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Dioscuri – Teman + Teran Evans!

Do you recall the design duo from HGTV’s Design Star, twinsies Teman and Teran Evans? They were guests at Dining By Design, there to enjoy the show along with everyone else. In case you wondered what became of these two, well good news! They’ve launched their own high end accessories design studio, Dioscuri, but not for interiors… Jewelry for ladies and gents. You can learn more about Dioscuri online, and you can find their accessories at Nordstrom and at a whole slew of retailers right here. Best of luck, you handsome devils!

Posted in events + markets, fashion + accessories on February 26, 2007

Dining By Design: SICIS The Art Factory

This Dining By Design table was sponsored by SICIS The Art Factory, the mosaic masters we see gracing the pages of interior design mags on a regular basis. The space was designed by Massimiliano Raggi. The entire room, down to the guests, was designed using mosaic tiles, with some exceptions being on the tabletop, of course. Amazing. Whether you love or hate mosiacs, you have to at least appreciate the sheer skill and patience involved in a project of this scope – brilliant!

Posted in events + markets on February 26, 2007

Dining By Design: NYDC and Shaver/Melahn Design

Sponsored by the New York Design Center (NYDC is also known as 200 Lexington), owned by James Druchman, this Dining By Design room dazzled. (200 Lex is the other one-stop-shop for the trade only building in NYC, the other being the D&D building.) This space was designed by Rick Shaver and Lee Melahn of Shaver/Melahn, a well-known design studio in NY. Lighting provided by Zia Priven. Rich Shaver is an architect and Lee Melahn an Interior Designer, and they design a line of furniture as well. A monochromatic take on Marie Antionette, their space was exquisite.

Posted in Designers + Stylists on February 26, 2007

Dining By Design: Elle Decor + Margaret Russell

This space was sponsored by Elle D?cor and designed by Margaret Russell, shown below at DIFFA’s Dining By Design. Need I say more? Done in a festive Moroccan style with an outdoors-y feel, the space was very large with at 3 or 4 seating areas, all in the same style. Rich, elegant colors, lots of pattern, bench style seating. And of course, there’s Ms. Russell looking more radiant than ever.

Posted in Designers + Stylists on February 26, 2007


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