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P Van b

P van b is a ultra haute, somewhat risque collection of contemporary wallpaper established by Berlin based wallpaper designer Andrea P??nicker. It’s baroque gone wild! P van b carries lush wallpaper, stationary, home accessories, and an uber hip line of yummy clothing.
Aren’t you at least slightly intriqued by wallaper with names like wowhaus neon, rich bit*ch, dutch pomp, lady light and true grace? Some of the wallpaper is slightly erotic (see above photo, look carefully), which I’m not daring enough to rock in my own space, but the sophiticated bold takes on traditional baroque prints – right up my alley! I can so see this hanging in trendy salons and boutiques here in the states. I’m waiting to see who picks up the line over here, any predictions? I’ll be in Berlin this summer, so I have to add this one to my list so I can report back to you my first hand experience of naughty little P Van b. I can’t wait to discover what’s new in Berlin, I haven’t been in a few years. So much to share with you this summer, I can’t wait!

(photos from P Van b)

Posted in shopping, travel, walls on February 24, 2006

Cole and Son

I was really hoping wallpaper would be considered “in” again. It was so hard to not see texture and patterns on walls anymore, unless it was (gasp) in the form of ivy leaf stencils around the frames of doors (shrug) or floral borders in mauve.

Cole and Son from the UK has been making wallpaper for ages, since 1875 to be exact. They’ve papered the walls of homes everywhere, from Buckingham Palace to the White House. Some of their machinery dates back to 1900, which they still use in their factory. They have a collection of over 4,000 wood blocks, some that are still used on a daily basis. They flock, screen, and print some of the most dazzling wallpaper in the world, and now, with their contemporary designs, they’re certain to capture the hearts of hip urban designers more and more right here in the states. Their graphic post WWII patterns are lovely. They actually realized that they needed to get hip and decided to recreate some of their designs from 1955. Revamped and ready to roll, here’s some patterns that I love and hope you will enjoy, too.

What do you think about it, are you open to the whole wallpaper resurrection for modern homes? Where do you see it in your own space?

(images from cole and son)

Posted in walls on February 17, 2006

2 Jane

The March issue of Glamour magazine just arrived, and I spotted this really lacy vinyl adhesive that you can actually peel and stick to your wall – not just windows – and it’s in bright blue! It’s so nice. You have to grab the March issue and turn to page 288. It’s displayed behind the white sofa. Love it!

You can find the lacy adhesive stuff shown above at 2 Jane, along with the fun pixel pattern show below. The other 3 photos are sample shots of wallpaper they carry too. It would be nice to wallpaper one wall in your entryway or a wall behind your dining room table, just to give the room a focal point and add some pattern without going overboard.

I love all these new options in wall treatments – finally, the days of boring pottery barn painted walls – fading quickly! Americans are getting fresh and funky with vibrant patterns and colors for the home. It’s fun to see primary colors, like blues and reds, surfacing again, too. Happy colors for a happy home. Love love love it!

adhesive firm for walls and windows, in various colors (not just white!)

(all photos from 2 Jane.)

Posted in walls on February 04, 2006

Wallwords + Wonderful Graffiti

Last summer, my client expressed that she wanted her living room to feel very Parisian. An owner of a French theme coffee shop, and a frequent visitor of Paris, she wanted to recreate a relaxed elegance in her space to mimic the unique ambiance that is Paris. She also adores quotes, and was quite obsessed about having them all over her house, preferably in every room. We finally agreed on one elegant quote, in French, over a guild gold mirror displayed above her fireplace mantel. I then hibernated for a few days like most designers, looking for the perfect quote resource outside of hiring an artist to hand-paint something for her. After researching countless magazines, thinking I’d never find anything, viola! mission accomplished, I discovered Wallwords. Upon viewing their website, I quickly contacted a distributor and together we selected the perfect font style, color, and size using photographs and measurements of the clients’ space. In the meantime, my client spent days trying to figure out the exact quote she wanted. After days of indecision, she decided on the perfect quote. Within days, it arrived promptly, was effortless to install (20 minutes) and cost a mere $55 (including s+h). Best of all – it looked quite amazing. Wallwords do not stain or destroy your walls, a blessing for renters, because they peel right off when you vacate your space. They’re also great for homeowners that decide to repaint the walls or ditch the quote altogether – simply peel it off! I never thought I’d say this about press-on words, but Wallwords are absolutely stunning because they look hand-painted. I recently came across another removable typography company called Wonderful Graffiti. They specifically target interior designers by advertising in Interior Design and in the American Society of Interior Designer’s Icon magazine (where I found them). They also have professional typographers on staff to help customers customize the Graffiti to their space and been featured in several magazines and in the news. I’ve never dealt with them personally, so I can only suggest Wallwords since I’m aware of their final product, but I’m sure Wonderful Graffiti is worth looking into.

You never know, maybe you’ll be the next to install, “Eat Ice Cream and Run Naked” in your space, in French of course. Which is, by the way, what my client selected. Yes, I’m dead serious.
(photo: Wonderful Graffiti)

Posted in walls on January 09, 2006


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