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Tapettitalo – Vintage Finnish Wallpaper

I recently heard about a wallpaper shop in Helsinki with all of these gorgeous Finnish patterns from Pihlgren + Ritola, the shop is called Tapettitalo (the House of Wallpaper in Finnish).

Part of their website is in English, and it’s quite educational so I suggest flipping through it and reading what they have to say about the history of wallpaper in Finland. They carry Pihlgren + Ritola, the oldest working wallpaper manufacturer in Finland.

Some of my favorites include: Cherry Tree #69 212, The most beautiful of the Skylarks #64 673, and my total favorite – Night of the Skylarks #69 659. This would be beautiful in a long hallway leading into a sunny yellow room.

How to order: Tapettitalo will provide you with wallpaper samples and they’ll even ship to Estonia, UK, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Germany and the USA. If you live in another country, contact them directly – they may consider shipping there as well. They accept wire transfer, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) and checks. You can find pricing information here.

Thanks for the tip, Mevrouw!

(images from tapettitalo)

Posted in Rooms, Vintage on July 22, 2006

Funkis – Inspirational Eye Candy from Down Under

Something old, something new. Something shocking, full of hue.

Ah. So many fun vintage and modern prints from Australian based Funkis. Wallpaper, textiles, ceramics, lamps… I enjoyed the sheer experience of simply looking through their website at all of the lush patterns. I pulled together a few that I really liked, and focused a little on black and white since that will be a big Fall/Winter trend this year – black and white with a pop of color, like red, is totally on the charts and oh so pretty. Here’s some eye candy for you. Pull some images from their site and put together some eye candy inspiration for yourself. It’s fun to group patterns in clusters of four or six, train your eyes on color combinations, and if you have a color printer, print out your creations and tack them to your idea board.

(images from funkis)

Posted in Rooms, Vintage on July 21, 2006

The Gilded Room

The Gilded Room refers to themselves as, “Bon Bons for the Home” and with all of their delicate pieces, I can see why. With chic antiques and decorative accessories, your little heart will go pitter pat if you love mixing a few upscale antiques in with your modern decor like I do.

I only like very few antiques, I can’t imagine my home filled with them, however I’ve always wanted a little French gustavian settee like this one. It’s perfect for placing in a foyer with a chandelier overhead, resting it’s dainty legs on gleaming hardwood floors and a round table in the center of the foyer, beneath the chandelier, with a huge arrangment of fresh cut flowers. Do you have these vivid visuals in your head of rooms you’d love to have in your home? For me, it’s a grand entryway with a chandelier and a french settee.

To give it a bit of a modern take, I’m imaging this settee in glossy teal with black and white floral upholstery – something very dramatic to make the right ‘first’ impression. I’d also love to have it in simple white, with a modern navy and white print, maybe something from Hable Construction or Judy Ross, for example. I like the all white one shown as well, especially in a room with teal wallpaper with a metallic floral or bird motiff – very Elle Decor, don’t you think?

Ah… To own a French settee, that is something that I definitely plan on picking up one of these days… When I have a foyer that is large enough to accomodate one, that is. For now, it’s back to dreaming of settees and sweet little boudoir chairs at The Gilded Room.

(images from the gilded room)

Posted in Objects, Vintage on July 12, 2006

coffee + cre8tive {june 29 ’06}

Ah. The joy of fabric. And of course, the even greater joy of scoring discount vintage fabric from Atomic Boom on eBay.

As a child, my mother was at her Singer almost constantly. We’d design and create bedspreads, pillows and clothes for Barbie. She created all of my costumes for school plays (I was in the drama club). For the home, mom also whipped up window treatments and those circular table covers that you use to disquise a wood table that looked like a plate balancing on four slim legs. You must recall those. I think they’re still around. Above all things, she was a clothing queen. I remember struggling to stand still for what felt like hours as she pinned things together. She had a huge cardboard box (that our dishwasher arrived in) kept in the sewing room, filled to the top with neatly folded textiles for upcoming projects. I loved going through that box, sometimes for hours, and when I was really little, I spent hours inside of the box (wierd kid) looking carefully at each one, the colors, the prints, the raw edges with the little type showing where it was made and in what year. It must have been during that time when the monkey jumped on my back and decided to hang on for my entire life. In fact, I’ve always carried a box of fabric with me over the years filled with neatly pressed and folded yardage with major doubts that I’ll ever use it all, but a need to hold on to it ‘just in case’. You must understand this.

Years later when we relocated to Boston, I had an older friend (Abigail) who was an interior designer at the Boston Design Center. When others my age hung around with older friends to have access to booze, I was working my resources to get a hook up, too. Abby would slip me the goods in the form of designer textiles that had been a part of displays that the BDC decided to scrap. Of course, as a designer employed there, she had first dibs on these displays and as her friend, I had 2nd dibs. I remember nights spent on her apartment floor in Kenmore Square rummaging through these scrap piles. A true junkie. Certainly other 18-year-olds had a life.

Okay, back to the boom. Whether you love to sew, or simply like fabric, Atomic Boom in Brisbane Australia specializes in mid century fabric, including Scandinavian and lots of geometric prints (my favorites). They have a store on eBay offering a 10% discount right now, so check them out. Like any vintage textile store, their selection is constantly changing, so if you see something you like, grab it!

Now it’s your turn. Any early signs that you’d grow up with a fabric fixation?

(images from atomic boom)

Posted in Objects, Vintage on June 29, 2006


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