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Happy Weekend!

I’d like to wish you all a wonderful weekend! I’ll see you on Monday and then I’m off to London until next Friday so I’ll be blogging from my hotel next week. I’m looking forward to the trip, a little work and a little pleasure… but I’m bringing my laptop and plan to work in my room at night so I can stay in touch with everyone here on decor8. Until Monday, I’d like to encourage you to check out the decor8 Interior Styling group on Flickr with over 3,700 global members and nearly 7,000 photos of homes submitted by group members – bloggers, decorators, designers, budding stylists and everyone else – it’s a great group and I invite you to check it out! In case you need encouragement, here is a sneak peek of some of the most recent member photos submitted to the pool.

decor8 Interior Styling Group on Flickr

decor8 Interior Styling Group on Flickr

decor8 Interior Styling Group on Flickr

Lovely colors for Spring, right? The bursts of yellow, pink and orange caught my eye. What do you see that resonates with you?

Have a nice weekend and I’ll see you again on Monday. xo, Holly

(images: dottie angel, trisha brink, jane schouten, annabelle, jasna janekovic and gordana mladenovic.)

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Julia Bostock Photography

I recently received a most lovely friend request on Facebook from London-based photographer Julia Bostock. Have you heard of her before? When I clicked over to her website to view her portfolio I was captivated by the things that I saw.

Julia Bostock Photography

Julia has an incredibly sensitive eye when she shoots, from the way she captures light so softly to how natural the children look that she shoots (never stiff or catalog-y), I am really keen on her work and wanted to point you over to this talented photographer today. Though her work is primarily based on children and lifestyle, I couldn’t help but think it fits decor8 nicely given the moods of those I’ve selected as some of my very favorites. I hope that you enjoy them too.

Julia Bostock Photography

Julia Bostock Photography

It’s nice to see how the pros are photographing children these days, isn’t it? There are so many variations, some approach it very naturally while others meticulously pose their subjects perfectly. I imagine those of you out there who are mothers have already found your photographic style when it comes to taking shots of your little ones. What is your style when shooting? Have you ever given it much thought? Are you children often posing or looking into the lens or do you tend to sneak up on them and catch moments as they occur, when the child is playing or dancing around – perhaps without even noticing that you are there capturing their very special magic?

I often wonder how I’ll photograph my future kids and I imagine most likely like I style interiors – with a very spontaneous, casual approach without a great deal of planning. I like to capture the moment as it is and not go through a lot to ‘create’ the moment. It’s interesting to think about though, isn’t it?

Have a lovely few hours, I’ll be back a bit later today with a few more posts before the weekend! xo, Holly

(images: julia bostock with permission)

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Happy Weekend To You!

It has been so nice to visit with you this week through these digital pages — I have enjoyed connecting with each of you so much! It is now time for the weekend and I must sign off and do all of those weekend-y things that need to be done but I wanted to wish you well and hope that you have a very happy weekend!


Have a very nice & restful few days until we meet again and loads of love! xo, Holly.

(image: The Shop at Number 57 with permission.)

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Spring at Coral & Tusk

Coral & Tusk will make you happy.

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