Student Testimonials

  • Blogging Your Way is filled with inspiration and elements of motivation for you to better your blog as well as yourself as a person. How often do we have a chance to learn a lesson from someone as successful and talented as Holly and her teachers? This e-course opened up my mind and way of thinking not only for blogging, but for who I want to be and what I want to achieve. It taught me the core of blogging in a sense that it forced me to face myself, which guided me to learn about myself deep inside to find out what I really want to achieve from my blog. The words and lessons carry wisdom and methods to acquire necessary techniques to improve your blog. Not only do you benefit from them, you get to network with other fabulous and talented bloggers who have the same ambition and goal to become a successful blogger as you do. The opportunity to interact with other bloggers and get to know them is as valuable as the skills you can learn from the class and I love the sense of belonging to a community!

    Kahori RoskampCHUZAI * LIVING

  • Blogging Your Way is THAT course. You know, the experience that finally pulls all the pieces of your blogging career together. The amazing thing about being a part of the BYW course and community, is that you see bloggers who have already had much success, sharing with those who are just getting started, and everyone is learning something. Holly and her instructors are phenomenal, and so gracious. You’re not only learning from them, but they somehow manage to pull inspiration from inside each student, regardless of their level. Thinking about taking this e-course? Do it.

    Diana Hathaway TimmonsWren’s Zen

  • As a brand new blogger, I signed up for the BYW e-course with some hesitation. This e-course was so much more than I had anticipated. I simply can not say enough about the quality and caliber of information provided and the overall positive tone of encouragement and support. Fear that the blogging world was a closed, tight knit community that I’d never be a part of, fear that I had nothing new or unique to say that hadn’t already been said a million times over, fear that I’d run out of things to say, fear that I wasn’t an established source in the design industry, fear really held me back before this class! Throughout BYW, all of those fears were calmed and replaced with a renewed sense of optimism and realism. All of the resources in this e-course would have taken me years to figure out and find on my own. BYW was the healthy dose of inspiration, motivation and practical, actionable advice that I needed to fully spread my blogging wings and take off!

    Krista Nye Schwartzcloth & kind

  • Taking this class gave me fantastic ideas and the courage to start to share my thoughts and life with others. I have already increased my followers (after taking this class) so it tells me that someone out there is interested in what I have to say and I can thank the course for helping me find my voice. I loved it and would highly recommend!

    Lindy HarnarainItsy Bitsy Paper

  • Completely and utterly fantastic instructors. This e-class was so well thought out and explained. Very inspiring too! This course was more than I had expected, and it’s not just technical knowledge I’ve learned but what I really appreciated most is the motivation and inspiration that you have given me. I feel like a brave blogger now that I know the guidelines of the blogging world. I can’t believe how wonderful blogging is once you know the inside secrets. I would have never discovered any of this on my own. I had high expectations but BYW surpassed them all. I loved every minute of this course!

    Christina GreveChristina Greve Photography

  • Had this been a movie – it would have been a blockbuster! Had this been a book – it would have been a bestseller! The wealth of this course not only revolved around blogging with the incredible experience and wisdom Holly and her co-teachers added or the support and backbone Thorsten, their tech support guru, provided… It was a personal journey for each new, or old, blogger to delve deep into why we blog, who we are, what we should and could and it challenged each of us to stay focused, stay positive and most of all to ENJOY! Holly and her teachers are a team I would put my money on again any day.

    Ilze OosthuizenAuburn and Blue

  • My most rewarding takeaway from the class is that I now really enjoy blogging. I have connected with a lot of lovely people and I am continually uncovering what is and is not important to me. Holly’s approach to blogging as a very personal pursuit runs through the class as a red line. She really shows you how to take your blog to a professional level but also leaves you with the choice to develop your personal space so as to serve you in the best possible way for where you are in your life. For me, at this time, that is to focus my creative energies, and thanks to BYW I am doing so with the greatest of confidence!

    Kristin Leerrecycling mama

  • BYW gave me the confidence to blog from my heart and also motivated, inspired, and it made me stop and really think. Holly has a natural gift for connecting with people, and connecting people to people. I’ve made some great blogger friends that live nearby because of this class and that is absolutely priceless. I literally would not know them if it wasn’t for BYW. Lastly, Thorsten provides such first class technical advice and help in the forums that it could be a whole stand alone course. Thanks Holly, Thorsten, and all the fab teachers you have on board. BYW is a must!

    Louisa BlackmoreWest Egg

  • I have taken the beautiful Blogging Your Way course three times now. Each time I have finished the course feeling inspired, energised, focused and connected. Over the past couple of years my blog has gone from an idea in my head to something that is an intrinsic part of my life. Holly’s lesson about blogging to live a better life couldn’t ring more true for me. I cannot wait to take Blogging Your Way again and I recommend it from the bottom of my heart.

    Emily QuintonThe Startup Wife