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Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Welcome to this week’s installment of Etsy Take Five Tuesdays! Today you’ll notice a slight theme: Vintage Charm. Whether it’s an old bear or a classic typewriter, a poster with an old-fashioned feel, or a bunch of 60s Science books you’ll no doubt find this blast from the past fun & inspirational. And as a bonus, I’ve added a 6th shop for you to visit. It’s a tiny one and has little to do with the vintage theme but hey, I’m not want to stay between the lines!

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Artist and illustrator Melody Sea from The Dark Tree in London is currently working on a series of paintings focused on lost and abandoned vintage toys. “I am fascinated by how much personality toys can have especially as they get older and I love to imagine their histories and all the adventures they’ve had before they came to me,” Melody says. I was excited to learn that she also offers custom portraits so if you have a beloved toy you’d like captured forever on canvas just let her know.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

Vintology is a sweet vintage shop who currently has an even sweeter white typewriter in stock (works great, they say), a set of 10 vintage deer glasses, packs of vintage paper for your crafty projects and a great set of 60s Science books in dreamy pale blue with hints of lemon on the spine – yum. There are more great things in this shop, but I thought I’d share the four that I’d considering purchasing either for myself or as a present. I love Science and old books so these beauties are calling my name… they’d look gorgeous on a bookcase.

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

If you love letterpress posters with hopeful and optimistic themes then Roll & Tumble Press in Arkansas may just be your new favorite. Their bio is written so perfectly that I can’t help but share the whole sha-bang, “Charming painter turned letterpress printer + Art school dropout turned tattoo artist bond over a love of music, quirky collections and dusty junk shops — and one, big, drafty house, three rescue dogs, and a chance meeting with a true old time printer — Roll & Tumble Press is born.” They’ve been all over blogland but never in an Etsy Take Five roundup so I’m sharing them here today for those of you who may haven’t heard of them already. Enjoy!

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

How about a second vintage seller to add to your list this week? Meet Vintage Jane in Pennsylvania who specializes in charming finds for babies and kids. I like her current selection of letters, jars, kids chairs and girl pillows and can imagine parents who really dig this retro look will really like her finds. The little lamp reminds me of Victoria at SFGirlByBay!

Etsy Take Five Tuesdays

While I’m at it, let’s add a third vintage shop to the mix. This time it’s Extra Virgin Home owned by sisters Kate and Allison who live in Santa Monica and share a passion for hunting flea markets in search of vintage home finds. They both worked for the original Shabby Chic so of course, they soaked in all that style and experience turning Extra Virgin Home into a special spot for them to now showcase their own personal style of casual and vintage living. I love the blue wood crate for the kitchen, I’d put all of my glass water bottles in it. The metal boxes stacked near the sofa is a cute look but I’d use mine in the office beneath my desk for extra storage.

Bonus: Etsy Find

And a 6th find this week, what I like to call the bonus seller that I like to occasionally surprise you with. Meet The Makers. A very small shop that only has log pillows but they’re too cute to pass by despite their teeny tiny inventory. Grab one while they last, and if they are gone then Etsy mail them for more.

(images linked to sources above)

Posted in Etsy Faves, vintage on June 30, 2009

Vintage Finds @ Trampoline

Someone please take these gorgeous things, so artfully arranged by Trampoline, into your home to love and adore? Please? If you don’t, I just may have to deal with more things to pack and honestly, my luggage is already bursting at the seams. Look at these lovely vintage finds and try to resist…






And side note, notice her floral arrangements. Stunning.

(images: trampoline)

Posted in Etsy Faves, vintage on June 29, 2009

Artist Leslie Oschmann & Swarm Home

I was invited to attend a gallery breakfast tomorrow at Anthropologies Rockefeller Center location but of course being in Germany it is not possible (obviously!) I hope that another blogger will attend and blog about it because I’d love to see how the event turns out. It features the work of former Anthropologie visual director (for 8 years) Leslie Oschmann (full bio here) and after you view her website I think you’d also want to see her work up close and personal. Wow. Great stuff. I think it will make you look at vintage paintings a little differently, especially the ones that you find at flea markets that could use a little love… Why not add some of your own creativity to them like Leslie does?

Leslie relocated from the states to Holland and now has an Amsterdam-based studio called Swarm Home where she gives new life to old furniture and paintings found in local flea markets. Have you seen her work before? It’s just lovely. I’m quite impressed with her painting, I wonder if she is also doing decoupage in her work? I do see some needlepoint on a dresser door below that I think is exquisite and I really like the application of silk on vintage portraits because it makes the painting feel much more current and fun.

I adore mixed media art and enjoy viewing how Leslie uses many different materials to create art, combining unexpected materials takes so much talent and skill. Leslie is just one of many artists out there doing exciting things with found objects… have a look around her website and see for yourself — it is quite a fantastic visual trip!

Tip: For those who cannot paint like the talented Leslie, no worries! Have you thought of decoupage as an option? It can be done really well and seems to be gaining popularity again here in Germany (and northern .Europe in general) I love seeing decoupage, stenciling, and stamping making a comeback because it was somewhat snubbed in the interior design world and referred to as being, “Soooo bad 1980’s” or “Craft store kitsch” but if done right (take Wary Meyers for example), I think that it can be lovely. I had this feeling that the decoupage ‘trend’ could come back but when my friend gave me the current copy of the German Elle Decoration and I saw a complete spread on decoupage (used on bespoke furniture) my suspicions were confirmed. Decoupage can be done right.

(images from leslie oschmann and swam home)

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I’m always so inspired when I come across a web shop that feels special, you know like you’ve just stepped into someone else’s personal space and you must tip toe and quietly look around so as to not make too much noise. A very special little boutique on the web that I discovered recently is such a place and it’s called Tas-ka, a Dutch company based in Den Haag created by Jantien Baas and Hester Worst (they ship worldwide).

I really enjoy the large beautiful photos that welcome you as the page opens, it’s quite unique I think as a lot of websites do not use such large photos… I rather like it. I think that is what we are all looking for nowadays don’t you? Originality. We want to find things or places that are new to us or that do not feel like all of the other places we’ve seen or visited before.

What does Tas-ka offer? For one, books! They have several of the Jeu de Paume books and they even stock Lula magazine, a favorite of mine that I buy at Barnes & Noble in the states. It’s expensive, but so many of the pages are frame-worthy and the paper quality is outstanding so you can use a lot of the pages as art or to pin to your inspiration board. I highly suggest checkout out Lula, it’s devoted to fashion but contains gorgeous articles, swirly feminine fonts, and fantastic layouts so it stimulates lots of ideas and never fails to put me into a good mood.

In addition to books and magazines, you can also shop Tas-ka for their signature pendant light constructed entirely of paper cranes. Some are in white, others in color, all are completely affordable at 160-Euro (when you consider the amount of work involved in creating one).

You can also find vintage furniture, pillows, bedding, fabrics (by the meter designed by Tas-ka), stationery, things for kids, ceramics, etc. Completely lovely selection, I can’t stop clicking around their shop. I love these 3 vintage pots for instance.

Tas-ka feels very original and I think you’ll enjoy this shop so here, have a peek. Enjoy. :)

(images from tas-ka)

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