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Dining By Design: Candy Productions

This one was sponsored and designed by Candy Productions at Dining By Design. The photo says it all, sheer silliness and drag queens galore. Definitely the most fun space, but was it well designed? I guess when drag queens dance on tables, that’s points enough, right? It’s good to see design in a less serious format sometimes though. Plus, I just love this image. It’s one to enlarge and frame for sure. Great lighting, perspective, and the best part, that “Ta-Dah!” expression… Priceless!

Posted in events + markets on February 26, 2007

Dining By Design: Alessi

Sponsored by the New York Times, this space was designed by Alessi for Dining By Design. Very cool, minimal, great chairs, love the writing on the wall – great play on words, “Aless is More”. Are those Frank Gehry cloud lights I see?

Posted in events + markets on February 26, 2007

DIFFA’s Dining By Design

This past weekend, the much anticipated DIFFA’s Dining By Design, presented by Elle Decor and GE Monogram, was held in NYC and it dazzled! To those of you not familiar with DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS), they organize Dining by Design, an annual fund-raising event. It is here that some of the most talented names in the design world are given a blank canvas – an 11′ x 11′ space – to transform into a dining room, with the focus being the tabletop. As long as ten can be seated, there are no limitations, so you can imagine the pleasure of creating one of these rooms, as well as being a guest viewing it – they’re so beautiful to see in person. I’ll share images from Dining By Design all day here on decor8, so stay tuned. You may even spot Margaret Russell…

Posted in events + markets on February 26, 2007

Hope Harris Photography

I’m heading out for the weekend, so I’ll leave you with the touching photography of Hope Harris, referred to me by Maryam (Thanks, M!). From cats to gorgeous pink blooms, there’s a certain sensitivity behind the lens that comes through in each image. I can tell that Hope sees beyond the surface, which is why her photographs stir such emotion. Hope captivates the honesty and down-to-earth beauty that I find so attractive in the natural world around me. A flower doesn’t consider what it will wear. A bird doesn’t gaze into a mirror to check that it’s feathers are in order. This is the raw beauty that draws so many of us in because outside of nature, only children seem to have this endearing quality for a limited time. We all grow up, primp, gaze, and worry about wrinkles and butt size. We buy expensive shoes and hope someone notices them. Nature never worries, and to me, that is why a fallen petal or the fluttering wings of a hummingbird delights. It’s genuine. It’s real. Unedited. Unplanned. Now that is a thing of beauty.

I fell in love with this kitty image, a Scottish Fold, my favorite breed. Here are a few additional beauties from the talented Ms. Harris. All photographs can be purchased on her website.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

(images copyright hope harris 2007)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, Rooms on February 23, 2007


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