Boot Camp

byw12Blogging Your Way: Boot Camp is for all levels with a heavy focus on motivating bloggers to take blogging more seriously and to kick them into tip top shape (with love, of course!). Our most recent curriculum is below. To stay current, all curriculums are modified before enrollment begins to ensure that we are teaching the most up-to-date topics for bloggers.

Work/Life Balance + Motivational Lessons:
The Importance Of Being Authentic as a Blogger
What To Do When You Want To Give Up
How To Build Your Online Support System: Making Friends and Keeping Them
How To Handle Total Jerks Online
What To Do When You Want to Quit Blogging
Maintaining Your Joy and Pressing Ahead

Business Lessons:
How To Blog Your BEST
How To Build a Community Around Your Blog
Trends in Blogging: Part One
Trends in Blogging: Part Two
Planning Posts The Easy Way
Honest Ways To Grow Your Business Online
How To Deal With Your Competitors

Photography & Photo Styling Lessons:
How To Create Posts That Show a DIY Project: Photography, Styling and More!
Styling Better Photos For Your Blog

Photo Editing Lessons:
Pretty Up Your Blog Posts With Fonts
Pretty Up Your Blog Posts With Borders
Pretty Up Your Blog Posts With Collage

Monetization Lessons:
How To Earn Money Without Selling Your Soul
Beyond the Blog, Part One: Breaking Into Lecturing, Teaching, Digital Magazines, etc.
Beyond the Blog, Part One: Going From Blogger To Book Author

Writing + Marketing Lessons:
Networking Like a Pro Blogger
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: Tips & Tricks
Overcoming: What Do I Say On My Blog Today?
How To Create Original Content
How To Write Posts That Reach Your Audience
Writing The Best Bio Ever!
The Coolest New Apps That Pro Bloggers Are Using And Why

+ Bonus: Downloadable materials taught in other e-courses: Growing Your Readership & Understanding Your Stats, Advertising: What To Charge, Managing Relationships With Advertisers, Working With Sponsors, Creating a Professional Rate Sheet, How To Monetize Your Blog In Creative Ways, Time Management and Organization as a Blogger.
+ Bonus: Exclusive interviews with three major publishing houses with their tips and tricks on how to break into the publishing world as a new author.

This class currently has no upcoming dates scheduled.

Photo: Jeanette Lunde