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In my last post about wallpaper I included a link to some samples that were framed as art. Did you click on that to see more? Okay good. Now to show you a fabric snip as art. This is by the lovely blogger and illustrator, Ishtar Olivera, who is from Spain and has framed a piece of Heather Ross fabric.

It’s the simple things I like to highlight here sometimes because they can be done in minutes and don’t require complicated instructions because some projects are just too time consuming when you need a quick decorating fix. Try framing some wallpaper, greeting cards, stamps, old photos from flea markets, doilies, scrapbook paper or fabric this weekend. It’s so easy, I guarantee you will like the results. I’ve framed fabric and stamps in the past, it is very, very easy. You can even frame found items like buttons and leaves. Get creative, grab a frame, and see what you can do!

(image: ishtar olivera)

Posted in diy, walls on December 04, 2009

Wallpaper at TapetenAgentur

Pattern! Pattern! Pattern! I really like this German wallpaper and wall decal distributor that Frau Mayer and Cat recently blogged, TapetenAgentur, for many reasons… It has an option to view the site in English (yay!) which is quite impressive. I also appreciate that they ship all over Europe, making their papers more accessible. I’m not sure if they ship abroad but you can certainly email them to inquire: info(at)

Wallpaper at TapetenAgentur

These would be really great for kids or the young at heart. Sweet squirrels!

Wallpaper at TapetenAgentur

A little too busy for me, but in rooms that are spare, I can imagine using them.Especially the pattern over the blue sofa. That’s so beautiful!

Wallpaper at TapetenAgentur

I love the pale gray paper shown above, it looks gorgeous as if it were stitched by hand. I can see this in many rooms, especially a living room or bedroom. I don’t know if pink or blue are for me, but the gray…oh yes. Understated elegance with a touch of handmade.

I also appreciate their selection of papers, as you can see the diverse range is incredible and the photos on their site are just great. And did I mention that you can order samples that are large enough to frame or craft with in case you don’t end up ordering the actual paper? (Alina did this which looks sweet in her apartment. Clever recycling.) Of course, they charge for them but only a few Euros per sample. What makes them different than a paper company in your home town is that they have access to some lines that you may not be able to find locally like Deborah Bowness, Pip Studio and Aimée Wilder.

Wallpaper at TapetenAgentur

All six of these patterns are personal favorites — I would consider them for my own home. Above all, I think they’d be perfect for commercial spaces like shops and cafes.

Rosita is one of my favorite patterns (shown bottom left above white sofa with pink pillow) — I really like it’s strength — it stands on its own! I actually want to order it for a local cafe/bakery that just opened. You should see it, it’s in the most beautiful old building with soaring ceilings, old wooden floors, and massive windows with transoms that are rounded on top… oh it’s amazing in there. But the huge problem is the decoration. It’s so, so bad. Tacky doesn’t even fit, it’s not so much tacky as snooze fest boring. And I feel sad to even say anything negative about a new business but it’s really true. And not just my opinion because what does one opinion matter? You see others have whispered about it too. And as a result, they are getting little business despite their perfect location (directly in front of a busy bus stop!) and lovely sweets.

I’ve been toying with the idea of approaching them and saying, “Look, I’ll work for free just let me help you! With three simple changes you will see more traffic in this place”. First, that pendant needs to be replaced with something huge and dramatic (I could find something reasonably priced at Habitat or IKEA), the Rosita wallpaper needs to be installed on the back wall as a focal point, and you must play great music in here because none at all is boring me to tears!

And okay, I may not stop there. I’d also suggest products to add because currently they have what everyone else is selling so they certainly do not stand out. They need to sell some things that are new to this area, so customers know that they are the cafe where such and such is sold. I’d suggest inexpensive IKEA shelves to install on the wall to place the products to give it more style. Teas from Paris come to mind and perhaps some Scandinavian ceramics and a few Dutch things as well. I want to help them save their budding bakery but their current presentation and products will most certainly sink them… it’s so sterile and tacky with bad dark brown bookcases that are too short and too far from the walls and everything just screams 1985 in a very bad way. Would this be too bold? I don’t speak German fluently, if I did I think I’d walk in and do it — just lay out my plans on their counter and tell them “Do this, save your business!”. he he.

What would you do? And remember I do not speak fluent German…

(images: tapentenagentur)

Posted in walls on December 04, 2009

Shanon Gass Photography

Looking for a little special something? If you’ve been reading for awhile then you already know that I’m a fan of the photography of Shanon Gass of My Fine Garden. Not only does she have a lovely aesthetic and is a complete natural but as a person she takes the cake — she’s a genuinely nice lady who is warm and charming. We’ve exchanged emails and are somewhat penpals and I really enjoy our notes — they’re meaningful and encouraging. I feel so lucky to meet and maintain friendships with so many good people like Shanon. And speaking of good…

Shanon Gass Photography

If you’d like to add a photo of hers to your home or would like to give one as a gift to a special person, she is offering readers a promotional offer until December 13. Visit her shop here and purchase any photo and you’ll get a second one for 1/2 off! Just enter “PNSHoliday” in the note to sellers box.

My favorite: taken saved (love!)

(images: shanon gass)

Posted in walls on December 01, 2009

Sacred Lotus Photography

Have you heard of photographer and blogger Nicolle Null of Sacred Lotus Photography in Portland, Oregon? She lives and works there with her husband Chris and their little boy and is working hard to become a full-time photographer supporting herself through her work. It’s a tough market and a competitive field, but I have great faith in Nicolle and that she’ll be able to sail along just fine because well… just look at soft and graceful work, how can she not succeed? Especially with all of us supporting her!

Sacred Lotus Photography

Sacred Lotus Photography

Sacred Lotus Photography

Shooting with either a vintage polaroid sx-70 using 600 & 779 film or her trusty Nikon D300, her photos are certainly very lovely and feel cozy and relaxed — don’t you think? I found out about her work through Victoria who wrote to me to share her photos with me. Thank you, Victoria for the introduction and yes you are right — I do like her work very, very much!

You can purchase photographs from her at her big cartel store if you’re interested too!

Psst: Nicolle is on Flickr, too.

(images: nicolle null)

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