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The Woodsfolk

I was super inspired by a post Lucy wrote over at The Design Files yesterday about a new shop in Melbourne, Australia called The Woodsfolk. You have to visit Lucy’s blog to see the full monty but wow, this place made me so excited because it’s hard to find shops like this – it’s like a living, breathing blog or Pinterest board.

The Woodsfolk

I think photographer Brooke Holm did such a great job shooting this shop. I want to call the store and order everything I see – too bad Germany is like a million light years away from Melbourne or I’d be broke but living very large. :)




I love their Kip & Co cushions, The Motex old school label maker from South Korea and the Made By Mosey feather garlands – so cute!

(photos: Brooke Holm except bottom image, via woodsfolk)

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Monday: What’s On My Mind

Okay so here we are, a new week, how are you feeling about that? Energized? Not motivated? I’m a little of both because the lingering gray weather has made January and February super duper depressing. Blizzards, ice, tons of snow – totally fine by me – but wow, gray dark days with no sunlight for weeks and weeks?! How can the sun be so naughty? Why is he playing mean games? Not nice, sun! I will stop complaining now. It serves no good purpose but it is sometimes a little fun, right?

For Haus Maus

Let’s talk about me first, then you. I know, I know, me first. :) Yes so what I am doing? I ask myself this a lot lately because I am always doing so many little things and sometimes I wonder if all of the little projects add up and then I pause and say, Yes they do because well, they really do. Each little number is contributing to a combined total – the goal. For instance, today I am writing two articles, one for the beautiful Sweet Paul magazine (on decorating) and another for the inspirational new business magazine, Where Women Creates Business (on blogging). I’m also writing out my course materials for the upcoming Blog Boss e-class that kicks off March 1st! We have an amazing group of students and teachers for this class so I’m even more eager to get started with teaching. I always get nervous before school starts because I want to be the super cool teacher that all of the students love but I get a bit of stage fright! You’d think that after teaching for so many years both on and offline that I’d be super chill about it but nope, I’m shaky at my knees before the first day. As soon as day one begins though, I shoot off like a rocket and am absolutely comfortable.

I often wish this stage fright would disappear as I get older but it likes to stick around. I think it comes from always wanted to do my best and make people feel happy. I like to create Tiggers. Do you know who Tigger is? The fictional tiger in Winnie The Pooh? I want my students to have invisible springs on their feet for the four weeks that they spend in our virtual classroom – bouncy, smiling, happy, energized and full of absolute glee because they are doing something great for themselves.

Mollie Makes

On top of work stuff there is also play stuff. I’m enjoying a new crochet class that I’ve just started (next I will learn knitting) at Stricklounge, so now everything in magazines like Mollie Makes is finally starting to make sense to me. I sew already, but when it comes to needlepoint, crochet, knitting, etc. I’m helpless yet determined to change that, so it is time to learn new stuff. I want to learn how to make the pretty project from Emma Lamb (she is so talented) in the most recent issue, have you seen it yet? I am calling 2013 my Learning Year because I will take a ton of classes and throw myself into really deep water because I have this craving to learn. I am also learning more about making videos and considering how I will apply this newfound hobby to my business. Hmmmm.I do not want to allow myself to have this comfort career. I need challenge.

Now it’s your turn. What are YOU doing?

(images: holly becker for decor8)


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You Are Loved

Today is Valentine’s Day but for many, it’s not a day of love and happiness but a total drag. I was never a fan of V day for this reason – it simply isn’t fair to those who haven’t found their valentine (yet). And big deal if you have a true love in your life or not, right? Having someone on your arm doesn’t define who YOU are. For this reason, I want to dedicate this post to all of my readers – those who have a valentine today and those who are simply thinking, “I really need a lot of cocktails to get through this”. I want to let you know that you are loved SO MUCH. Someone out there, if not many someones, love you loads and loads appreciate having you in their life. Like me.

