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Kitsch Café Vintage

In case you haven’t read about Kitsch Café Vintage yet in my Real Simple post this morning, you simply must check them out… Here’s but a taste of the retro finds you can expect…

Kitsch Café Vintage


(images: Kitsch Café Vintage)

Posted in vintage on August 19, 2009

Russel Wright Dinnerware

Greetings decor8 readers! I’m Heather Spriggs Thompson and Holly has graciously asked me to present Hunting and Gathering, my weekly post over on Gathering Spriggs, which features vintage collectibles in modern spaces. It is such an honor to share some of my finds with you today. Without further ado, allow me to introduce the fabulous Modern era designer, Russel Wright.

Although I adore his warm pastel color palette and sculptural lines, what I love the most about Wright, is his concept of bringing vogue design into everyday living of the 1940’s-60’s. Although some of his melmac (melamine resin) pieces are quite affordable he also created high-end designs for the serious collector. You may not have much luck finding Russel Wright wares at thrift stores anymore, but you can purchase recreations of his famed American Modern collection at Bauer Pottery.

Here are some pieces that I found online that I adore…

Russel Wright Dinnerware

left top: Modern Nest, top right: Karapegg, bottom left: Back Home Again Vintage, bottom right: Artnet.

Russel Wright Dinnerware

Bauer Pottery.

Russel Wright Dinnerware

Back Home Again Vintage

Russel Wright Dinnerware

More Ways to Waste Time

Russel Wright Dinnerware

Ooh Food

Russel Wright Dinnerware


Russel Wright Dinnerware

Antique Helper

I’m craving one of his curvilinear pink pitchers or teal tea pots!  They are retro cool yet still refined and sophisticated. I think I will design my new kitchen around his American Modern collection.

How about you? What are your favorite RW pieces? Do you collect RW? Heather

(images linked to their source above)

Posted in guest bloggers, Handmade, vintage on August 13, 2009

Hello Victory: Biology Charts

Kate from Hello Victory just told me about these amazing vintage biology charts from Germany that she now stocks in her shop. Check these out! My husband had these in school growing up and now they’re in homes as art. I personally love the soft colors…

Hello Victory

I remember back when I posted about the Jung-Koch-Quentell charts a few years back (here) you guys were dying to find an affordable source in the states so Kate just may be your girl!

(images: hello victory)

Posted in vintage on July 30, 2009

Great Finds At High Street Market

I’m thinking that since I missed posting Etsy Take Five Tuesdays yesterday since I took the afternoon off, that perhaps today on decor8 I’ll share some etsy sellers so that we don’t have to wait until next Tuesday. Sound good? I’ll have a mini series of posts today dedicated to a few fine etsy sellers… starting with this one: the High Street Market shop and blog.

High Street Market Finds

A few of my picks: a. painted tea cups with lids, b. white wire grid milk crate with a kelly green handle, c. hummingbird/botanical framed print, d. refurbished electric fan in aqua, e. black footstool and f. retro desk lamp.

I’ve talked about this darling market before but I’m hoping that by highlighting them again today someone will please buy the vintage blue fan because I can’t see it any longer… I want it so badly it hurts but it won’t work in my outlets in Germany without a converter and even that’s a risk — so it’s all yours. Wahhhhh! Don’t you love it?

(images: high street market)

Posted in Etsy Faves, vintage on July 15, 2009


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