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ixxi: Make Your Own Wallpaper, Art + Room Dividers

This amazing press kit just arrived in my mailbox and I can’t stop thinking of the things that one could do with a product like ixxi! This hasn’t been blogged anywhere yet so I’m so proud to give everyone a first peek at this amazing new product. I have to thank my friend Yvonne for sending it to me, she has been working on this ixxi project for awhile now and it’s finally been released and I love it. Here is glimpse to whet your appetite. I. LOVE. THIS.

Dutch company, ixxi, is so innovative and I love the things that you can do with their x’s to connect their cards that you can either upload and design yourself OR find images in their online image bank to create your own art, wallpaper and room dividers. Here are a ton of gorgeous visuals that will no doubt get your wheels turning – I adore this idea and can’t wait to try it out with some of my own photographs.

What is ixxi? “ixxi is a modular connecting system. With x’s and i’s you can make your own photo enlargement or photo collage in any format possible.”

How do I ixxi? “Create your personal ixxi using the easy online module, or select an image from the ixxi imagebank (art and photography). Upload your photos and choose how large your photo enlargement or photocollage should be.”

Does ixxi offer cutout patterns or something transparent, for instance? Yes! “ixxi has designed a collection of (interior) products with the use of alternative materials, modular patterns and graphic imagination.”

Does ixxi also work with companies on projects? Yes, yes, yes! See examples here.

…And — THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE — so no one can get upset at them! Or me! :)

(images: ixxi)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, walls on May 16, 2011

Butterfly Graphics From Blik

Christy Flora is an artist with a degree in Art and Design from the University of Chicago and she is a greeting card and stationery designer. Her greeting cards and stationery have been sold nationwide in small boutiques and in leading department stores such as Barneys NY. As part of her work, she makes hand-drawn, hand-cut and hand-colored paper butterflies and they inspired her new Flutter wall decal collection over at Blik. Christy is known for her whimsical illustrations and has been a long time collaborator for Blik because her clean colorful lines and happy imagery works beautifully when translated into wall decals which is their specialty.





“What I love about Flutter is the sense of movement the butterflies bring to a space,” said Christy. “I rarely see butterflies, but when I do, they bring me an unexpected moment of joy. With Flutter, I’ve brought one of the most beautiful parts of nature indoors and in turn (I hope) a smile to someone’s face.” What a sweet thought. I like how you can apply these decals however you would like on the wall as well so you can be creative with the arrangement of them.

I’m fascinated by the process of how makers translate their ideas into products and then, those products evolve into other ideas and products and well… it’s all quite magical to behold isn’t it?

(images: blik)

Posted in walls on March 09, 2011

The Framed Objects

I discovered these great wall objects from The over on Joy’s blog this morning and found the vase particularly fascinating. I’d love something like this on the wall in my kitchen for flowers as I find that kitchens can often lack that certain softness and charm due to all of the shiny, smooth surfaces…



This is such a great vase and a fantastic idea — you could even use them in a row of 3 for a hallway or with two above and two below over a fireplace mantel. You could even put them on an office wall and instead of flowers, paint a bouquet of rulers or hand craft some flowers using pipe cleaners and fabric. Being creative at home is so much fun!

On another note, aren’t these anti-theft lunch bags a riot!? I love the things that The makes, they are so witty and fresh!

(images: the.)

Posted in walls on October 12, 2010

Ferm Living

This is product styling perfection in my book. It’s gorgeous. I love seeing wallpaper coming out of a typewriter — so unique. But then again, I’m not surprised as Ferm Living is one of the most inspirational home decor company out there today. Love them!

Ferm Living

Here are some more lovely shots from Ferm that I think are quite pretty, too. And look at all of these gorgeous knit vessels and gold and white cups and, and, AND! Just look already! :)

Ferm Living

Ferm Living

Ferm Living

I can’t wait to wallpaper my new home, I’m definitely buying some rolls of paper from them and installing it in my bedroom and possibly in the entry or hallway, too. And when I’m finished, I will definitely share the results here on decor8.


(image: ferm living)

Posted in walls on August 24, 2010


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