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Pottery Barn Lust

Yeah, there I’ve said it. I lust after some things at Pottery Barn. Not all but definitely some. Like you, I pick and choose from a variety of stores. But I’m loving lots of stuff in the PB organizing + office category because I have this office obsession lately — it’s all I think about. I guess it has to do with the feeling of want. You know, when you’re single you want the partner. When you’re a secretary you want the promotion. When you are a blogger you want the readers. And when you are working from your dining room table (me) you want the office space. So this is my desire-of-the-moment. An office space to call my own. What is currently hot on your want list?

Pottery Barn Storage

I dream of nooks and corners and windows to hang things in and a wall for my inspiration board. But I refuse to be one of those who are miserable while they wait. Instead, I’m collecting my inspirations so that once I do have an office, I will know exactly what to order to furnish it and make it my own. And then when it is finished, I will show you how it looks. When it comes to decorating ideas, my brain is on overload —  I cannot decide upon the color scheme, though I know at least 3 of the walls will be white and I’m thinking the 4th will be wallpaper or painted in a favorite solid color. I still love that accent wall trend out there and though it may die tomorrow, I’m thinking I can still rock it if I use a paper that I’m in love with.I know what I do want… plenty of storage and a bright space.

Pottery Barn Storage

Pottery Barn Storage

Pottery Barn Storage

Pottery Barn Storage

(I know this is a bedroom, but I’d love to have a storage bench in my office like this one.)

Are you currently thinking of a certain room in the home that you’d like to redecorate? Or are you, like me, looking for a new flat to live in and dreaming of all of the features you home it will have? If so, what are some features you are looking for?

I have a list that is a bit embarrassing to share with any property agent as I’m sure they’d roll their eyes and kick me out of their office. So I keep most of my “wants” in my head. But one want that I do share off the cuff is hardwood floors and enough rooms for an office and guest bedroom. I’ve never had space for a guest bedroom and want one so badly… and of course it will be a nursery if and when I decide to have children but until then it will be a guest room and I certainly will use it for guests as there is a list of people back home whom I’d love to have over for a visit. I don’t want to live large or anything, but I do want to stay where I move next so I’m thinking ahead a bit. I really, really have come to hate moving so the next time I move I want to stay in my apartment for 100 years. :)

I’m off to IKEA… I need a new mattress and no doubt I’ll come home WITHOUT a mattress but a bag of things that I did not intend to buy. :) See you later on today!

(images: pottery barn)

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Milly Design Studio

Stop whatever it is that you are doing. Just stop. :) Now slowly scroll down and take in all of this gorgeousness because let me tell you, the Milly design studio of fashionista Michelle Smith as featured in the gorgeous pages of Traditional Home magazine will have you inspired.

Milly Design Studio

What a fantastic workspace, and furthermore, what gorgeous clothing — my goodness I need Michelle to make over my wardrobe quick! I want one of everything. If only my wallet would allow for such luxury. But the eye candy that is her work studio in Manhattan has my eyes bulging at the moment. That light! That space! That view! And all of that white with bright, fruity colors! Can it be that my dream studio does exist, because um… I think I just found it.

Milly Design Studio

I wanted my studio to reflect the style of Milly–clean, smart, sexy, and glamorous,” says Michelle, creator of polished designs with exuberant dashes of unexpected hues that have flattered the figures of celebrities such as Thandie Newton, Kelly Ripa, Anne Hathaway, and Beyoncé Knowles. – Traditional Home.

Well Michelle, you’ve nailed the look. From the sexy Sputnik chandelier to that fancy pants sofa, how could anyone not feel inspired in a space like this? What do you think? You can read all about Michelle’s style tips over on the Traditional Home website so please, go check it out!

(photographs: Squire Fox for Traditional Home)

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I just heard from Emily over at Schtickers who told me about two new products — blackboard & whiteboard wall Schtickers. She said that she loves to cook and thinks these would be a cute “specials board” in a kitchen or a wine and cheese list for a party. I have to agree, cute idea! You can also use them on doors, helpful for those while you were out messages.



Schtickers are easy to apply, just press them onto any smooth surface, and you can unstick and reuse them elsewhere if you move or decide to schtick it in another room. :)

(images: schtickers)

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Home Office Organizing Tips

I really enjoy the online galleries over at Real Simple, especially 21 Ideas for Organizing Your Home Office because each slide gives a helpful tip on creating a nook that not only can help you balance your checkbook but also to do other things like craft or serve as an entry table for the hallway. Spaces that can perform double duty are especially helpful for families living in small spaces or for roommates sharing an apartment. Here are four of my favorite nooks, for each one I’ve included a terrific RS organizing tip along with a tip (or two) of my own.

Real Simple Organizing Tips

A. RS says, “Stow work materials in a basket below a hallway console to transform it into a desk when needed.” Holly’s tip: Keeping chairs nearby allows for you to do a quick consult in case it’s the only space in the house that you have to meet with clients. Since desktop space is limited, you may want to opt for a wall mount light fixture and above the desk, a large mirror with the lights on each side. A mirror in the entryway is not only a great place to touch up your lipstick, but a good trick for increasing the size of the space.

B. RS says, “But a desk chair doesn’t necessarily have to look as if it means business.” Holly’s tip: Add 3 white shelves directly above this desk for a collection of pottery, some books, and a few storage containers to maximize the space. Or add a large art print centered above the desk. Add a little fun by using some gift wrap to line the desk drawers or paint them in a color that coordinates with the space. If you don’t want the standard hardware on your desk, hit Anthropologie or an antiques dealer and find something that will allow you to customize this generic desk a little more to your taste.

C. RS says, “Reclaim an unused corner by tucking in a simple desk-and-cabinet setup.” Holly’s tip: Add a built in bookcase and cabinet directly above the desk to coordinate with the cabinetry in the rest of the kitchen to take this look a step further. That way, you can free up the space under the desk for more leg room and also to make the area appear less cramped and for files and storage to be kept out of view behind cabinet doors.

D. RS says, “Make supplies easy to grab with a pegboard that displays high-use items front and center.” Holly’s tip: Add a little pattern to this space with a pretty chair cushion, a coordinating desktop screensaver (like this one) and a bouquet of fresh flowers, ideally a tiny arrangement to the left of the pencil cup or find a pencil holder and insert a small juice glass with water and secure it to the peg board for a little burst of nature.

Any tips you have based on the above photos? Play along with me! :)

(images: real simple)

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