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6 Hot Trends From Salone Del Mobile, Milan 2014

Are you interested in seeing 6 hot interiors trends straight out of the recent Salone Del Mobile in Milan? Hi, it’s Gudy for another monthly trend report and I am just back from the best interior design event that took place in Italy earlier this month. If you can make it, please try to visit the Salone next year, it is utterly inspiring! It was a good show this year. I have never seen Milan that packed during the event and the exhibitions downtown and at the fairground were super interesting. For me, it was THE best show of the past three years that I’ve visited. It seems the industry is getting back slowly to its former glory, which is wonderful news for us all. The so-called Off-Salone was my favorite playground this year. Brera, Ventura Lambrate and Tortona are the three districts were I spent most of my time strolling through hidden courtyards and discovering both new and familiar spaces again. In these areas you’ll find young talents and established brands who prefer the cool and laid back atmosphere against the business style of the fairgrounds. Looking back at my trends, most of them I’d spotted at the Off-Salone which confirms these areas are the hot spots right now. You know when an area is the place to be when Li Edelkoort decides to have her exhibition there. But let’s look now at what I’m calling my 6 micro trends, some are new, others are just evolutions of existing movements such as b&w or marble.

1. MINI SHELVES – Mini shelves are hot! It’s not exclusively about storing anymore but the shelf becomes an art object or displays just one or two pieces. It’s meant to be an eye catcher, a way of showing your favorite piece, a plant, or whatever treasure you want to highlight. Any material is allowed, there has been a stronger focus on metal though. Image 1: HAY, Pivot by Lex Pott for HAY, Moustache, Bouroullec for Vitra. Image 2: Petite Friture Image 3: HAY.


mini shelves - Petite Friture   mini shelves - Pivot by Lex Pott for HAY
2. GLASS FUSION – Glass blowing has always been a beautiful handcraft and is kind of evolving towards a fusion with other materials now. You’ll find often round blown glass bodies combined with wood, cork and metal but there are interesting designs too for furniture and lighting. Below: Image 1: Hopf NordinRuben der Kinderen, Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto for MorosoLee Broom Image 2: Muuto Image 3: krehky


Muuto     glass fusion - krehky
3. MIRRORS – I’ve loved seeing this new trend. Mirrors have been the star of all accessories this year. They can be completely tarnished, spread with paint, shapes are different, they hang or can lean towards walls. Mirrors have lost their mere function and become little art objects to be displayed by themselfs or hanging as an ensemble together. My favorite trend of all! What do you think?  Below: Image 1: HAYPetite FritureMoustachePetite Friture Image 2: Lex Pott Image 3: Charming Reflections by Rooms Image 4: HAY


mirrors - lexpott   mirrors - Charming reflections by Rooms

mirrors - HAY2

4. BLACK + WHITE -  B&W was everywhere in Milan, at the show and in the fashion retailers, in all possible patterns from stripes, to chevron, tartan, dots and herringbone. The interesting part was that even colorful trendsetter brands such as Missoni and Roche Bobois had a large range of black and white backgrounds mixed with bold colors. B&W patterns are designed for fabrics, ceramics, metal, wallpaper and many other surfaces. You’ll soon see a lot of b&w/gold combos coming up for a more sophisticated taste. Below: Image 1: Missoni HomePaola Navone for GervasoniMissoni Homeemanuel ungarode rosso Image 2: Paola Navone for Gervasoni Image 3: Jaime Hayon for Bosa Image 4: Kose Image 5: de rosso


b&w -  Paola Navone for Gervasoni

Hopebird by Jaime Hayon for Bosa

b&w - Kose

b&w - library derosso

5. MARBLE  – Ok, I’ve been seeing now marble on this fair for the past two years. In 2012 only Italian brands would come up with tabletops. There is quite some tradition and local quarries in Italy. Last year marble and already other stone qualities had been shown by other labels too, and in 2014 noble stones are now used in smaller sizes to make them more accessible for a wider public. Tableware, lamp feet, side tables, or smaller furnitures, there is such a wide range of possibilities. My guess is that marble will stay for quite a while. Below: Image 1: Heatty by Claudio Larcher for Clique Editions (marble fan heater), Earnest StudioTord Boontje for Moroso, Echo by Claudio Larcher for Clique Editions (bookcase with integrated marble bluetooth speaker), Lens Boxes by Thomas Jenkins – Wrong for HAY Image 2: Earnest Studio and Dana Cannam Design.


