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Elisabeth Dunker {krakatoa print}

More Scandinavian love for you today! This lively print is the latest Elisabeth Dunker creation and it’s just wonderful. It features a 1950’s color palette combined with illustrations of volcanos, bears, mountains and other unexpected things and it’s called Krakatoa. The work is inspired by Hokusai, HC Andersen and Tove Jansson. I’ve mentioned Elisabeth on decor8 before, you may recall her Str?ssel fabric that I picked up at ?hl?ns in Stockholm back in October; she’s such a talented lady.

You can pre-order Krakatoa directly from the Little Red Stuga online for $35 USD. Thanks Emma for the great tip!

(image from elisabeth dunker)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, walls on January 08, 2008

Trace My Face + Etsy Love

Found this lovely etsy store called Trace My Face from designer Traci Edwards via new blog Etsy Love. I thought it would be a nice shop for you to discover as we head off into the weekend (yay!). Traci has lots of feminine prints that would fit in so well with our whole Boho theme today…

And a warm welcome to new blogger Nicole who will focus her blog on Etsy, from her finds to how to use the site and shop ownership. I can’t wait to see what she finds from one of our favorite sites. Nicole is also an etsy store owner (Crafty Devils), which I think only adds to her voice of a blogger because she knows both sides of the biz. Congrats Nicole!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I’m signing off until Monday. Tomorrow I’ll be shaking in my boots with the Boston Globe, they mentioned today that they’ll have a photographer in tow while I take them shopping, so it’s time to freak out boys and girls. I never expected the new year to start like this. I’ll let you know how it goes on Monday – maybe I can turn the camera on them and take a few shots around town showing you the stores we hit, etc. Wish me luck and I’ll meet you back here in a few… Happy Weekend!

(images from trace my face)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, etsy, walls on January 05, 2008

Equivoque {photography}

Sometimes the best school is the old school, especially in the case of the Polaroid. Though I won’t be handing in my digital camera anytime soon, there’s still something about the raw untouched-by-Photoshop appeal, their often faded colors and that sweet little off-centered square format that keeps me coming back for more. Or perhaps it’s the feeling of nostalgia since it was the first camera I got my hands on as a child and much to my mother’s display I’d burn through all of the film in the back seat of our car long before we arrived at our vacation spot.

To some, the Polaroid is dated technology that’s fun to play around with but nothing more. For others it’s about producing images that evoke an emotion and over time creates an audience and a way to earn a living. A network and Unix systems administrator by day and a photographer and poet by night, Elinor Scott-Sutter of Equivoque has a body of work that is revealing, sensitive, and absolutely stunning. I can’t take my eyes off of these images above, the lighting is absolute perfection and the faded tones give them such a vintage flavor. I know someone who needs to quit her day job… Elinor… :) What an eye, I look forward to watching her shop updates to see what she’ll do next.

(images from equivoque)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, walls on December 21, 2007

Kat Heyes {owls}

Seriously friends of owls and woodland creatures, how cute are these from Kat Heyes? Oh yes, very…

Aw so sweet. Discovered via Danielle who works at Etsy. Great find, Danielle!

(images from kat heyes)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, etsy, walls on December 07, 2007


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