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Fresh Eggs Vintage {new}

I’ve talked about Stephanie DosReis before but did you know that she changed the name of her etsy shop from Ponies & Sugar Cookies to simply Stephanie DosReis where she sells her crafty things (like fabric houses)?

And did you hear that she also has a 2nd store on etsy selling vintage wares, it’s called Fresh Eggs Vintage. These vintage S+P shakers for $10 are my personal faves because I have a bit of a crush on pyrex.

I’m inspired by ladies like Stephanie – the various things she’s into, the great big life she’s living, it’s the best. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can only wear one hat in this life, the more hats you wear the better because then you’re flexible and a hard ship to sink. Congrats Stephanie on Fresh Eggs Vintage and the many wonderful things that you’re pursuing.

I especially like this shot of a table in her house where she’s arranged some of the things that are inspiring her lately – all finds from places like etsy and ebay of course. I spy this and this. :)

(images from stephanie dosreis)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Etsy Faves, Vintage on November 07, 2007

On the Radio {whoa oh oh oh}

If you think that love isn’t found on the radio..” Oh yes, it is. And it’s right here in all it’s vintage glory circa 1970-something. And it’s a radio that spells it out and yup, it still works. Best part, it will soon be in my house because I purchased it over at ComingHome Interiors, the amazing store that I blogged about last week.

When I pick it up in a few days, I promise to flip it over and reveal who made it so you proceed with your google investigation to locate one for yourself. I think it belongs on credenzas everywhere. Who knows, perhaps there are a few on good old eBay. If it’s out there it’s on eBay, right?

“They said it really loud, they said it on the air on the radio.”

(image from cominghome interiors)

Posted in Vintage on October 29, 2007

Nym?lle Art Faience H?yrup

Nym?lle Art Faience H?yrup – say that in one breathe! I just love little scenes of European villages, so when Gosia sent me her shop updates recently, I had to buy this Nym?lle Art Faience H?yrup cup and saucer. I knew nothing about the origin of this set…

Then Sia told me that she recently purchased the same set after hearing about it over on Leslie’s beautiful blog. Suddenly, thanks to fellow bloggers, I’ve learned so much more about my new little cup and saucer from Gosia.

Tip: If you love this pattern, a simple search for “H?yrup” on ebay will yield TONS of beautiful vintage Danish ceramics, so have fun looking for some H?yrup of your own. It’s all so lovely, great patterns, totally sweet for tea and cookies on a rainy afternoon like today. I just won a buy it now auction over at eBay and now have a second set to accompany the one I paid $24 for at Gosia’s wonderful shop. This time, I won the set for $9, so I’m thrilled and have hopes that I can perhaps complete my collection (I’m hoping to have 4-6 of each) with the help of eBay. It’s so pretty!

{update: I just completed my set of 4 on ebay, I found some buy it now auctions, so I purchased 3 sets for $20! There are more buy it now auctions on these, so scoop them up quickly!}

(images from gosia)

Posted in Etsy Faves, Vintage on September 11, 2007

Blue Bell Bazaar

Gosia told me about all the new things in her etsy store today, but this owl had me at hello. What a cutie, and somewhat Adler-esque, don’t you think? I totally picture this in Lena Corwin’s living room… :) This owl is by Royal Dux Bohemia, so you know it’s a nice piece and worth the $78 price tag.

I just purchased these Rosenthal horse plates from her, only $24 for 6! But not for dining, for displaying on the wall. I think they’d look great in my kitchen so why not. Even if they don’t work, I can always use them for entertaining or sell them to a client.

I appreciate that Gosia has an etsy store offering vintage stuff because I’m always on the look out for pieces that are unique but also have a strong sense of history and of course, are well made. I hope more rise up and sell great vintage things on etsy because I really think the site could use more variety in offerings.

Visit Blue Bell Bazaar and mark her as a favorite because she shops flea markets a lot so there’s always a nice find in her store. Thanks Gosia for the tip!

(images from blue bell bazaar)

Posted in Etsy Faves, Vintage on August 14, 2007


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