marble - Earnest Studio and Dana Cannam Design

6. YELLOW METAL - Good news for all of you who are a bit tired of copper: brass seems to be a nice successor. Yes, there still have been many designs in copper but the yellow metal or similar finishing are getting stronger, and even the copper king Tom Dixon appeared to show a larger palette at his stand. Matte and shiny, both options work, and if not on metal, ceramic glazes are another much seen material. Most of the brand nevertheless offer the three options of white, yellow and rose finishings on metals. I guess it’s a way to have something to offer to all types of clients. Below: Image 1: Form by Tom DixonDante, Jaime Hayon for BosaFlexform Image 2: Seletti Image 3: Maskhayon by Jaime Hayon for Bosa Image 4: Mass by Tom Dixon


yellow metal - Seletti

yellow metal  - Maskhayon by Jaime Hayon for Bosa

yellow metal - Mass by Tom Dixon

What is your favorite of the trends and is there anything that you spot about that you could easily see integrated in your home? Wishing you a wonderful April, I’ll see you again in May with another trend report from Europe! Warmly, Gudy

(text/images: gudy herder)

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Micro Trend: Teepees

Hello decor8 readers, are you ready for another trend report? It’s Gudy again with a trend report for February. I have been wanting to write about this Micro Trend for quite some time already but I thought it could be a nice moment to be shared when little Aidan (Holly’s baby) arrived. So let’s see if we get him a mini teepee when starting his first crawling adventures! What do you think, Holly? Have you noticed too a certain Native American trend on the rise, both in fashion and interior with loads of arrows, feathers and teepees? What do you think about it? I know in fashion, there have been issues raised about whether or not showing a model wearing a headdress is culturally appropriate. What do you think? How about for interiors though? Do you think a teepee is appropriate?

I say let us embrace the latest movement no matter if you consider yourself grown up and prefer to lounge rather on day beds or sofas. The novelty here is that it is not just thought up and designed for your kids. Your inner child will love having a good time with friends and your kids chilling on cushions and throws. I am thinking here about parties, events and picnics – or how about a romantic date? Indoor teepees have grown in popularity and interior designers and boutique owners have seen the potential in it. Let’s start with some playgrounds for adults…


Sukha – I guess we all have seen this white, simple yet wonderful teepee of the must-visit Sukha store in Amsterdam which has been all over the net for a while now. It looks like a perfect DIY idea for any inside or outdoor space to me.


Styling Emma Persson Lagerbers / Photography Petra Bindel for Urban Outfitters: This gorgeous styling has been done by Emma Persson Lagerbers for Urban Outfitters and is a total contrast to the first image. The tribe vibe here illustrates how differently you can create your own teepee world with a wide mix & match of all kinds of fabrics and patterns.


The Handmade Home – The Handmade Home suggests a no-sew totally self made teepee out of fabric samples which takes you not more than one day to fix. You decide on the design, it is a real low cost project and you could plan it as fun family project.


Mary Romneys’ home on Color Issue: And then you have the kids options where I picked some rather monochromatic examples. I love the Scandinavian edge here and how easy they seem to adapt to any space starting with this striped black and white tent.


Photo by Rolinda Windhorst, Seen on Stijlbloem: And how about a soft unisex design ready to fit into any corner? The fun thing about teepees is they are perfect for boys AND girls, and you can give them by styling a fun colorful twist or you go for a romantic look with mini flower prints, all up to you, there are so many options on the market.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 5.23.07 PM

Mokkasin: Sofia from Mokkasin sells gorgeous pieces in her online shop with a very lovely color range. This would not be the typical teepee but I wanted to show you this design anyhow since the idea and look are so inspiring.


Residence Magazine / Styling Lotta Agaton / Photography Pia Ulin: Lotta Agaton and Pia Ulin have been teaming up here again for another fantastic shooting published in Residence Magazine. The home owners live in Skivarp, Sweden in the middle of nowhere yet in a very stylish way.


MILK magazine: This loft and former warehouse located in Amsterdam gives the perfect scenery for a more industrial feeling with furs to stay cosy and wooden crates as toy storage containers. It’s quite a different child room feeling but that makes it so interesting, don’t you think?


April and May Styling for Zara’s Baby Collection 2014And to finish up, April and May have been styling the last mini and baby look book for Zara and it looks gorgeous. Loving the little flags on the top.

So, if you are now in the search for a teepee, Etsy is a great source, there are some there… I hope I have been able to seduce you a bit or transport you back to your childhood.
Do you believe this could be the summer party trend 2014 for adults?

(images linked to their sources above)

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NEW House Doctor For Spring!

Want to catch a glimpse of what’s on trend for Spring/Summer 2014 here in Europe? My lovely friend and neighbor, Tinna, just rang my bell to give me some design magazines and to let me know that the new House Doctor catalog is now available (here). This is such an exciting time of the year, when companies roll out their newest collections! As their rep for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Tinna is always on the front lines when it comes to trends and style. I love having her as a my friend and neighbor. I’ve been a big House Doctor fan for the past five years – their product offering get stronger and stronger with each new collection. I have several House Doctor pieces in my home and now my husband has been converted – he loves their style and has a gorgeous black wooden locker and a dresser with a shelf from them in his office. It’s a great company for both men and women who love a stylish yet practical interior since so many pieces work nicely for couples sharing a space. Would you like a peek at some of my favorites from their new collection? I took some notes as I went along that you can read below on each image.


One thing that surprised me the most about this collection is that it’s in MY NEW APARTMENT COLOR SCHEME! My kitchen walls are blue (like the color shown above) with white tile work and black accents, my entryway is a peachy-pink like the color shown above, we have copper lighting in the hallway, the baby’s room is mint, black, goldenrod, blue and gray, my workroom is black, gray, white, blue, peachy-pink and mint with cooper and neon orange accents – it’s actually pretty cool to know that the design I’ve been putting together for months now (we painted end of November/early December), is the same scheme as this gorgeous catalog and I didn’t even know it until today! Some told me that I was crazy for painting my kitchen blue (“But Holly blue is for baby rooms and bathrooms!”) but I really wanted to rebel and try it and I’m so glad that I did. (Our kitchen is Borrowed Light from Farrow & Ball.) And my entry is a pinky peach and some thought it was a bit out there. But I love it. And I’m glad I went for it. I can’t wait to show you when we move in! Here are some more gorgeous photos from the new House Doctor catalog for S/S 2014, complete with some of my notes…














What do you like about this collection? Spot any pieces that make you go WOW? Is this color palette on trend where you live for Spring, or not?

(images: house doctor)

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Trends: Maison&Objet Fall 2013

Hi everyone, are you ready for a new trend report on the Maison&Objet show in Paris that I attended a few days ago? It’s Gudy here and I’m happy to join you again this month for another report from my travels. Funny thing is, and don’t let this discourage you, but there are not that many striking new trends right now! You might find a new colour or a different combination of colours in one product range, but nothing unusual. For metals, copper is still hot and since we have seen and talked about copper a lot, I have skipped metallics for this report. The brands at this show basically offer what they have tested in the past month to be accessible for the final consumer relying on their catalog and on recent bestsellers. Even still, with 9 huge pavilions there was a lot to see at Maison&Objet and I returned home to Barcelona feeling very inspired! I highly recommend this show – the next ones will be held in January and again in September of 2014.

Color Trends
Black is an evergreen color, in some markets such as in the Scandinavian countries more than in others but yes, there is a common trend back to dark greys such as kohl and black. You will find black as an accent color or total look on accessories and outdoor furniture turned into indoor pieces (Sika Design). Or you’ll find black mostly combined with metallics (copper and gold) and/or white, and any material goes: wood, resin, glass, ceramics, textiles, etc. Walls are painted black again.

Black is back_SIKA._LR

Sika Design

black is back_Guaxs_LR


Black is back_House Doctor_LR

House Doctor

Black is back_Muffins lamps_LR


black is back_NormannCopenhagen_2_LR

Normann Copenhagen

Black is back_Pomax_1_LR


Black is back_TinaFrey_LR

Tina Frey

Black is back_Bleu Nature_LR

Bleu Nature

Bright colours are linked to geometric patterns and strong graphics. Black and white underline its boldness and play on patterns like grids and checkerboard many times. Red, blue, yellow, green and orange are still a big hit in interior design for accent pieces but look also for packaging, tableware, consumer electronics and graphic design.

block colors_Parsi Debons_Medusa

Parsy Debons Design

block colors_Asiatides_2_LR

Asia Tides

block colors_Asiatides

Asia Tides

block colors_Asiatides_4_LR

Asia Tides

block colors_Parsi Debons_2_LR

Parsy Debons Design

block colors_LaLoue_LR


block colors_Mariska Meijers_LR

Mariska Meijers

Pastels, mainly in combination with powder shades become more serious. Or shall I say less feminine? Pearl grey, slate grey and even kohl are the new partners to combine with. It gets cooler and all shades of grey play a major role again in the interior world. It is understated, sophisticated and most interesting when metals such as copper get into the mix. I think the new pastel + grey combo is truly elegant and perfect for the season to come!


Broste Copenhagen


Broste Copenhagen


Eight Mood


Eight Mood


House Doctor


House Doctor







Do you recall the shy appearance of the new terracotta colour from my visit to the Milan Show Il Salone in Spring? Well, there is a similar novelty now. Burgundy has been spotted on the catwalks last Fall/Winter 2012/13 and is now hitting fashion stores this year. Since fashion and interiors merge with an awesome velocity for the past two years, we already have seen a few nice examples of the colour to come.
Are you ready to embrace the wine-soaked color trend?





Burgundy_Norman Copenhagen_bar_LR

Normann Copenhagen

Burgundy_Normann Copenhagen_candle holder

Normann Copenhagen

Burgundy_Normann Copenhagen_stools_LR

Normann Copenhagen

Burgundy_Normann Copenhagen_trays_LR

Normann Copenhagen



Ink stains and/or watercolour effects on ceramics are one of the hottest trends of the season. The clash of mostly blue hues is intense and resembling illustrators’ work.
Watercolours have been around quite some time now in fashion, stationary design, packaging, web design and textiles. As for tableware, watercolours or ink stain effects seem to be most effective when used with ‘less is more’ and reduced to a few colour shades.

Ink effect_Asiatides_LR

Asia Tides

Ink effect_grassscent_LR

Grass Scent

Ink effect_leezeesoo_LR


Shiny metallic reflections on glass is one of the latest innovations capturing light and creating stunning mirror effects. Glass design is exploring new fields in colour, shape, mixed materials and finishings. The An&Angel collection has been awarded for High Design Quality with the “Red Dot Award Product Design 2013”. There has never been such a variety and even not spotted at the M&O since I visited an excellent exhibition of Werner Aisslinger in Berlin) this past Spring and would like to add an extra image of his Mesh Vases since they fit perfectly here.

metallic effect_Aisslinger_LR


metallic effect_AnAngel2_LR.


metallic effect_Pulpo3_LR


Clustered framing is not new but what caught my eye is the tendency of hanging similar pieces with almost no or few space in between. Trays, plates, frames – there is no limit. It is not about preserving a memory with photos or to hang art on your wall but to decorate the wall with anything collectable.

Clustered framing_Asiatides_LR

Asia Tides

clustered framing_Ibride_plates_LR


clustered framing_Ibride_2_LR


clustered framing_Ibride_1_LR


I am happy to see one of the many Escher prints back. I have always been a fan of his work. The classic black and white is the most applied and recognized pattern but there where some color pops too.




Asia Tides


astier de villatte

EscherPrint_Rouge du Rhin_LR

Rouge Du Rhin



ferm Living

Ferm Living

There is a throwback to the Emmanuelle armchair with the oval back rest and peacock pattern! Whenever I visit our local flea market here in Barcelona I am looking for a reinterpreted object or the original itself! But there are many other wicker and rattan armchairs now edited without compromising the spirit of the original design. The most characteristic feature is the very high back rest.

wicker chair_Asiatides1_LR

Asia Tides

wicker chair_Asiatides3_LR

Asia Tides

wicker chair_Asiatides2_LR

Asia Tides

wicker chair_BleuNature_LR

Bleu Nature

wicker chair_SIKA_LR

Sika Design

Everything related to weaving, space-dyed knitting and natural fibers is the biggest trend right now. Due to the growing number of aficionados, new colours and materials are now combined mixing fabric structures with glass, wax, polyethylene, etc. Natural earthy colours are still the most popular but colourful fibers are expected to grow soon. Plus, there is a lot of black now too. This interior throw-back look is back and very popular again! Basket weaving is applied for different types of containers used for several purposes. In the process of weaving vegetable fibers, new materials such as wax or metal structures can be integrated giving a modern look and new style credentials.


Grass Scent


Grass Scent


Grass Scent


Grass Scent


Grass Scent







I’d love to hear your comments on those trends. Is there anything special that caught your eye and if so, why? Have a wonderful day and enjoy the upcoming weekend! – Gudy.

(images: gudy herder, ferm living, tinekhome)

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