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decor8 CONTEST: Your Workspace (WIN FREE STUFF!)

September 12, 2006

decor8 CONTEST: Your Workspace (WIN FREE STUFF!)
decor8 has teamed up with Fabulous Stationery for our first-ever contest: Your Workspace! It’s easy, fun, and best of all, the winners will not only be featured right here on decor8, but they’ll win free stuff – gift certificates to use towards anything at Fabulous Stationery! We will have three winners, the absolutely fabulous entry wins a $100.00 USD gift certificate, the moderately fabulous entry wins a $50.00 USD gift certificate, and the almost fabulous entry wins a $25.00 gift certificate.


1. Tidy it up and photograph your workspace. You know, the place where you pump out all of that great brain juice. Where you spend most of your day. The place where you work.

It can be your cubicle at work. Your swanky office. Your sewing or craft space. Art studio. Your desk at home. It doesn’t matter if you earn a living from what you do, of if it’s a hobby, just tell us what you do at your workspace and take a photo of it.

2. Be as creative in your entry as possible – you can do this with multiple photos, by explaining what you love about it, details on how you’ve organized it, whatever you’d like! Don’t hold back.

3. Next, visit Fabulous Stationery online and browse all of their card styles and locate the ONE card that you think BEST matches your workspace. Include the link and name of that card with your entry. For instance, your office is orange and avacado with dark wood furniture, and you have lots of natural touches around the space, so you think that Partridge & Pear Express card best matches your space and style. Most of the cards on Fabulous Stationery have names and greetings on them, ignore that. You are looking for a graphic that matches your space. ONLY ONE CARD can be chosen. It’s fairly simple and most of all, sparks your creativity a bit and it’s fun!

4. Send your photo/s, the link and name of the card that best fits the space (only ONE please), and anything else you’d like to write about the space to me at decor8blog[at]yahoo[dot]com before 5 p.m. EST on Friday, September 29, 2006. Three entries will be chosen to win the prizes outlined above.

5. You must include your real name, first and last, along with your email address, city, and state with your entry. If you have a website or blog, include that link as well. :)


1. Employees of Fabulous Stationery, contributing writers at decor8 (sorry Christine and Anh-Minh!), and decor8 sponsors cannot enter. Sorry, but we have to play fair!

2. Contest open to all those living anywhere. In the United States. In Japan. Singapore. The North Pole. In other words, if you have a mailing address and would like to win free stationery, you are welcome to participate. :)

3. One entry per household.

4. Enter only once, please.

5. Since the three winning entries, along with a few strong runners-up, will be posted here on decor8, please note that once you’ve submitted your entry and photos, we have the right to post your photos here.

6. All entries will recieve a confirmation email from me stating that your entry was recieved.

7. If you have questions, post them in the comments section below so I can respond in case others have the same question.

8. Entries are only acceptable if submitted via email (not via comments or snail mail).

9. Must be 18 years of age and of course, older. :)

10. Winners will be chosen by decor8 and Fabulous Stationery and notified via email during the week of October 2nd.

decor8 CONTEST: Your Workspace (WIN FREE STUFF!)


coffee + cre8tive {sept 12 ’06}

September 12, 2006

coffee + cre8tive {sept 12 '06}
Here’s the workspace of the month from See Jane Work. I love that it’s a cubicle, especially since a lot of people work in a traditional office environment and really enjoy personalizing it a bit. Question is, where to draw the line? What are your thoughts on this?

To me, it depends on the type of company that you work for. If you’re employed by a creative firm, you may have less limitations and can easily display your entire collection of decole. If you’re in a financial services or law firm however, you may need to tone it down a bit in order to gain the respect of colleagues. I doubt that a beanie baby collection will not get you promoted in a mutual funds company unless your father is the CEO.

