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decor8 Wish List {March}

We all have those special lists we make and if finances allowed, we’d easily drop cash on them all. Despite what my practical and frugal side tells me, I like to create a monthly wish list with 6 items that I want/need in the following categories: Fashion, Beauty, and Home and I almost always reward myself with at least one. Never all 6 because well, I’m not loaded. Budget aside, Ie still have to live and have a little fun so here’s my wish list for March.

Anthropologie signac petal lamp (perfect for a desk), Virginia Johnson blouse, Lepidoptera embroidered shade, cashmere rosette cardigan in yellow from J Crew, sunny woods rug, and a perky green Kate Spade belle haven bridget bag for those afternoon strolls.

I know they’re material things and shouldn’t be our primary focus in life, and I realize that everyone lives within a set budget and that varies by person. Ten years ago, I lived in my own apartment in Boston, worked full-time, and had some debt to deal with. My life was very different back then. Even so, I still had my wish list and planned out what I wanted/needed so that I could have something to look forward to that made working long hours worth it. Sometimes it was just a haircut, but it was something and that made me feel good.

One of the best parts about being a grown up is that you take care of yourself now, parents no longer have a say. You can sleep in, stay up late, decide who to marry, and watch whatever you want on television. Of course, it’s good to exercise self control by setting personal limits, but it’s also a good feeling to treat yourself with something special now and then. A facial, a class, or a lampshade — it’s up to you and your budget to determine.

It’s not about being materialistic, it’s actually a smarter way to shop because you can avoid impulse buying if you have monthly wish list that you stick to. I no longer allow myself to veer off and spend $10 or $20 on little things, because they all add up. I’m no financial wizard, but I went into my 30’s debt-free and although I author a design blog, I’m still free of debt because making, and sticking to, my monthly wish list.

If you’re a blogger and would like to share your wish list on your own blogs, please do — I’d love to see what others are wishin’, hopin’, and dreamin’ of…

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decor8 on

Now that I can announce it, here’s the good news I’ve been dying to share! I will now co-author the Home & Organizing section for Real Simple magazine online, which is part of their new blog network called Simply Stated.

I’ll take on Home and my partner-in-crime Erin Doland, editor of Unclutterer, will tackle Organizing. I’m honored to be part of the Real Simple team and to work alongside Erin, the organization queen. Going forward, you can find my articles on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings right here. I’ll still be blogging daily on decor8 but welcome your company over at Real Simple, too!

To subscribe to future posts over at Simply Stated through the RSS feed, click here.

Psst: Unclutterer posted an interview with me today on their site on the topic of organizing in case you’re interested…

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New decor8 Header!

Last Friday I told you that I have some good news to share and I do, starting with a new decor8 header for Spring. It has been so gray and bleh in New Hampshire for many months, I felt drained looking at my our header each day seeing gray staring back at me! I worked with my graphic designer, Brent Meyers, to pull together a look that fits decor8. We went with a soft palette, my usual bird and floral motifs (I really like cow parsley this season), and a watercolored look. This time the bird was removed from my logo, usually I have one perched on top, and added in birds as a design element within the header instead.

decor8 headers change with the seasons, you can see how much progress Brent and I have made since the original one on the bottom. Once my new template is designed (hoping for a May 1st launch), I will go with a quarterly header showing the things that currently inspire me tacked to an inspiration board, getting back to my roots as you can see above – the first decor8 header was an inspiration board. Of course, the new boards will be designed by Brent and I and will look much more professional unlike the original one that I designed long before I was introduced to the power of Adobe Illustrator. :)

I hope you like the decor8 header for Spring! Tomorrow I will share some more good news with you that I’m pretty exciting about. See you then!

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See You Monday!

Today has been one of those days – invigorating, fun, and lots of hard work. I spent the morning working on a few articles that are due in March and around lunch, I devoted some time to a brand new assignment kicking off next week — I’ll announce that on decor8 next Wednesday. It’s really exciting and will give me an opportunity to showcase good design before a new audience of readers — I can’t wait to share it with you!

I also had a lot of calls and paperwork to do this afternoon (tax season!) and my day ended chatting with Vanessa De Vargas from Turquoise Design and Showroom in L.A. (love her, so creative!) for over 3 hours! We talked all about design and running a practice in general, and put our heads together to help five decor8 readers redesign their offices based on this post. I’ll be revealing our ideas, one office per week on decor8 starting next week. Needless to say, I didn’t have much time to devote to decor8 today and my apologies for being a neglectful blogger. I’ll make it up to you next week. Until then, have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

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