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Paper Source Wish List

Have you checked out Paper Source lately? I threw down a chunk ‘o change there last night to satisfy my paper cravings (and to organize my office) but you know, I have no real habits — I don’t smoke, I barely drink, you’ll never find me in a nudie bar with ten dollar bills (what a visual! he he!) and I’ve cut out Starbucks (almost) from my life, I go there maybe once every two weeks vs. daily as before — so I made room in my budget for the occasional paper splurge. Justified. I feel much better. What did I buy? For one, the cat butt pencil sharpener (my word) and some PaPaYa! file folders. Here are a few others that I liked, some went into my shopping cart while others remain on my wish list for pining…

Office Update

In no order, but I assure you all are accounted for in this link list: Curry dots bracket label, the purple comp journal, paper suitcases with striped interiors (I ordered two, one in chartreuse and the other in papaya), white cat pencil sharpener, file folders with pink birds, fish letterpress cards, orange paisley thank you notes, pool cloud dots label and the holy crap eraser.

(images: paper source)

Posted in workspace on May 28, 2009

Great Display Idea From Drika.b

I talked about this lady in ‘07 but I couldn’t resist posting about her again after viewing the coolest project she’d posted on Flickr recently. Adriana Bezerra, or Drika.b as her fans know her, is a handbag designer in San Francisco by way of Brazil with the most delicious handbags with her signature jute trim. Check out the little photos of her bags that she so carefully placed on a linen board as a reminder of all the bags she’s designed since launching her collection back in late ‘06. Don’t you just love this idea? I’m swooning here…






I’m a proud owner of a Drika.b bag and whenever I wear it out I always receive a ton of flattering comments about the size and shape of it — people really seem to love (and want) it where ever I go. I almost want to keep a supply in the trunk of my car and be her east coast rep or something, it’s a riot!

Don’t you really love this display board idea though? And her perfectly neat play space? Inspiring…

(images: Adriana Bezerra)

Posted in walls, workspace on May 26, 2009

Organizing With Pretty Labels

Mer Mag consistently shares the best little things on her blog… just look at these charming labels that she created for organizing things around the house. How cute is this?

Mer Mag = Free Labels!

Mer Mag Label Freebie

You can view more and download a free PDF file to get yours and start labeling too. Fun! Don’t you just want to drop everything and organize your office right this second?!

(images from mer mag)

Posted in workspace on May 11, 2009

This Ain’t No Disco {Office Spaces Galore}

Want to see an absolutely inspirational office space in Finland? Share this post with your boss if your office happens to be draining the life out of you because honest to goodness, a nice work environment can make a huge impact on the quality of your work and therefore your life. No lie.

Trust Creative Society

A little story… when I worked in facilities I remember very clearly the increased levels of productivity and happiness when we renovated spaces from dull lifeless cube farms into hip, trendy work environments. One project involved planning a complete floor gut and build, which was exceptionally fun and challenging with 16 hour days being the norm as we all pushed through to complete the project on deadline. From ergonomics experts to designers, architects and art curators, I dealt with them all but funny this was that the experts didn’t really know what the employees really needed. In the end, the best conversations I had, the most informative, generally involved the actually employees and the ridiculous amounts of surveys we had to conduct. I regularly sat down with team leads who would gather information from their direct reports regarding space needs and communicate those back to me. Most desired to not only feel like their space supported them but that it was a place where they felt proud to call their second home.

Trust Creative Society

As I sat down with secretaries, software engineers, business analysts, graphic designers, HR specialists, it really did not matter their function — their needs were the same. They craved access to natural lighting (or at least light sources that mimicked it), access to their peers while yet maintaining some level or privacy, and mobility — they desired to be able to work anywhere on the floor whether it be their cube, an empty office, the lobby, some even liked to stand in the kitchen and use their laptop at the bar. The more I conducted these surveys and read studies, the more I felt confident that in our newly acquired space we could really meet their needs. We had access to plenty of natural light, the executive overseeing the project was keenly interested in employee mobility and the importance of community building at work, and privacy was important to him, too. In the end, after a year of planning, listening to the employees, and then building and moving, the new environment was a total success.

Trust Creative Society

The morning employees arrived in their new office space their faces were full of excitement and hope. Over the months it was noticeable that the entire morale had changed from mellow and slightly depressed to joyous and eager to get in and not so eager to leave at night as they had been before. In the former space we had this joke that the fire drill sounded everyday at 5:00 p.m. It didn’t of course, but as hundreds of employees bolted for the elevators all at once, we couldn’t help but think there was some kind of evacuation notice we’d missed. Of course, this was just a sign of very unhappy workers. Was it their job in the end that made them miserable?

Trust Creative Society

For most, no. It was their work environment. Since that time office design in America has come a long way, especially in Boston. Though still, many offices exist that do not support the employee and some go as far as to expose them to certain health risks all in the name of saving a buck. It’s sad but true. That’s why I really like this website called This Ain’t No Disco (it’s where we work), which I found via Kali’s blog. I wish it had existed back when I was working in facilities, I could have really used it for inspiration. It’s devoted to sharing good-looking creative agencies based all over the world, though I don’t think that only creative agencies should look good — all work environments should be welcoming and encourage creativity and and a sense of community in my opinion. Love this concept, what a great blog idea! You have to check it out and if you know of any space planners or facilities managers out there, share This Ain’t No Disco with them!

(images from this ain’t no disco via Trust in Finland – you must visit their website!)

Posted in workspace on May 01, 2009


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