I think that for cube decor, just like fashion, it’s smart to follow that age-old unspoken rule in the workplace. Mirror others. Especially those who hold a higher rank that you do. Mirroring peers (those who hold a similiar position) isn’t the best idea because they may not intend to reach for that promotion someday, so just because they have Hello Kitty everything in thier cubcile doesn’t mean that you should do the same. Perhaps you are looking to climb the ladder. Look to those in the position that you would like to hold someday and see how they’re arranged their space. If it’s plain and boring, and you can’t live in a beige box all day, try adding a splash of color that gives the right “grown up” impression. Using hot pink accessories may not accomplish that goal.

I think the cubicle arranged by See Jane Work actually can be carried over to most office spaces, either the uptight financial world, or the casual graphic design firm. By adding a few shots of solid color, a few snappy organizational pieces can go a long way and make you feel more at home on the job.

Let’s take a little poll… How many of you work from home? How many work in an office? If you’re in an office space, what do you do to spruce it up so that it’s appealing to you?

Comment below with your answer!

I’ll be back soon to announce the details of our first ever decor8 contest – so stay tuned! The theme is Your Workspace…

(photo from see jane work)


Hudson – New Home Design Store in Boston’s South End!

September 11, 2006

I’m so excited about the opening of Hudson in Boston’s South End. Located on 312 Shawmut Avenue, Hudson features the collections from lines like Shabby Chic, Jonathan Adler, New Arcadia Studio glassware (as seen on the O List), yummy Assouline design books, and Oly Studio (they have amazing chairs, buffets and I love their faux bois mirror) to name a few.

I’ll be visiting their store this week, so I’ll give decor8 readers a full review once I’ve checked out the scene for myself. I’m thrilled to see another great design store pop up in Boston! Yippee!

Hudson - New Home Design Store in Boston's South End!
(image from oly studio)


Thanks Arizona Daily Star!

September 11, 2006

Thanks Arizona Daily Star!
A big thanks to Wendy Zang who wrote about decor8 in the Arizona Daily Star yesterday. You can read the article online right here. I’m very pleased that she mentioned Zia Priven, Amy Lenahan of Design i in Chicago, and OplusD in the article, as they are amongst my favorites. This was a nice way to start the week!


Modamuse – Blogging from Australia/New Zealand

September 11, 2006

Modamuse - Blogging from Australia/New Zealand
Face it. You’re eternally cursed. Thanks to your insatible desire to learn about the latest, you’ll forever walk into stores immediately able to recognize the Adler’s from the Adam’s. Blogs and magazines have turned you into a new kind of shopper. An educated one. Think back a few years. Chances are, you’re not the same person that you were before design blogs hit the web. You not only know product lines (both popular and indie), but you anticipate the release of new collections, know the bio’s of designers, materials used, prices, and when browsing a major department store, you can quickly point out, “They sooo knocked-off Karim Rashid with that”. You’re such a snob. :)

So we’ve established that we’re all a bunch of design obsessed geeks. Care to expand your horizons outside of your local hood and travel to the land of Oz to mingle with more of your kind? Want to see what’s hot down under?

Meet Modamuse, an Aussie blog that showcases talented independent modern Australian and New Zealand designers and artisans. The founders, two sisters and designers Nancy and Jessica Lim (they are also decor8 readers and co-own Wild Garden), noticed that their isn’t much online coverage of designers in thier corner of the globe so they decided on August 8, 2006 to change all of that with Modamuse.

This is a site I’ll bookmark because it has a definate focus – What’s hot in Australia and New Zealand. This is uncharted territory by most design bloggers, we simply can’t cover it like a native. The blog is clean and uncomplicated, simple and beautiful, and most of all it contains uber fabulous finds. They even featured a few decor8 favorites in past weeks, Hammer and Daisy and Zaishu.

I’m so happy to welcome Nancy and Jessica to the world of design blogging – and I hope all of you will check out their site and visit their often to expand your horizons and locate fresh exciting finds! Bookmark el pronto!

Modamuse - Blogging from Australia/New Zealand
(images from modomuse top: bottom: cloth)

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