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Tsk Tsk {Australia}

I think all this exposure to Australian artists via Etsy has been a great learning experience for me, as I’d not been exposed to design down under much at all until design blogs and etsy popped up.

I love the crafts and art from this beautiful country, I’m always searching Etsy for Aussie artists because I am drawn to their design aesthetic every time – it’s so modern and fresh. One shop I check often is Tsk Tsk, have you heard of it? This lady is crazy for Russian nesting dolls, she features them in nearly all of her work lately and I love seeing how she translates a popular design motif into art, cushions, and other cutie things. I first heard about her last summer and have enjoyed watching her online adventures with Etsy grow and prosper.


(images from tsk tsk)

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Katrin was born and raised in the former German Democratic Republic, still living there in beautiful Dresden, Germany where she loves to paint and take photos. Inspired by music and the “most impressive pictures I keep in my mind until I wake up”, Katrin translates what it’s her mind onto paper, selling them as prints in her etsy store called SeaSprayBlue. Best part, I don’t think this girl has been blogged before, so if you’re a blogger, you have to spread the word. She’s awesome.

I just love her work, it’s really modern and playful, each picture with a little story to tell. Aren’t these the best? If I had a little retail store (don’t we all dream of owning a darling little shop in a great neighborhood), I would carry her work, all of it — and if I had enough walls, I’d own it all too!

Katrin, we love your work! And for those of you here in Europe, you can visit her Dawanda shop, too.

(images from seasprayblue)

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Lush Bella

I was so thrilled to hear from Kerry at Lush Bella over the weekend, she took the time to write a heartfelt email about her creative journey fueled by her participation online via blogs and flickr. I appreciate her story because I identify with parts of it, and I think you will too. I’ll share some of her words below. But first, let’s look at her lovely prints from her new etsy shop.

[“I was just thinking of you and I wanted to just take a moment and write to you and tell you how your post about my “artsy walls” started me on a journey that has led to some wonderful things. It gave me the impetus to finally design and launch a website of my jewelry. This somehow led me to flickr, which I am now head over heels with. Whereas before, our digital camera just sat in a camera bag, now I can’t stop taking pictures, and am even selling prints on etsy. Along with all of this, I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting so many creative and inspiring people, such as yourself.” – Kerry]

It’s exciting to read about the paths people are finding online, taking various ones to find their creative voice, reach goals, and live a more creative life. I see time and time again how blogs and sites like Flickr are playing a huge role in all of this, fueling passions and allowing for so many to learn new things, gain exposure, make contacts, find good friends, even support themselves financially or help them cope with health problems such as depression. It’s all an organic process that I love to watch unfold for both my friends and myself. Doors start swinging open the moment you put yourself out there and tell people who you are and what you want. I love hearing that Kerry has found her spot online.

I think her prints are gorgeous, I really like all the things that she collects, artfully arranges, and then photographs, everything is so delicate and special. I can tell Kerry is a very sensitive and kind person through both her words and her photos, not to mention extremely talented with a great eye for color and composition. Thanks for writing in Kerry and sharing your story and congratulations on your new etsy store!

Psst: Peek into Kerry’s beautiful living room here or view her submission to our mood board contest here.

(images from lush bella)

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Reader Q: German Tapete – Help!

Cry for help from Germany! I hope that those of you tuning in from Deutschland and other countries where installing thick tapete (wallpaper) is common in rentals can help. For those of you unfamiliar with tapete, in Germany you are not allowed to paint directly on the walls, but you can paint on this thick textured paper called tapete. Yeah, really. I think most that rent in Germany hate this stuff.

All the tapete I’ve come across is textured, which makes it a pain if you prefer the look of a smooth surface like I do. Reader Juliette recently relocated to Germany from the Boston area and absolutely hates it. She painted it a pretty blue, but she’s not keen on the texture and is curious if she could apply wall decals on it to give it life. From my experience with textured anything, you cannot apply decals to it as they will not adhere.

I do have a question to all you Germans in the haus. Is tapete available without texture? Certainly it must be. I’d hate to think otherwise, as I can’t bear textured walls with paint, I agree with Juliette when she said in her email, “It’s just something I really hate hate hate!”.

Although at a distance, it’s not so obvious…

Juliette asked for help decorating her living room, if you’re up for it. You can view the apartment that she’ll be occupying for the next two years on flickr.

Her challenge room is the living room. Since they’ve had to start at zero when they relocated, bringing almost nothing with them from Boston, they’ve already spent their bank account on all the necessary things, and since they can’t afford Habitat right now, IKEA is their only option. Juliette is scared that her home will soon take on the look of an IKEA catalog, so she needs some advice on ways she can warm it up and add personality without breaking the bank.

This is what her space looks like today. Some points to consider:

1- The green sofa will be relocated to their office when they have the money to purchase a new one. In other words, don’t design the room around the sofa, it’s not staying. Any advice on what color sofa she should go with?
2- The lamp and coffee table need replaced since she doesn’t think they work. Any tips?
3- The chairs… Any advice? They are really comfortable so Juliette hates to toss them.
4- She loves the rug but it “only covers half the floor and we need to cover the whole floor (long story) and I’m not sure what would be in harmony with it and not divide the room in half. It would fit perfectly in the office, which is where it will likely end up as well. I wish we could just super-size the rug since I really love it with the blue and it pulls in an old look that I adore.”
5 – She plans to place the map shown below over the sofa.

Do you have some advice for Juliette? What would you do if this apartment belonged to you? I’ll chime in as well here are my first thoughts:

Relocate the rug to the office and use the map as inspiration for the color palette. Blues, greens, creams, and a bit of mustard yellow as your accent color. I’d love to see you play around with the current floor plan, move the sofa to the wall facing us in the photo.

I can imagine a textured rug on the floor (maybe the Tarnby or the Indo Berber), curtains that aren’t so dark and heavy – opt for something light and bright, and I’d keep the sofa table and chairs and put your money into a rug and sofa — those are most critical in my eyes. The table can be dressed up with a tray, some books and accessories, or you can paint it, and the chairs with a few throw pillows in fun patterns.

Add texture to the space with pillows, a soft blanket, a natural basket beneath the coffee table with magazines stacked neatly. Add candles for soft light, perhaps sconces on the wall or candles on a floating shelf, find a lamp with a shade that is linen or perhaps faux bois or in a soft pretty pattern. Think relaxing, calm, warm. Your walls read very cool right now, so you need to add texture to the space and a few warmer tones to balance things out so that during the cold winter months, you wil want to hang out in this space.

View more apartment photos here.

(images from juliette)

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