which the customer can personalize their design a bit, isn’t it? Why buy the standard beige sofa when you can buy one that you had a hand in designing… For instance, I’m currently loving the idea of a sofa with a solid back and base but with patterned seat cushions. Tricia Guild does this so well and I love it and want to be able to afford some of her furniture someday because I think her upholstery is to die for, never mind when mixed and matched so beautifully and lavishly layered onto a sofa or chair.

When I was in London in one of her shops, I found a gorgeous sofa called festival that had a mix of fabrics on it and I couldn’t believe a sofa could be so beautiful! It was definitely a show stopper. I would do almost anything to own a Designers Guild sofa — Orbit and Hayward are my favorites.

Delish! What do you think of this layering trend? Would you try it?

(images: moroso and designers guild)

Posted in Objects, trends on September 15, 2010

Tulu {Istanbul}

Wow.  I just read all about Tulu, a gorgeous shop in Istanbul owned by a American antique textile dealer, Elizabeth Hewitt, who moved there since she married a Turkish man. Ah, love — it takes us to so many places sometimes, doesn’t it? It’s not always a state of the heart, but can change your entire life — including your country! Elizabeth’s taste is gorgeous and I owe a big thanks to interiors stylust Raina Kattelson for telling me about it because Turkey has been on my mind a lot lately. Tomorrow I’ll show you why. :)






As I was saying, Raina visited this exotic city recently and her photos really inspired me. Istanbul is 2 hours by plane so I’m thinking of visiting because the idea of seeing Turkey when I lived back in New Hampshire felt a bit far off to me. But 2 hours is nothing so why not visit. Plus friends tell me I’ll love it and now Raina is blogging about how great it is there. I love Turkish people, I’m making friends here who are Turkish, and have you ever had their cooking? Yum. Yet I know so little about Istanbul outside of the history – I know nothing about modern day living there.

This shop inspires me because I love the ethnic prints and patterns and the gorgeous colors – they’re so vivid and positive, I imagine any of these pillows brightening up a home. I’m seeing a lot of bedding that I’d like to own too, don’t you? It was interesting, as I did some more digging online, to find more information about the owner of Tulu, you can read all about Elizabeth here.

Have you ever been to Istanbul? What did you think? Any tips?

(Images: tulu)

Posted in Objects, trends on October 20, 2009

Caravans Are Hot!

I’m seeing lots of caravans lately… in print, online, in photography, on clothing, caravans are hot! And they’re not used only as design motifs, real life caravans (well in Europe they’re called that, here in the states we usually refer to them as travel trailers) are a hot new trend popping up all over – a bit of a home away from home with unlimited decorating possibilities. Here’s a few caravans to inspire you today in case you haven’t noticed them yet — surely you will now.

Caravan Trend

a. Ken enjoyed the peace and quiet by Yellow Monday, b. the caravan exhibition by Seaspray Blue, c. image from No Chintz, d. caravan series by Leah Giberson, e. Remember Happiness by Vol. 25, f. fabric from Leanne Graeff and g. Metal caravan.

Caravan Trend

Or how about the Mehrzeller concept caravan? I prefer the vintage gypsy wagons myself, or the American classic Airstream but if you’re a modernist this one will dazzle (and confuse) passerbys on the interstate for sure!

Caravan Trend

These caravans are so sweet… Imagine owning one and keeping it in the backyard as an traveling art studio that you could bring to fairs if you are a painter/crafter? So cute! Psst: Here’s a great article in the London Telegraph today about Caravans of Love that you may enjoy.

Where are you seeing caravans lately? Would you like to own one? How would you use it – vacation, staycation in the backyard, for business???

(images linked to sources above)

Posted in trends on July 30, 2009


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