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Inspiring Spaces By Debi Treloar

I adore interiors that feel very serene and unpretentious, naturalness wins over perfectly polished for me. and I think each of these five beautiful rooms shot by photographer Debi Treloar are perfect examples of what I mean.

Debi Treloar I believe this one is from Selina Lake’s beautiful book. Stunning.

perfectly imperfect

perfectly imperfect

perfectly imperfect

I was so super pleased to see that my friend Debi has a shiny new website and I really, really love it. Her work is exquisite and she’s a beautiful person through and through. I only hope that someday again I’ll be able to work with her because I’m already having a bit of Debi withdrawal, we did two books together and I got to know her so well that now I’m missing the experience of traveling and laughing and having long, meaningful chats and just working with someone so incredibly gifted. Debi, you’re the bees knees.

(images: debi treloar)

Posted in uncategorized on December 01, 2012

Handmade Dolls by Jess Quinn

Do you have a second to spare? I would like for you to meet a few sweet new friends of mine for just a moment. These ladies are my awesome threesome. They were handmade by Jess Quinn in England and for this photo, I’ve placed them on a linen sofa in my work studio so I could show them to you. Very soon, these charming little ladies will end up in a glass cabinet in my spare bedroom, or on a bench there, and eventually I may hand them down to others in my family who will adore them as much as I do at this moment.

In my home

I’m not sure what it is exactly about handmade dolls, but I’ve always have a thing for them. Whether a handmade doll or bear, I’ve always felt a connection to soft toys. I love the details, the stitch work, seeing the seams. Handmade objects are so precious. Someone sat down and not only put great thought into how each doll would look but then, in bringing her to life through embroidered facial expressions and sweet little outfits designed with heart. How can you not be charmed by a pretty doll, but also by the entire process behind it and of the artist behind each sweet little face?

For some cute dolls of your own, please visit Jess Quinn’s online shop here.

(image: holly becker for decor8)

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Monday, Monday…

Hello friends! How are you today? It’s Monday, a new week and new possibilities. I’ve been thinking a lot about the post that I wrote, Thoughts on Being Honestly Happy, where nearly 250 of you left beautiful, uplifting and often very personal comments and so later today I plan to write another post as a follow up. It’s so important to me to not leave anyone hanging – when I read some of my favorite blogs and the blogger pours out their heart and then, never returns to let readers know what’s what, I often feel a bit concerned and wonder what is going on. Blogs make us responsible, accountable, we can’t just say stuff and assume it’s not important to others because, well, it is. We cannot assume no one cares. We’re all in this together.

Happy  Monday

After I wrote that post, I was actually quite overwhelmed and even moved to tears at times by your reaction – not just the comments but also the very personal emails, Facebook emails, tweets and even text messages and phone calls that rolled in and are still coming in even though it’s been nearly 3 weeks since I wrote it. I must admit that I assumed only a few of you would really “get” me or relate (boy, was I wrong!) and the rest of you may simply skim through it and move on to the more fluffy and pretty design posts, but you didn’t… You stopped, read, and tried to relate and it felt amazingly validating and beyond encouraging. You really blew me away. THANK YOU. So yes, later today I’ll post about a few of the plans of action that I’ve taken since and how so far, I’m beating “this” – though I’m still not exactly certain what “this” really is yet. I’ll also tell you about a few aha! moments I’ve had, epiphanies if you will…

Back in a moment with beauty to inspire… Then I’ll begin writing Thoughts on Being Honestly Happy: Part Two.



(photos: holly becker/instagram)

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Inspiring Views From 91 Magazine

I’m so happy to see the fresh new issue (No.4) of 91 Magazine that just went live online today. It’s packed with beautiful images (some of my favorites shown below) and inspirational projects along with decorating tips, product highlights, trendy bits and more, including a review of my upcoming book! I loved seeing the neons and pastels feature too. I have a neons and pastels board over on Pinterest if you want further inspiration but my, my, my this is the sweetest work area ever, am I right or AM I RIGHT people!?

91 Magazine

Caroline, who leads the magazine, has a great eye and each issue is getting better and better and BETTER. I love watching her grow and seeing the magazine evolve along with her. Check out the triangle art work over the bed below. How easy is that to try at home with markers, paint or washi tape?

91 Magazine

I’m also so pleased that Caroline is the very first person to have seen the PDF version of my upcoming book that is still being printed on distant shores and that she took the time to review it – see the blurb below on the left side of the page. Yippppeeee!

The first review of Decorate Workshop!

She read it and gave it a lovely review in her magazine on page 9 and I’m so appreciative of her glowing review of the UK edition of Decorate Workshop published by Jacqui Small, which is now available for pre-order over at Amazon US from Chronicle Books and Amazon UK. Thank you again Caroline, the first review of a new book is always so exciting for any author so this is extra special news today! In addition to the neons & pastels story and the review of my upcoming book, I loved these color-themed office supply stories – they made me smile big. Beautiful, right?!

91 Magazine

91 Magazine

91 Magazine

91 Magazine

91 Magazine

91 Magazine

91 Magazine is a feminine, eclectic, romantic and altogether lovely digital publication that you simply don’t want to miss so check it out RI Great work, Caroline!

(images: 91 magazine)

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