Blogging Your Way

byw3 eCourse Outline: Blogging Your Way (Beginners, Intermediate)

This exciting and super fun e-course is geared towards those who are new to blogging or bloggers who have been at it for awhile and who need a fresh, new perspective. Feeling burnt out? Need a blog boost? Need to learn how to be a blogging success story? Want to learn how to write posts that get shared? Need help with creating compelling visual content? Our complete e-course curriculum is shown below.

Written lessons, podcasts, screencasts and videos will be part of this class. We will cover:

Become a Blogging Success Story: We’ll examine some blog success stories, including our own, and explain how to create a successful blog (and maintain it). In other words, how to stand out from the crowd! We’ll teach how to write the best About page and we’ll cover blog etiquette, blog ethics and personal branding – how to tap into what makes you unique so you don’t fall into the copycat pitfall so that you truly stand out online. If that we’re enough, we’ll also give you post and blog column ideas, share how we organize our studios so that we can blog efficiently and our tricks on how to use Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook to attract more readers to you and your blog!

Writing Online: How to write from the heart and reach your readers, Investigative/Journalistic writing (how to be a good journalist and what that means along with how to fact check and research so your blog becomes a credible, trustworthy resource) and Online writing (how to write well, avoid run-on sentences, learning to be concise and how to choose your words wisely).

Creating Compelling Visual Content: You will learn how to create compelling visual content that will capture and keep your readers attention and prompt them to share it online (tweets, pins, etc.) You will learn how to create a DIY post, how to tell a story through photography with tips on angles and tricks for photographing people and objects, How to write travel posts that your readers will love and How to write a good fashion post for those who want to show photos of themselves on their blogs in their favorite outfits or lifestyle shots in general.

This class will NOT cover anything technical – Our teachers will not cover how to start a blog, publish a post, photo formatting, which blog platform to use, etc. You can buy a book to learn the technical basics OR you can ask fellow students in our forum. This class WILL teach you the most important things that you need to know to get started as a blogger and if you’re already blogging, how to take it up a notch (or ten!).

You need to have a blog, or at least register one so you can begin working on your blog during class. If you don’t have a blog, it will be difficult for you to apply what you learn as you go so please try to get one started before class begins. Try  Blogger, WordPress, Typepad or Squarespace. Most of our students are using Blogger or WordPress, so you may find more support from fellow students if you register with either platform.

This class currently has no upcoming dates scheduled.

Photo: Tina Fussell