Blog Boss

byw1eCourse Outline: Blog Boss

Instructors: Holly Becker (bio), Fiona Humberstone (bio below)

Our next Blog Boss class will run from October 10 – November 10, 2014 with all new classes outlined below – including 23+ lessons and more! Registration currently in process. This class is for all levels but best enjoyed by those who are ready to move beyond the basics. Fee non-members: $149 USD ($129 for members). This fee also covers access to our BYW Community for 12 months counting from the date of registration. Our curriculum is outlined below though it will be modified before enrollment begins to include the names of our teachers and co-teachers for this very exciting e-course!

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Core: In this class, we’ve carved out 20 amazing lessons that will not only encourage and motivate bloggers BUT we’ll help you to look at your blog with fresh new eyes as though you are your own blog Editor In Chief. From your mission to aesthetic, purpose, goal planning, marketing, creating content and more!

Work/Life Balance + Motivational Lessons:

  • Blog burn out? Turn blogging into something you love again
  • The good, the bad and the ugly: working from home and how to find balance
  • Dealing with mom guilt
  • Believe in yourself: You are ENOUGH!
  • Goal setting + ideas: How to choose and follow through
  • Ways to overcome jealousy (of other bloggers)
  • How NOT to be a copycat and how to deal with those who copy YOU

Business Lessons:

  • Case Study: 6 blogs that rock and why
  • Ideas: How to know which ideas to pursue and which ones to shelf for later
  • Planning and prioritizing your blog posts the easy way
  • How to organize all of your blogs, websites, shops, etc. so that others can easily find you online
  • Teaming up with other bloggers – things to do, things to avoid
  • Should you outsource? If so, what, why, how?

Monetization Lessons:

  • New, smart ways to make money as a blogger
  • Do not work for free or “exposure”: Here’s why!
  • Meet 6 top bloggers who are making money on their blogs – they’ll tell you how!

Writing + Marketing Lessons:

  • Finding the best story angle
  • Writing a knockout bio (and some portrait photography tips too)
  • What’s trending with blogs
  • Social media tips + tricks for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram

Branding Lessons: JUST ADDED!

  • The absolute essentials of color psychology
  • Making design decisions that reflect your style
  • Using color psychology to influence your editorial decisions so that you communicate with authenticity and consistency

+ BONUS: Free downloadable prints to keep and frame for your studio created just for you (and free access to previous prints from our other courses).


About our co-teacher, Fiona Humberstone:

Fiona Humberstone is an author, speaker and Creative Director. She has worked with small businesses for fifteen years: styling brands, creating websites and running workshops. Fiona founded one of the UK’s top design agencies for small businesses which she sold in 2012. After a lovely long sabbatical (she had a baby!) Fiona is back teaching, consulting and working on her second book, due out next Spring. There is nothing she loves more than working with small business owners to capture the essence of what makes their business unique and helping them communicate that powerfully. She is super excited to be teaching alongside Holly for Blog Boss and is very much looking forward to meeting you.