Blogging Your Way 2.0

byw11Blogging Your Way: 2.0 is for intermediate and advanced bloggers. Here is a glance at the most recent curriculum. To stay current, all curriculums are modified before enrollment begins to ensure that we are teaching the most up-to-date topics for bloggers.

Work/Life Balance + Motivational Lessons:
Blogging From The Heart
Time Management and Organization
Dealing with Difficult People Online
Stop Comparing Yourself To Other Bloggers and Fuel Yourself Instead!
Why Quitting Isn’t An Option
What Does It Mean To Be Authentic?
Owning Who You Are So You Can Shine

Business Lessons:
Why Blogging Is Important To Your Business
Building Your Brand From A-Z
How To Build Your Blogging Business With Integrity
How To Be Consistent and Why It Matters
The Future of Blogging
Blogging Trends

Monetization Lessons:
Growing Your Readership
How To Figure Out Your Stats
Advertising: What To Charge
Advertising: Dealing with Advertisers
Advertising: How To Create a Professional-Looking Rate Sheet
Breaking Into Digital Publishing: Things To Consider For Your e-Mag
More Things To Consider Before Your Get Started With Digital Publishing
e-Mag Templates & Design
How To Break Into Writing Books: Publishing 101

Photography Lessons:
Custom Blog Content through Photography
Food + Interior Styling Tips & Tricks

Photo Editing Lessons:
Pretty Up Your Blog Posts with Glitter Letters, Patterned Letters and Shapes
Creating Borders and Drop Shadows for your Blog Photos
How To Create Photo Labels
Clip Art
Using Brushes
How To Make Your Own Custom Photo Layouts

Writing + Marketing Lessons:
Post Topic Ideas To Strengthen Your Blog
Getting Results Through Honest, Transparent Marketing
How To Write a Strong Bio That Gets You Noticed
How To Connect Online Using Apps

+ Bonus: Downloadable Photo Editing Freebie Kit #1 with Elements To Use For Your Blog Photos!
+ Bonus: Downloadable Photo Editing Freebie Kit #2 with Elements To Use For Your Blog Photos!

Photo: Naomi Robinson