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Alli Coate

Pretty up your office with Alli Coate, a RISD student in Providence, Rhode Island. She makes some of the best thumb tacks for your inspiration board ever.

Her product shots are great, a good example of how important it is to snap pretty photos for your etsy store! Work a little styling magic into whatever it is that you’re selling and you’ll see a boost in sales for sure. This girl blogs as well, so check out her inspirations here.

(images from alli coate)

Posted in etsy, workspace on August 13, 2007

Shim + Sons

Lena got me thinking about linen today, and then I came across these linen covered organizers with deep pockets from Shim and Sons.

I think these would look so pretty on the wall in a work space to showcase all the things that inspire you at the moment. I love the simplicity here. Lena is so right, things really do look lovely against linen. Have you ever tried selecting a surface and with your camera, styling objects against it to see what you can come up with like Lena did? Mini studies like this can be a lot of fun, why not try it sometime?

(images from shim + sons)

Posted in inspiration, textiles, workspace on June 18, 2007

Urban Outfitters Offices in Philadelphia

You never know who is reading your blog… The other day, I wrote about A Stitch in Time, an informative image packed article in the May issue of Metropolis magazine featuring the Urban Outfitters corporate campus. To my delight, the architect and design team on that project, Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd, contacted me offering images to show decor8 readers. Located in Philadelphia’s navy yard in 5 historic industrial buildings, this office space is exquisite. With that being said, enjoy the tour below. For more images, click here to view a mini slide show I’ve created.

Haven’t we all had dreams of working amidst larger than life balls of yarn, sitting in beautiful chairs, and passing by a wall loaded with buttons?

This is a super creative environment where I think anyone could blossom, look at this place! You’ll have to excuse me, it’s just that I get excited about office space, as it was a huge part of my former life managing facilities and working on space redesigns and I often think about it in my sleep, still. But wow, look at this space, not only are the buildings spectacular, but I love the overall flow and how spacious it feels, it’s like a city within a city. I also like how they’ve carved out all of these creative spaces where groups can congregate to chat and that the work areas are clustered together with low wall cubicles or no wall at all. It gives one a sense of belonging to a group, a team, vs. being stuffed into high wall cubicles and isolated from those you’re working with.

For me, the greatest lure is that an old, abandoned property was transformed and reused for a new purpose instead of either sitting there and slowly falling apart or worse, bulldozed. Urban Outfitters brought new life into an otherwise dead navy yard. It’s so important to reinvent a space intended for a different purpose in a new, creative way. Firehouses and old schools are now condos in many neighborhoods as are houses of worship. It’s such a smart way to go. And, as these pictures show, no one had to sacrifice because it’s much more impressive because of its bones and history.

Thank you Ligeia for the images! For more views of this space, click here to view a mini slide show.

(images from MS&R. photography by lara swimmer.)

Posted in inspiration, shopping, workspace on May 17, 2007

Reader Q: Stylish Rolodex?

Lindsay S. from Penny People wrote in looking for a stylish rolodex. Can you help her out?

“I’m a “paper” girl so tend to like to hold on to business cards that come my way, but I’m having a hard time finding a nice looking rolodex. I found this one but it’s sold out, and I can’t find something just as “designer-friendly”. Everything out there is so — Blah. Pottery Barn has one, but it seemed impractical as you couldn’t slip in business cards. More style than function… Have you come across stylish desk accessories like a rolodex?” – Lindsay

Lindsay, I swear by Pepperpot books from See Jane Work. I file all of my biz cards in mine; I actually have two, one is personal – doctors, lawyers, friends, family, and the other is for my biz contacts. The best part, besides how pretty they are, is that these books are small and easy to throw in a bag if I need to work away from my office. See Jane Work has a standard rolodex that is much nicer than those from the office supply store, too.

Anyone have some great rolodex resources for Ms. Lindsay? We’d love to hear about them if you do! :)

(images from see jane work and pottery barn)

Posted in reader questions, workspace on April 20, 2007


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