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OutlineeCourse Outline: Blog Boss

Here are some of the topics that we cover in the Blogging Your Way: Blog Boss e-course. This class is for all levels from beginner to advanced. Blog Boss will be held again in Spring 2014 and will include many new topics. Here is a glance at the most recent curriculum for Blog Boss. To stay current, all curriculums are modified before enrollment begins to ensure that we are teaching the most up-to-date topics for bloggers.

Core Lessons:
Why be a blog boss?
How to be the Editor In Chief of your blog
How to analyze and critique your blog like a magazine staff does

Work/Life Balance + Motivational Lessons:
A happy family first
How your blog can make your life more meaningful and happy
Working from home: pros and cons
Focus on what you can achieve, not what you cannot: become your personal best
Maintaining your joy and visualizing more for yourself + your blog
How to deal with blog envy, negative people and copycats

Business Lessons:
Case Study: Blogs that are great and why
Blogging for business: Planning
Blogging for business: Taxes
Blogging for business: Etiquette
Loaded with ideas? How to decide which ones to choose
Should I ask for help? The outsourcing question
Planning, prioritizing and handling unexpected surprises as a full-time blogger
Small investments that make a world of difference
How to get all of your personalities under one roof
Teaming up with others and how this can work for you

Monetization Lessons:
How your blog can earn money: Monetization and getting paid!
Going from blogger to book author
How to host workshops, meet ups, events and more

Writing + Marketing Lessons:
How to find a story angle
The importance of a good bio
Ways to develop fresh ideas that no one else has: how not to be a copycat!
Blog trends now + going forward
What every blog needs
Staying true to your own style + voice
Getting smart with your Pinterest account

+ Bonus: Interview with 5 top bloggers with tons of tips and ideas for your blog
+ Bonus content bundle for you to enjoy
+ Free downloadable print for bloggers created just for you!