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Reader Q: Letters?

Reader Stephanie is looking for letters, “Do you know of a place to buy Letters? Individual letters made from metal, wood. Variety of sizes? I want to get a collection of S.” – Stephanie.

Image from Living Etc.

I’m thinking to check out eBay and search under “Vintage Letters”, “Antique Sign Letters”, “Sign Letters”, ” Marquee Letters”, or “Letter S” perhaps? Although I tend to bet the best ones are at flea markets… Of course, I’m sure websites exist that sell them. Maybe try Buy Sign Letters, Sonrisa Furniture, or these chunky cardboard letters at Re-found Objects?

Hmmm. We may need to consult master letter expert, Victoria. (See her previous letter posts here.) Maybe she knows where you can find a good S or two. She seems to love Timeless Treasures in San Francisco. Maybe you could call them? Oh, and I found this thread over at Typophile, these peeps seem helpful. You could jump in on that conversation.

Fabric letters from Anthropologie. Oh, and don’t form words that are mean like this… he he. Image via NY Magazine. Can you imagine doing this? Don’t laugh. It gets worse. I actually met a couple years ago that had a neon sign over their bed that said the s-e-x word in bright pink, so I guess anything goes these days. Or not!

Image from Wary Meyers. Ah. Much more tame than the last image. :)

The living room of Kristian in Frankfurt via Apartment Therapy.
She found her letters at a flea market. Very nice – simple yet bold.

Can anyone help point Stephaine to some resources? Online, perhaps?

Posted in reader questions, vintage on February 21, 2007

Nate’s Small Space Miracle on Oprah

Did anyone catch the Gillingham-Ryan family (from AT) on Oprah yesterday? The show was all about living in a small space and focused mainly on Nate Berkus’ designs, as well as a couple of small space owners, and products that could be used in tight quarters. What did you think about the studio that Nate designed for Martha, a very gracious lady (she was so cute) with two cats, Prada and Louie? Did you like the tented room?


What about the new Nate apartment in the village? Here are a few pics of his new place, in case you missed the show.

It’s gorgeous, huh? I love his white bertoia chairs, and found it very interesting that he painted everything white (even the hardwood floors) and then painted his doors and cabinetry in a high gloss dark blue (so dark it looks black, as he said). I like how he positioned some of his art, and found his bedroom to be soothing and so stylish – especially that vintage chandelier he found. I seriously loved that thing. Painting the a/c unit white was clever, as was the furniture placement around it, the unit seemed to disappear into the wall. Looks like his new place will be in the next issue of O at Home magazine, hitting newsstands on March 6th, so we’ll have larger images to drool over.

But the tented room… Hmmm. I am still trying to swallow that because I had cats at one time in my life and recall their love of climbing. I imagine them swinging from all that fabric. Martha seemed so happy though, she was not only star-struck by Nate, but seemed positively giddy over his work. Speaking of… We all like to look at pretty homes, so here’s a few of my favorites from his portfolio online over at Nate Berkus Associates.

I like the simplicity here.

Great art wall with a simple bench.
I like seeing grey with beige and lavendar.

We all need architectural details and soaring ceilings like this…

Fantastic black wall, drama! Those b/w chairs are gorgeous,
with the hint of yellow in the room as an accent. Nice.

(images from and nate berkus)

Posted in inspiration on February 21, 2007

Love is Blind @ Bodie and Fou

Love is Blind is a team of two British talents, product designer Patrick Laing and fashion textiles designer Abi Williams. I love their new collection of blinds, so unique and definitely more interesting that the standard white ones we see here in America at Home Depot’s everywhere. There are currently 7 designs total (“hand show” is not shown), but I feel mostly drawn to 2 of designs – the tree, perfect for those in the city who may not look out and see as many as they’d like, and of course I love the plants because I think the color and pattern is fabulous, especially for a kitchen. You can find the blind collection from Love is Blind exclusively at Bodie and Fou online.

(images from bodie and fou)

Posted in Objects on February 21, 2007

Jill Bliss – Blissen: Save 20% until 2/28!

Yippee! I’m super excited to share this special offer from Jill Bliss exclusively for decor8 readers. Jill wants you to save on all your favorite items and hosting a fun sale is my way of thanking you for your loyal readership. It means a lot to know you are here with me each day, so thank you so much for your support and friendship.

Now back to our sale! Starting today through February 28th, you can shop the Blissen website and take 20% off of your order total. Yup. 20%! Now you can scoop up all those great Bliss items that you’ve been looking at and save big. Blissen just sings Spring, doesn’t it? I think I’ll grab a few of these redwood art pieces… Perfect!

Enter “decor8″ at checkout and your discount will be applied at that time. Happy shopping!

Psst: If you want to view some great Blissen product shots, look at all these fantastic images on Flickr. I love seeing items in actual spaces, it really influences me when I shop.

I’m heading out for the day, but I’ll see you here tomorrow. Have a great day/evening everyone!

(images from jill bliss)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, discounts on February 20, 2007


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