Frequently Asked Questions

byw4Q. How does this e-course work?

A. Our e-courses are held via a password-protected site and forum which you can access on your computer (i.e. you need to login to access class material). New lessons are posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays by 12:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time.

Our e-courses are designed to provide a classroom-like experience. Lessons consist of written materials and podcasts, videos, screencasts and beautiful photography. You are encouraged to print lessons for future reference (easy instructions for printing to PDF are also provided). In addition, we strongly recommend using a journal to take notes during podcasts and videos for better reinforcement and to have something tangible to take away.

While we make many of our podcasts and videos available for download we do not provide all-in-one download packages and discourage a “download all” mentality. We are focused on fostering class interaction and community building. In that regard, you will have private access to a student-only forum where you can interact with students and teachers.

At the end of most of our e-courses we also offer a final (voluntary) exam. Upon completion you will earn a certificate to proudly display.

Q. Do I need to be online during specific days and times?
A. No – generally you do not need to be online during specific times. However, we strongly recommend logging in on the days lessons are posted to stay on top of all new materials and homework assignments. Our courses are not designed to be simple downloadable content but rather require a certain level of interaction during the dates held. There may also be times when we offer special live events, which will be posted on the class site, in advance.

Q. Will I be able to meet other students in this e-course?
A. Yes, this class has a very strong community around it. During the e-course, you can communicate via comments on the e-course website and in our private forum where you can ask questions, get support, plan meetups in your city (or attend them), share your weekly homework, interact with teachers and more!

Please note: Upon course completion you will automatically have access to our BYW Community, for up to 12 months from the date of registration, which includes continued access to the Students Helping Students and Student Discussions forum along with other features intended to facilitate meetups.

Q. Will I get direct feedback from you about my blog specifically?
A. Yes and no. We have a private forum where you can interact with all of your teachers and fellow students to ask questions that you have about our lessons, however we don’t offer in-depth feedback regarding your blog specifically. In the forum, students ask other students for personal feedback and blog reviews which are given freely. The e-course is structured so that upon completion you don’t need professional feedback – you are able to look at your blog and know exactly what needs to improve!

Q. How long will e-course content be available?
Course content will generally be available for 48 hours after class ends (class duration generally being 4 weeks) in case unforeseen occurrences prevented you from taking part during class. After that period ends, all class content will be removed and no further access will be possible. We therefore urge prospective students to ensure they are able to participate during the dates posted at registration.

Q. What can I expect to accomplish by the end of the e-course?
A. You will learn more about blogging than you ever thought possible from the best of the best – pro bloggers/teachers and students who have spent years online that have loads of experience and wisdom to share with you. You will feel happier than ever about blogging and excited to get started on making blog improvements right away. You’ll also make new friends by becoming a very special community member of the BYW Community, which gives you access to continue chatting with other students long after our e-course ends in the Students Helping Students and Student Discussions forum.

Q. What do I need to take this e-course?

  1. For our beginners classes you’d need to know what a blog is and how to write a simple blog post. However, you do not need to have a blog up and running yet though it will help you to get more out of class if you at least register a blog.
  2. For all other courses you will need to have some blogging experience as well as an existing blog, though it does not need to be current.
  3. A PC with either the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox or a Mac with the latest version of Safari. Blogging Your way is also mobile compatible though we recommend having your hands free during lessons to take notes.
  4. You should also have a digital camera since most of our e-courses cover photography tips and techniques (your phones camera will suffice for basic assignments).

Q. How do I pay?
A. You can pay by credit card or wire transfer (Banküberweisung for German students) via PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account though, you can transmit payment as a guest (instructions provided by PayPal at checkout). However, please note that we cannot accept any other form of payment as our registration system depends on PayPal transaction information.

Q. Do any of your classes teach blogging basics, like how to choose a blogging platform and how to write a blog post?
A. No, we assume you know this stuff already; especially with a bevy of books and websites dedicated to the very basic topics around blogging. We’re here to teach you what is impossible to learn on your own without dedicating years to blogging first – those “gems” that really matter and are based on the experience of professional bloggers who make a living through their blogs – like us! Please see our e-course outlines for a complete list of the topics we will cover.

Q. How much time should I invest each week?
A. You get out of this class what you put into it which is why we suggest visiting the e-course site when new materials are posted on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Written materials can be printed out, which you can collect in a notebook to refer to later on. Many of our podcasts and videos can be downloaded for later reference. We suggest spending 1-2 hours on class days (so 4-6 hours per week) to read through materials and interact with students in the forum. We will issue a weekly homework assignment (not mandatory) though students who participate do tend to walk away from class with a much bigger smile on their face (it’s fun and you learn a lot!), so you should add on a few more hours per week for homework if you’d like to do it. Again that is absolutely up to you!

Q. What happens when I register?
A. Upon payment via PayPal you will be redirect back to our site where you will create your account. You will then have immediate access to the e-course site to view the curriculum and read our welcome message. The actual class will commence on the date listed on the registration form.

Q: Do you issue refunds or transfers if I enroll but decide to cancel?
A. No. All sales are final and no refunds or credits will be given before, during or after class. No exceptions can be made due to the nature of our courses. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for details.

Q: Will there be technical support?
A. Yes, we provide technical support for the Blogging Your Way ecourse site and forum. We also provide tutorials and documentation on how to use common features of our class site. However, due to the many possible combinations of devices and browsers as well as other software we only provide support for issues on PCs with Internet Explorer or Firefox and Macs with Safari (latest versions each). We do not provide support for other browsers or mobile devices. We also do not provide any technical support for students’ own blogs.