Course Outlines

BYW2Welcome to Blogging Your Way e-courses! We currently offer 5 online classes and 2 in-person workshops. Please click on any of the titles below to view their outline.

* BYW (Beginner & Intermediate)
* BYW 2.0 (Intermediate & Advanced)
* BYW: Boot Camp
(All Levels)
BYW: Blog Boss
(Intermediate & Advanced)
* BYW: Intention & Style
(All Levels)
* BYW: Road Trip
(2-day In-person weekend workshop, 25 students). Curious? Watch our latest video here.
* BYW: Studio
(2-day In-person weekend workshop, 16-18 students, with a special Friday evening cocktail reception). Held once a year in the private studio of Blogging Your Way founder, Holly Becker, in Germany. Curious? Watch our latest video here.

Each of our classes will give you the tools that you need to blog your best! We approach blogging with a creative, personal approach that you just won’t find in other classes since most blogging workshops focus on mostly boring tech stuff and topics that you can easily learn for free online. Our approach is to teach what you cannot find elsewhere – to pull together successful bloggers who make a living primarily through their blogs and let them teach their secrets to success. Our teachers aren’t amateurs – we hire only bloggers with years of experience, large audiences and are frequently featured in the press. We take blogging seriously yet manage to teach our students in a fun, supportive and encouraging way. Plus, we have the best students on the planet who are busy in our forums that you can connect with day or night!

Our e-courses guide you as you begin to get in touch with why you want to blog, how social media REALLY works, how to turn your blog into a success story and how to use your blog as a catalyst to live your best life. In fact, using your blog as a catalyst to live your best life is at the very core of what we teach.

Packed with hundreds of helpful tips, feedback, visuals, inspiration and ideas through podcasts, written materials, screencasts and videos, Blogging Your Way will guide you every step of the way. Each self-paced password protected e-course and forum puts you in touch with students worldwide in a supportive environment among friends.

Upcoming e-course: Blog Boss – Registration begins September 10, 2014.