Intention and Style

byw9eCourse Outline: Blogging Your Way: Intention & Style

This e-course focuses on INTENTION which will cover lots of great ideas for bloggers including how to really fall in love again with blogging in case you’re currently in a rut and will focus on STYLE to include photography and styling lessons to help you to really learn how to take great photos for your blog.

All of our materials are fresh, so if you’ve taken classes with us in the past please know that all podcasts, written lessons, webcasts and videos are brand new (we’re not into repeats!). You can also download everything for your personal use from this class, including webcasts and videos. You will also be given a certificate of completion at the end of this course along with 12 months of access to our BYW Community including forum access so that you can connect with students.

Intention - Core Courses:
Blog Secrets - How a successful blog is created and maintained
Staying Strong & True To Your Brand & Vision
Blog Branding - Case studies examining top blogs and why they work.
Growing Your Audience
Monetization – How to make money as a blogger the honest way.
Get Paid – How to price your services and why it’s important to avoid, “Free exposure”, as payment.
Current Blog Trends & Our Predictions: What’s hot in blogging today and what could be the next big thing tomorrow.
Turning Ideas into Actions: We’ll teach you how to hatch your ideas!
Outsourcing 101: Working with others, including your competitors.
Online Communities: How to deal with difficult situations that arise as a blogger from privacy issues to negative people and comments.

Style – Core Courses:
Photography: Week One: Set Up, Composition & Styling and Week Two: Shooting Bright, Shooting Dark & Moody and Post Editing
Also includes:
Camera Settings – For beginners/intermediate photographers: We’ll cover aperture, exposure, exposure compensation, white balance for natural light, artificial light and for mixed lighting.
Macro Photography – How to set up and the capture details of smaller objects from floral arrangements to tiny finds from the flea market.
Photo Editing – Raw file processing using Adobe Lightroom 5. You can use a cloud version of this software via the Adobe website for Free for a 30 day period. Please wait until November to download the free trial so that you will have access during the full duration of this course.
Styling: Week Three: Choosing a theme, Location, Prop Selection and Week Four: The Shoot Day, Styling Part 1, Styling Part 2
Interior Styling – How to set up and shoot a room like a pro, includes tips on camera settings for digital photography. Helpful if you want to share photos of your home on your blog or elsewhere.
Tabletop Styling – How to set up and shoot a vignette or objects on a tabletop, includes tips on camera settings for digital photography. Helpful for showing DIYs, product reviews, recipes, etc. on your blog.

This class has no dates scheduled at this time.

Photo: Lisa Nieschlag