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Moa Jantze Chairs – Folkloric Charm!

Let’s take a pause from the Dutch life…

Sorry, I can’t focus on one thing too long today, perhaps I have a dose of ADD or I’m just over stimulated (and tired!) from my trip to Hamburg, but I have to show you these great chairs from Swedish designer, Moa Jantze. She designed them as part of the Rotter collection (Rotter meaning ‘roots’ in Swedish). And together with Hanna Brog?rd and Johanna Asshoff, this awesome threesome form Jantze Brog?rd Asshoff in H?gersten, Sweden. Rotter was presented at the Stockholm Furniture Fair earlier this year (February) and included the chairs of Moa Jantze as well as other furnishings from both Brog?rd and Asshoff inspired by their heritage, tradition, nostalgia, memories, family and friends.

These folksy finds send tingles up my spine, I want to own the white chair with the black embroidered seat – I would like this in my entryway.

I love the vibrant, yet understated, patterns on Moa’s chairs. There’s something very comfortable and sweet about them, and the pattern adds just the perfect touch of warmth to the home without being too over-the-top girly. I can see Victoria from sfgirlbybay really loving the white chair above. Or maybe the DIY queen, Scrappygirl? Perhaps Joy would be into it, too? [Please peek at Joy's new business website, she has an amazing portfolio! Go Joy!] What about you, do you or don’t you Moa?

Moa Jantze via: The lovely Ana at Ohmygooshness.

(images from moa jantze)

Posted in furniture on November 09, 2006

Lekker, lekker, lekker!

If only I had paid attention. I think I spaced or something, because I cannot find anything in my notes about these wonderful prints spotted over at Strijp S at design week. These digital wonders appear to be layered – almost like the child is resting on a giant photo that has additional images layered into it – bunnies, birds, dolls, cabbage, etc. I love the idea, so creative! I wish I could share the artist with you, but I haven’t a clue. This gives me a bit of inspiration though, as I love finding new ways to convey a feeling, especially through photography.

Danielle, if you’re reading, do you recall this exhibit? I’d love to know who it is so I can credit the amazing talent behind it. I’m so annoyed I didn’t take better notes… Rrrrrrrrr.

(images from holly becker for decor8)

Posted in Arts + Crafts, events + markets, walls on November 09, 2006

Arjen Veenman ‘Makeover’: Dutch Design Week

Check out this table, designed by Arjen Veenman, also spotted in the Dutch Living Room. The table is part of their ‘Makeover’ collection, furniture created from objects that no longer function, transforming them into functional pieces again, although recreated for a different use (a piano that now serves as a bookcase, for example, can be viewed here).

Thoughts on this table? I know this is off the wall, but I’d love to see it in acrylic – solid white or lightly tinted pastel – imagine!!!

(images from holly becker for decor8)

Posted in events + markets, furniture on November 09, 2006

Vincenzoni de Jager: Dutch Design Week

I’m back from Hamburg after a quick getaway, so watch for a few posts today and tomorrow highlighting some finds – interesting shops, photos, and I met a popular German designer that you may really enjoy meeting too. So stick around, I hope you’ll enjoy what I found there. [FYI: Since some of you asked... I'm a guest blogger over at Apartment Therapy for a week, wrapping up next Tuesday or Wednesday, blogging (of course) about DDW.]

To continue with my finds from DDW… Here’s another talent from the Dutch Living Room, Vincenzoni de Jager, who designed this table, which appears to be a more modern take on a picnic bench, at least that’s how I interpret it. (I really have no clue since I didn’t speak with him directly). I could be reading into it a bit too much, it may have been designed merely to save space – no chairs required as the seats folded down for sitting only to close again when not in use. (I like this feature very much, although I wonder how much of a pain it would be to sit down if you’re wearing a long fitted skirt!!)

The ivy pattern, again the familiar cut out design that is still quite the rage, gives the table a bit of lightness (visual) that appeals to me, and I appreciate the idea of built-in seating. Fingers crossed, Vincenzoni will reply to me with details on the materials used, price, inspiration, etc. so I can include that information in my post over at AT either tomorrow or Monday.

Do you like it? Do you like the pattern – ivy? I have mixed feelings about ivy… