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Macrame Plant Hangers

Okay so a few weeks ago I was talking about how I think plants in the home are trending, then today Gudy posts her trend report from Milan showing that hanging plants ARE trending, and now I open Real Living magazine Australia (never thanked them for this feature, but I was so honored to be in their mag and on their blog here) and spotted Ouch Flower and their hanging baskets of plants in macrame holders and I think – YES, hanging plants are trending. It’s sorta like when you start to look for a car to buy, and you decide on a red Fiat, and then that is all you see on the street – red fiats! Right!? So I guess all we will see now are plants.


Let’s talk though about macrame. Because to me this is full on 1970s. My mother used to go to classes to learn how to do this and she made plant holders (like these from Plumo), double plant holders, owls with beads and other wall art, she loved macrame so much. By the time I started to notice decorating stuff, it was early 80s and macrame was already fading into the sunset. Maybe this was a 60s trend, but I just remember my mother loving it SO MUCH and having these hanging plant holders in our family home for years and years until one day I leveled with her and told her the macrame must go. Now I actually wonder what she did with them all? They are back in trend mom! She outta pull ‘em out and get on the trendwagon again! Do your mothers have these things stored in the basement too? I bet!

What do you think of hanging plants and plant holders involving macrame. Too boho for you? Or? I like them but…

When it comes to hanging plants, I personally like something a little more like the Michael Anastassiades hanging terrariums that Gudy spotted in Stockholm recently at Svenskt Tenn (shown here) and these gorgeous wall plants in ceramic holders. But you know, in the right room, maybe I could get a little macrame crazy… Hmmm.

Looking for more plant inspiration, following this perky pinboard I’ve made for you (and me) here.

(images: ouch flower)

Posted in trends on April 15, 2013

Boucherouite Rug Trend – Hot or Not?

Let’s talk about a big rug trend, aside from the ever popular Beni Ouarains from Morocco and the over-dyed vintage or patchwork rugs from Turkey. The current craze that has the blog world rockin’ are the Boucherouite rugs. You  may have seen this photograph below from The Apartment (where you can buy them online) on some of your favorite blogs or over on Pinterest. It seems to be a popular room at the moment and it shows two stand out rugs, a Beni Ouarain (front) and a Boucherouite (back). Boucherouites are usually one-of-a-kind vintage recycled fabric rugs made in North Africa by Berber women who weave recycled wool and textiles together to create ribbon-like rugs.

Boucherouite Rug Trend

I first spotted these bad boys in 2010 in Australian design magazines since I subscribe to a few and they always seem to pop up in Aussie homes. They started to appear in Europe in 2011 but only here and there… And I saw them when I was in Morocco then, too. In early 2012 when I was decorating my apartment for my book, one of the founders of HKLiving tried to entice me with a special offer to buy one from his lovely company but I wasn’t feeling the deep reds, blues and yellows in his selection so I held back.

Boucherouite Rug Trend

I was holding back for awhile because lots of the Boucherouite rugs were in palettes way to deep for my taste which was part of my resistance to their ever growing popularity. Lately though, I’ve been seeing them in remarkable colorways that definitely fit my palette in pink, melon, turquoise, black, mint and orange and I really love them. I imagine we’ll see more and more in the months to come, especially since they look so fresh and summery. What do you think?

Boucherouite Rug Trend

Boucherouite Rug Trend

I found two gorgeous rugs on Rachel Ashwell’s online shop. Wow, totally stunning. I’d own them both. I love seeing them on a polished concrete floor, I like the mix of industrial with soft and fluffy femininity. I also imagine these rugs on white wooden floors or ok, on my hardwood floors in my apartment (smile).

Boucherouite Rug Trend

Here are some (above) from Beldi Rugs.

What do you think? I had rag rugs in my teens and twenties – my mother liked them – but once I moved out on my own I got rid of them and went more with the flat weave variety or cotton throws. Since moving to Germany though, I’ve been buying Turkish rugs – I have 4 currently – because we have some great Turkish rug dealers here but also I went to Istanbul in 2011 and was a changed woman – I loved what I saw in shops there. I also went to Morocco in 2010 to some gorgeous rug shops with Maryam Montague (see her home where I stayed here and read about my trip here) and that trip brought in a whole new level of appreciation for rugs that are handmade, vintage and colorful.

Blogged today on decor8

You can even buy these rugs on Etsy, Amber from BYOB carries tons of them.

Boucherouite Rug Trend

For more inspiration, here is my Boucherouite pinboard that I made for you to drool over, enjoy!

What do you think of these rugs anyway? Love? Hate? Somewhere in between? Do you own one? Let’s talk!

(images linked to their sources above)

Posted in trends on March 20, 2013

Trend: Contrast Custom Sofas & Chairs

I’m loving the look of custom furniture more and more lately because fresh designs are popping up to give furniture personality. Gone are the days when you’d reupholster your sofa or chair in a single fabric – lately I’m seeing FUN being brought to design and a lot less stuffy frou frou, starting with the Contrast trend. In fact, while visiting Liberty last week, I noticed several bespoke chairs and sofas in contrasting Liberty prints and my heart went boom! boom! boom! Gorgeous! I love the idea of mixing patterns with solids, especially on sofas and chairs because it really emphasizes the details and differences so you see more of the piece then you may have noticed before had it been in a simple solid or single print.


Also the idea of a solid fabric (velvet for instance) on a sofa with piping that is patterned gets me a bit hot and bothered. Turned on by a sofa – heck yeah! ha ha! Or a sofa with patterns on back cushions and solid seat cushions… Or, or or… Oh my! The possibilities are endless and I think we should all experiment a little the next time we call up the upholstery shop.

Custom pieces add so much charm to a home because they’re so unique and precious even… one of a kind is such a special feeling in a world of mass production that values quantity of quality. I’d frankly rather save up for a dream chair over buying something I’m half-hearted about just to have it today. Are you with me?

Violet & George’s has a lovely selection of custom furniture and I particularly love how they are keen on supporting up and coming fabric designers. They’ve recently worked on this sofa (shown above) with prints by surface pattern designer Ayme Fitzgerald. All sofas are made to order and take a few months to create but it is well worth the wait – and fabrics can be chosen from their extensive fabric library, along with sofa style and size. Check them out!

Do you dream of designed and owning special furniture like this too?

(images: Violet & George)

Posted in trends on November 12, 2012

Ombre Trend

Ombre, a French word that literally means gradation, is a trend that I’m seeing in fashion and in the home for Spring & Summer that carried over into 2012. Have you noticed? In Paris, I spotted the French playing with various shades and felt inspired by how colors were used, on what, and which colors were selected in the first place. I noticed mostly watercolor citrus hues and ocean tones in fashion, flooring and even wallpaper and tiles. Here are a few inspirational photos that spotlight this trend – pretty, right?!

Ombre trend

Beautiful ombre in pinks from fellow fellow.

Ombre trend

Ombre trend

Ombre trend

Shown above: Windsor Love Seat, curtains, ceramics, pillows, glass pendant light, illustration. Not shown: scarf DIY and lots of pretty dresses.

Do you like the ombre trend? Do you own anything for home or in your closet like this? I like it, but more on pillows and rugs and for ceramics and glassware then anywhere else. Do you have a preference too?

(images linked above.)

Posted in trends on February 24, 2012


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