You Are Loved

I have some friends going through some pretty rough divorces currently and today isn’t their favorite holiday and some of them are going out and partying with their girlfriends (YES! Do it!) and others are simply at home feeling like something is wrong with them because they lost their marriage. Don’t assume that everyone partnered is getting roses and chocolates and having hot sex tonight. Honestly, I’m married and I’m cooking lasagna and having over my  mother-in-law and her 60+ year old friends over for dinner and a piano concert afterwards. Nothing hot or Fifty Shades about that.

So anyway, a big hug to ALL OF YOU. You rock. You are loved. And I’ll see you tomorrow for some lovely posts and some really good news too!



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Great Photography Gear For Bloggers

As a blogger who is out a lot playing around with my camera and meeting up with people, I’m asked frequently about my loot – what’s in MY bag? In this post I’ll share a list of what I think is some pretty great gear for bloggers that I use – and everything is quite affordable (my camera is well under $1,000 which, in DSLR terms, isn’t high end but still does a beautiful job). What works for me may not work for you but I really LOVE my Canon 600D and the 4 lens that I have (one is a kit lens, the other 3 I purchased). I also like my other goodies, like my camera strap and my cute camera bag that just arrived today.

Great Photography Gear For Bloggers

Here is a list of my loot:

Camera: Canon 600D with the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens by Canon that came with it. This camera is great because it not only takes amazing photos but it has full HD movie mode – my latest obsession! Camera details/price can be found here:

Lens: Canon EF-S 18-200mm 1:3,5-5,6 IS (, Canon EF 50mm 1:1.8 ( Note: I want to upgrade this lens soon though to the Canon EF 50mm/1,4. And the latest lens I’ve picked up is the Canon EF 35mm 1:2,0 (

Tripod: I use a Manfroto #222 joystick head on top of a standard tripod that my husband bought on eBay awhile ago. If you’re in the market for a tripod, Manfrotto is a really good one to try and they are super sturdy though not so lightweight – I only use this one for shooting at home. I haven’t gotten to the point yet to where I’m bringing tripods on the road with me… Ha! Baby steps, here.

Phone/Apps: I also want to add that I frequently use my iPhone 4 to take photos (Instagram addict) and I really like the KitCam app though I find myself using the Camera+ app most of the time. I’m also taking videos frequently with the Vine app and having a lot of fun with it!

iPad: I use my iPad constantly. More than my MacBook Pro even. It’s the best thing ever and the funny thing is, it took me 6 months after I purchased it to even get into using it. One great thing you can do with an iPad that is pretty cool for photographers is that you can pop an Eye-Fi card into your camera and transfer pictures wirelessly to your iPad while you’re shooting (as in instantly!) using the ShutterSnitch app. My husband and I shot about 30 photos for my last book like this and it worked like a charm when it came to styling and really helps you to pick up the pace on shoots, too.

Great Photography Gear For Bloggers

Camera bag: Ketti Chevron cloth camera bag. Note: Mine arrived with a dark purple lining that I really don’t like (it’s hard to see inside because it’s very dark) – the website says green lining (with photos showing it so I know I’m not crazy)- so I insist when you purchase a bag from them you make sure they get your order right. Other than the purple interior, the bag will work great for me – I love that it’s padded and has adjustable slots for the lens, the camera, etc. inside – yet it looks like a very “normal” handbag. I got so tired of running around in my ugly black (very standard, very boring) camera bag!

Great Photography Gear For Bloggers

Camera strap: Stardust camera strap from Bloom Theory in silver.

iPhone case: Le Pavillion iPhone case by Kate Spade and this silly pink cat from Accessorize. Don’t laugh. Okay, laugh.

So! That’s what I use when I’m out shooting and having fun. Hope some of these tips help you out! A few of the links above are affiliate links by the way, which means I earn about 6% if you buy something on the US Amazon site. All of the other links are not affiliate-related at all. No one has paid me or given me products, discounts or any freebies for mentioning any of the above items. I paid for absolutely everything at the same retail price as everyone else. :)

If you have any questions or want to share what you use, please do in the comments section below! What’s in YOUR bag?

Happy Friday everyone – loads of love to you!

(images: holly becker, thorsten becker and bloom theory)

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