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Contest Update & Trendy Cane

I can’t believe how many entries came in for the mood board contest. It will be exciting to see who you select as winners tomorrow. A big thanks to Amy for teaming up with me on this fun contest because without her generous spirit, all of these beautiful patterns wouldn’t be going home with four lucky winners tomorrow. So thanks, Amy!

I’m still sorting through entries, trying to determine which ones to feature here on the blog for voting, which will kick off tomorrow afternoon. Your entries blew my mind, I’m sitting here thinking about all the work that went into creating each board by hand and how guilty I feel that I cannot post them all. So I’ll just leave it at this: Whether you are part of the finals or not, please know that I appreciate all of your hard work. I mean it. And I hope that the exercise helped you to better understand and appreciate the process of pulling together a room in this manner, as it is one thing to say how you’d like your room to look, but quite another to translate those words into images, floor plans, and swatches of your choices for flooring, fabric, wallpaper, textiles, and so on, all in one place. In doing so, I hope you also had fun and challenged yourself, which may result in a new look for a room in your home. And if that happens, please send me a photo of your new room, because I’d love to see it! :)

If you need a break from the mood board contest, here’s a few pieces that I pulled together for HGTV on the whole cane trend we’re seeing in home interiors this summer. A few of you wrote in asking me for help when it comes to cane, so these articles should help get you started. The first, Trend Spotter: Cane, gives you some decorating tips, and the second, What We Love: Cane, spotlights some of my favorite products that are either made out of this sturdy material or that incorporate it somehow, either stylized versions or through cane patterns.

I’ll be back soon with more mood board entries… Stay tuned. :)

Posted in contests, trends on June 14, 2007

Color + Pattern: Here to Stay!

The more I look around me, the more I see designers looking east for inspiration in fashion and interiors. The colors are getting stronger, the patterns more playful, and there’s this Asian chic that one can’t deny… A joy there that’s speaking very loudly and telling us that it’s okay to paint our walls yellow and experiment with purple. These colors and patterns are fresh, lively, and starting to rise more and I couldn’t be more ready for it. It’s exciting, don’t you think?

The colorful Bollywood costumes and gorgeous Indian textiles are inspiring the world and perhaps here in America, will become all the rage. Let’s hope so. I’d love to suggest a paint color for once and not have to pep talk the home owner about the joys of crossing over that very wide and long bridge between beige and the rest of the world. Of course, not everything east of here is Indian, there’s also a strong leaning towards the textiles and colors of Africa as well, from Morocco to Ethiopia. I read somewhere recently that many hope the items we purchase someday won’t only say Made in China, but also Made in Africa because its countries have the potential to build their economy and produce gorgeous work. Of course, the Turkish have their color and pattern that inspires, and China is expected to churn out some amazing designers, not everyone in China is sewing Nike shoes and it would be foolish to think that they don’t have their own amazing talent waiting to be discovered and launched into the world of fashion and interiors. From John Robshaw here in the states, to an American like Maryam in Marrakesh who is busy at work on her guest house, we’re all looking east for inspiration and I think we’ll be looking east for awhile – there’s so much to be explored!

(images from marie clarie maison)

Posted in inspiration, trends on May 11, 2007

Jonathan Adler *New* Melamine + Pillows

Oh goody! Love these… Jonathan Adler has new pillows out for Spring/Summer and some terrific melamine goodies, inspired by peacock feathers and origami. Did you catch them yet?

The big sur silk screened canvas pillows are my faves, so beachy and mod. And with most of the melamine priced around $10-30, you have to pick up some for your patio parties, it’s so perky — poolside panache (or in my case, tiny patio panache!).

(images from jonathan adler. yes, he’s a decor8 sponsor but i wrote about him for a year before that happened, so i’m not planning on pretending he doesn’t exist anymore. besides, he’s not paying me to talk about him. he has better ways to spend his heaps of cash, and it’s not on me.)

Posted in Objects, Rooms, trends on April 27, 2007

Hammocks & High Tea

A huge thanks to Karen Young of Hammocks & High Tea for her email this morning announcing the launch of her new collection. Inspired by her South American background, her stationery of contemporary, tropical imagery is illustrated and screen printed by Miss Karen herself. Exotic florals are so hot right now, so I think her line launched at the perfect time.

The hibiscus and hammock cards are my faves, the hammock reminds me of all the times my parents took me to dinner at Litchfield Plantation in Pawleys Island growing up and how I’d linger over at the hammock and gift shop nearby, swinging on them when the sales lady wasn’t around. I always will love a huge hammock! When I went back to Litchfield Plantation in 1997 to see my childhood friend, Jake, get married, I wanted so badly to buy a hammock and when I return this summer, maybe I will this time. I hardly ever see them here in the northeast, at least not in Boston/New Hampshire where I spend most of my time. Nothing is more comfortable!

Anyway, thank you Karen for sharing your stationery with all of us! And for bringing back sweet, southern memories for me. :)

(images from hammocks & high tea)

Posted in stationery, trends on April 26, 2007


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