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Owl Umbrella Stand

I usually don’t share things I win on eBay here but this just makes me so happy that I must show you my winning item! But first a little story time. Okay, so I’ve been wanting to find a new umbrella stand since my current vintage one ended up becoming the storage bin for my rolls of wrapping paper. After seeing this fish in Domino magazine this month, I was inspired to get out there and start hunting for the perfect umbrella stand.

Owl from Burke Decor, $96

Also considering that we’re in the month of April, “April showers bring May flowers”, it’s the perfect season to find a replacement. I don’t have a thing for fish as a design motif so I decided against the one in Domino. I can’t imagine spending nearly $300 on something I’m not bonkers over. I thought of the many DIY solutions, how I could make my own by decoupaging a tall glass vase, etc. but I really wanted something ceramic and white and my heart was dead set on some kind of creature. Just not a fish. I thought about what my perfect stand would look like and I kept envisioning an owl. A glossy white owl with a mid century vibe. So I searched and searched and came up with this one from Burke decor for $96 (free shipping). But it’s a reproduction piece and I reallllly wannnntted vintage. Yes, whining exactly like that.

My mid century vintage owl from eBay.

Meet my new friend Oscar. Maybe I’m nuts but I confess my illness — I name many of the creature objects that live in my home. Perhaps I miss having pets. Maybe I need to invest in a solid rocker, Velcro my remote control to the side of my television, and start highlighting episodes of Murder She Wrote in the TV Guide while I’m at it. But really, I’m not a crazy old lady. I just like to name stuff.

Oscar is my latest find, a vintage owl umbrella stand, white, and glossy ceramic circa mid century. He’s so handsome. If I ever decide to host a swanky soiree, I’ll add a black bow tie around his neck for the occasion. Perhaps once I tire of him holding umbrellas, he’ll become a vase for displaying pink quince although something tells me he’s too manly for flower holding and won’t go for that . eBay I love you today. Thank you for making this crazy shopper happy and for confirming that you can truly find anything on eBay.

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(images from burke and ebay)

Posted in Handmade, inspiration, vintage on April 03, 2008

Three Potato Four {Cups + Kids + More}

Three Potato Four is a shop I just keep going back to because their weekly updates are fun to check out and I love to see what they come up with for new products shots, they do such a great job. This week, they have some fun cups in their store and side point: that sure is a great banner. You know I have a thing for banners

Plus they have this fun new kids section for your little collectors. It’s very sweet and again the photos are terrific.

(image from three potato four)

Posted in Rooms, shopping, travel, vintage on March 25, 2008


When Cindy wrote in about her darling shop Flutter that she calls, “A delightful disarray of found objects and clutter”, I was super intrigued to learn more. I knew I had to check it out with a name like that. Located in both Portland, OR and online, she carries a delightful array of found objects and shiny new things for your nest.

Peeking through the pages of her shop, she certainly has a knack for finding beautiful things that well, flutter! Birds, insects, and my heart as I look through her treasures.

In addition to a lovely assortment of decorative items for the wall, she carries brightly patterned pillows, lighting, birdcages, perfume, paper goods, books, candles, jewelry, furniture (there’s even a vintage medical doctor’s cabinet, love these.) and rugs that fit that whole boho modern look that so many love right now.

Thank you Cindy for writing in about your great and very tempting shop!

(images from flutter)

Posted in vintage on March 25, 2008

Arthur’s Circus

I first mentioned Arthur’s Circus a few months ago here but lately I’m loving them even more because they keep stocking both of their stores with such goodness. I have to pass it on to you because I know lots of you have a thing for rare vintage toys for your collections and a few of you are big on Japanese tableware for kids. I think their Shinzi Katoh stuff (below) is darling. I want to eat dinner like this just once.

It’s almost like this amazingly stylish family in Australia opened their little ones toy chest to reveal the vintage and rare contents inside. Wait, that’s exactly what this is, an extremely cool family with exquisite taste.

This shop will bring out the little kid in you, and since it’s organized so well and the photos are just great, it’s inspiring just to just browse. Everything is so colorful and fun — very retro-ish!

This pillow is the last of ’em, get yours here.

Most of the items shown above are available in Arthur’s Circus online shop
More over in their Etsy store.
Natalie Jeffcot Photography (store owner)

(images from arthur’s circus)

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