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New York Style Tin Ceilings Can Be Yours

Nothing wrong with a little “fake it ’til ya make it!”… I wrote about 10 ideas for realistic wallpapers last June but now I have another great wallpaper called Brooklyn Tins to share since Piet Hein Eek and NLXL have teamed up with Parisian design store Merci (store tour here), to create a gorgeous line of faux wallpapers (or fauxpaper as I like to call them) that are now available to purchase. These photo-realistic papers are based on Victorian press-tin ceilings that were so popular in Victorian New York and are digitally printed onto non-woven paper and look astoundingly realistic. You can find them over at the Wallpaper Collective in the US and Rockett St George in the UK.

Brooklyn Tins

I was especially intrigued to learn more about pressed tin and so after a little digging, I learned that it was first introduced to North America as a lower priced option to the plasterwork used in Europe and became quite the ‘trend’ to have pressed tin ceilings during the Victorian era since Americans craved more extravagant, detail-rich interiors. In fact, when you go into a NYC apartment (or property anywhere in the states) and see original pressed tin ceilings, it’s only natural that you’d go a little weak in the knees as it’s highly sought after among those who love vintage, original decorative details. If you’d like to deepen your design education concerning tin ceilings, try reading this.


I first started thinking about vintage tins as being a bit more special than usual when I was in Soho this past March working with photographer Debi Treloar because she had said that she loved the tin ceilings in the apartment where we were working and that it was very, “American”. I hadn’t thought of tin ceilings as being very American until now – I had assumed they were once all the rage in Europe too – but apparently not.

These wallpapers are so creative and fun – would love to see them applied to ceilings but also to walls – just lovely!

What do you think? Would you decorate with them? Where do you think they’d work?

(images: wallpaper collection and rockett st george)

Posted in walls on September 17, 2012

DIY: Art Border

Hello and happy Friday! This idea is in my upcoming book in the home of a British photographer, but I came across something like it in the September issue of Couch magazine, a super fab German mag dedicated to fashion and home, and simply had to share it! The idea is very simple so you may see it and wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that!?”, because it’s truly a very easy trick for displaying art yet it feels quite fresh and interesting to look upon. See for yourself…

Great art display idea

This is art displayed in a single row to create almost a “border” above a table, sofa, bed… Anything and everything. I haven’t seen this trick used that much but I think it has the potential of really catching on and sticking around. You select your favorite works and simple line them up and secure to the wall. But of course, you do have to have some type of game plan to make it work because rarely can these decorating ideas be thrown together without some thought.

To make an Art Border work, try some of my styling tips below:

  • Choose work according to a theme – nature, geometric, color, travel destinations, black and white only, sephia only, etc.
  • Hang art so that the centers line up – not the bottoms or tops (though you can experiment) but I like the centers in line as it feels less chaotic.
  • Place work side by side, touching, without space. If you are using objects, you can give them some breathing room but space them closely and evenly apart. Again, you want consistency not chaos.
  • If using only art, opt for either framed or without frames so that there is some consistency.
  • If you decide to use objects and art make sure you have some kind of them going on to link them together.
  • If you go with frames, try to make them all the same or have them be the same shape (I’d avoid circles/ovals) and then paint them in favorite colors that work with the art.

What a fun idea!

Would you try this at home? I totally will!

(image: photo taken by me of couch magazine.)

Posted in walls on September 07, 2012

Deborah Bowness: New Wallpaper

Hello dear friends and a very happy Friday to you! I am still on a month long summer pause so I’m not officially back to blogging again, but I miss you so I thought to check in and say hi.

Deborah Bowness: New Wallpaper

I also thought to have a little fun so I posted a self-sponsored contest over on my Instagram account if you want to go there and check it out – you’ll need to login to Instagram and look for me (@decor8) and you will see a photo announcing a contest to win a very special item. Here is a link on Followgram so you can see what it is, but you have to login to Instagram for the full skinny. :)

Deborah Bowness: New Wallpaper

So here I am popping in with two posts today, one from me and the other from my lovely columnist in Paris who will post immediately following this one (stay tuned, it’s lovely and inspired by the color yellow!). This post is to show the next collection from Deborah Bowness, via her publicist Lucy, who wrote in to show me her latest wallpapers that will launch at Tent London. It can be hung alone or in a series to cover an entire wall.

Deborah Bowness: New Wallpaper

Deborah Bowness: New Wallpaper

About Ms. Bowness: Deborah grew up in a village on the outskirts of York, England. She graduated from Leeds College of Art & Design in 1997 with a BA (Hons) in surface pattern & textile design. Over the years, Deborah has been commissioned to design wallpapers for a wide variety of clients including Polydor, Lacroix, Reebok, Paul Smith and Selfridges. Deborah’s contribution to the industry has been noted in a number of publications. ‘The Papered Wall’ by Lesley Hoskins, ‘Wallpaper History Review’ by Christine Woods and ‘Wallpaper in Interior Decoration’ by Gill Saunders are amongst them. Deborah is now working with her sister, Leigh. In a studio over-looking the sea, in St Leonards, on the South coast of England. In a small factory near York, in the north of England, Deborah’s wallpapers are produced and dispatched to destinations across the world.

Deborah Bowness: New Wallpaper

Deborah Bowness: New Wallpaper

Deborah Bowness: New Wallpaper

She is exhibiting at Tent London from 20-23 September 2012 at The Old Truman Brewery.

Gorgeous, quirky, fun!

(images: deborah bowness)

Posted in walls on August 24, 2012

Marthe Armitage Wallpaper

I first found out about London-based artist Marthe Armitage a few years ago but when I saw her work in a hotel in London I nearly fell down. I love what she does and thought you might too. Here is a snap that I took with my iPhone to show it in-situ to whet your appetite, the rest I’ve combed from other sources on the web. Enjoy!

Marthe Armitage

Marthe creates and hand prints her wallpapers using lino blocks in her Chiswick studio and now I’m wondering if this means I can eventually see it in person and watch her in action? I have to look this up to see if she even welcomes a studio tour. I find watching people doing their thing incredibly inspiring. Here are some of my favorite wallpaper patterns from her collection.

Marthe Armitage

Marthe Armitage

You can buy these gorgeous papers over at Hamilton Weston.

Marthe Armitage

Marthe Armitage

At beautiful Liberty in London.

Marthe Armitage
Marthe Armitage

Wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL.

Marthe Armitage
Marthe Armitage
Marthe Armitage

Marthe Armitage

Now I totally want this print in my home!

(images: first photo from me, all other photos via Elle Decor, Plus Mood, Charlotte Minty, and lovely Paul Massey.)

Posted in walls on May 30, 2012


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