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J Schatz *New* Egg Bird Houses

I’m in love with these sweet little egg bird houses, available in 8 perfect colors, the latest creation from J Schatz in New York. $125- USD. Thank you Jim for sending me the tip last night, these are super cute.

(images from jschatz)

Posted in outdoors on February 13, 2007

Reader Q: Contact Paper Resources?

A reader from Austin, Texas, Miss Meredith, needs our help. Let’s see if we can all pull together some ideas for her.

“I just moved into a circa 1969 rancho fabuloso. I was wondering if you had any ideas about some groovy contact paper I could use in my walk in pantry. Your wallpaper links have been very inspiring, and I wondered if you had any suggestions about contact paper or shelf liner that is cute. All I can find around Austin, TX is country kitchen stuff.”

I suggest using vintage wallpaper, or head to the nearest Target store because last I checked, they had a few cute patterns that didn’t have a rooster or quilt motif going on. There’s also Aubuchon Hardware, they have several patterns to choose from, and they’re online for easy shopping. But when it comes to really great patterns, contact paper doesn’t seem to be something that some great designer has picked up on yet. There clearly is a need for someone to design great adhesive contact paper…

(image from aubuchon hardware)

Posted in reader questions on February 13, 2007

Jan Constantine Embroidered Collection

With a background in fashion, interiors and styling, and a loyal following in the UK, there’s no question Jan Constantine has a unique style and good taste that appeal to many. Her collection of hand-embroidered soft furnishings show that the art of embroidery need not look dated, only to be retired to storage, rather it can seamlessly blend in with today’s interiors. Jan’s goal is to keep this ancient, hands-on skill very much alive and desired. When you peek at her online collection, I think she’s well on her way.

(images from jan constantine)

Posted in textiles on February 12, 2007

Reader Q: The Hunt for the Trendy White Table

Audrey from Australia wrote in, “I was wondering if you and the decor8 blog readers might be able to help me…” Seems she’s on the hunt for a trendy white table featured in a recent NYTimes feature about The Penthouse restaurant at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica, CA designed by Thomas Schoos. Audrey continues, “I’d like to get my hands on it (or something similar) to use as my desk. I love the white square top with the round base.”

She adds that it would be helpful if someone could point her to a resource in Australia.

Since that is wayyy out of my territory, I’m leaving this up to other Aussie readers who may be able to give her a hand. Or in this case, a table!

Anyone know where to get something like this?

Audrey – My first reaction is to contact the design firm to see where it was purchased, but given your location, you may do better to DIY it. Locate a vintage cast aluminum saarinen tulip base (Knoll) and work with a carpenter to create a laminate rectangular top and viola! You have exactly what you want. You could also contact 20th Century Design in Melbourne to see if they’ve come across anything like it… Mondo Trasho and Frhapsody 20C are great mid century design resources in your country that may also be helpful for you to contact.

Anyone else have a few clever ideas for our friend, Audrey?

(image from the nytimes)

Posted in diy, reader questions, tips on February 12, 2007


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