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Beefed up Blogroll

I gave my editor over at Real Simple some home design-related blogs to add to Simply Stated Home & Organizing under, “Blogs We Like”. She included a few that I read daily, so go check out who we’ve included. More will be added in the future, but it’s a start for now. I can already see a couple of the usual suspects (sorry!) missing so over the next few weeks more will be added.

If you are listed and would like to link to Simply Stated on your blogroll, please do. Here’s the link:

If you’re not listed and you actively author a blog on a wide range of topics relating to home decorating and design that you’ve had for at least one year, please comment below so I can see about adding you in. It would be nice to include more great reads on the Simply Stated blogroll to point Real Simple readers to additional gems online. Thank you!

Posted in uncategorized on March 17, 2008

Stylish Window Decals – Peel and Stick!

Looking for an alternate window treatment option? I pulled together a list of resources and some information on the topic of Window Decals over at Simply Stated this morning…

(images: str?ssel design at rare device and light effects.)

Posted in uncategorized on March 17, 2008

What Inspires Virginia Johnson?

What inspires Toronto-based textile designer Virginia Johnson? Find out today over at Simply Stated

(image from virginia johnson)

Posted in uncategorized on March 14, 2008

Introducing Crgslst!

This is fab-u-lous! Have you had a chance to check out crgslst? Such coolness. It’s a multi-city search tool for Craigslist, perfect for looking at furniture or for apartments in any city according to whatever your little search terms tell it to look for — and boom! In your face, all at once, multiple city style. This isn’t offered on Craigslist (why?) and it drives me pretty crazy. I found out that crgslst may end up getting shut down just as other services in past were removed because they may be violating a few terms over at Craigslist, but let’s just hope that’s not the case. I don’t know about you, but I lived on that one tool that was built allowing you to view everything visually all at once. I can’t recall the name… And it’s still out there but it’s nearly dead and gone. Why doesn’t Craigslist beef up and build all this technology into their site themselves? I really don’t get it… They are the masters online — when you think of finding an apartment at least in America and Canada, you think of Craigslist. Why aren’t they doing more? I’ve been wondering this for a few years actually. Why don’t they charge all those brokers to list their fee apartments on their site? Why don’t they have ads? I seriously need to know this stuff. :)

Posted in uncategorized on March 13, 2008


Some of my books...

Further editions available: Decorate published by Murdoch Books for AU/NZ, Decorar BR, Alt om indretning DK, Inspirace pro váš byt CZ, Dekorácie SK, La décoration FR, Lust auf Wohnen DE, Sisusta tyylillä FI and Sztuka aranżacji wnętrz PL.


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