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Steven’s Stuff

One look at Steven’s Stuff and My Happy Accidents and you know you are in for a treat of colorful surprises! Steve’s Stuff specializes in vintage finds scouted in England and are affordable vs. inflated like so many vintage finds online. And it’s a fun little shop to browse. My Happy Accident is the sister store where handmade items are sold.

I can tell Steven has a good time collecting and creating, and of course we have a good time with these things as well so I see a perfect fit. I think the vase above totally needs to sit in a Bazaar Style space decorated by Selina Lake filled with fresh wildflowers. And how cute is that little man? He’d be quite handsome in a bright kitchen — I’m imagining him against yellow or blue walls with his eyes watching over as you bake…

(images from steven’s stuff)

Posted in Vintage on June 19, 2008

All The Luck In The World {new!}

Jane just opened her new store All The Luck In The World today and sent over the news. First of all, congratulations Jane! The moment I clicked on her site I fell in love because it is so Jane, it perfectly fits who she is and how she decorates. I’ve talked about this talented creator many times before on decor8, I’ve admired her work for quite some time, so watching Jane grow into a web shop owner makes me happy.

Her site is currently in Dutch but she’s soon to have it translated into English. ATLITW is all about recycling and collecting vintage finds for the home, plus Jane sells things she makes by hand, including jewelry. I’m sure you’ll find her shop very special.

Jane shares such a bounty of pretty things with us and makes it easy to picture them in our space because she takes the time to show them ‘living’ in her own home. You can view many inspiring photos in her inspiration pages or try visiting her Flickr collection of photos. They are loaded with design ideas.

I’m inspired by how she styles objects to look so casual and welcoming, very Jeu de Paume (the Japanese decorating books I wrote about last summer). This vintage chic meets gypsy caravan style appeals to many of us because it looks like someone actually lives in these spaces, imagine that! I also get a strong sense of who this woman is when I look at what she owns, she takes time to find special things, she’s creative, and a little unconventional — she’s not afraid to have fun. Did you notice the top image of her outdoor patio, is it not divine? Who doesn’t long for a spot like this to relax in the summer?

Thank you Jane for sharing so many lovely things with us today!

(images from all the luck in the world)

Posted in Inspiration, Vintage on May 27, 2008

Susan Gower of Nifty Thifty Dry Goods

Are you ready to meet trim lady? Well, she’s not really called that, but it’s tempting when you see what she surrounds herself with beneath her massive tent. Trim lady is Rhode Island-based Susan Gower, owner of Nifty Thifty Dry Goods.

She has ribbons, buttons, trims, beads, and more, both new and vintage. Susan travels around selling new and vintage notions that you’ll swoon over. And yes, I said she travels. She gave me a copy of her upcoming show schedule so I’ll post it below because she’s hitting IL, OH, MN, MI, WI and TX between now and November 2nd.

I discovered Susan just a few days ago via Country Living magazine (June ’08 page 90) and after some extensive online research (she doesn’t have a website), I found out that she’s showing currently at the Central Park section at the Brimfield Show in booth #116. I wanted some of the items shown in Country Living but she told me that they took those images 7 years ago so she doesn’t have those items anymore. I nearly fell over. Seven years? She was surprised too. But I’m happy that they ran it when they did because I found her. :) You’ll love Susan’s tent and the section she is in has lots of of ladies selling fabric and notions so you’ll stay busy for awhile. The tent directly across from Susan’s carries vintage tablecloths starting at $10 — you can’t miss their heaping piles of fabric and women going completely bonkers.

Susan organizes the things in her tent by color, so it’s super easy to navigate. And everything is set up so nicely. She is a little shy, but once you get to talking to her she’s so very nice. She even gave me a discount on some trim I purchased, which helped because I spent $135 on her stuff and could have easily run the bill up to double that. It’s hard to not drop mounds of cash, everything is absolutely amazing as you can clearly see.

She doesn’t have a store or website, but if you’re in Rhode Island anytime soon you can find lots of her goodies at a shop called Refind located at 436 Wickendon Street in Providence (401-277-0606).

Nifty Thifty Dry Goods 2008 Show Schedule

June 19-21, The National Quilting Center, Columbus, OH
June 26-28, Minnesota Quilters’ Annual Quilt Show, Rochester, MN
August 21-24, Stitches Midwest 2008, Schaumburg, IL
September 11-13, Quilt Expo – Sewing with Nancy, Madison, WI
September 26-28, The American Sewing Expo, Novi, MI
October 25-27, International Quilt Market, Houston, TX
October 30 – November 2, International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX

(photos taken with permission by thorsten becker for decor8)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Events + Markets, Vintage on May 15, 2008

Oscar Has Arrived!

Remember how I told you about Oscar the vintage umbrella stand that I won last week on eBay? He just flew in today. I can’t believe it. Just look at this cuteness.

Oscar is here! (umbrella stand, vintage)

He exceeds my expectations in every way imaginable. He is shown here on my credenza because the wall in my little entryway is white so his details do not show as well in a photo taken there.

Look at his little wings...Ah.

I placed alongside him some owl cups that are the height of standard tea cups to give you an idea of how very large and proud this boy really is. Look at those wings and that little flip in the back. Total cuteness. Some of you asked how much I paid for him, he was $154 shipped and insured. I found something else like it on eBay for those of you interested… Or here at Tonic Home.

(images from holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Handmade, Inspiration, Vintage on April 07, 2008


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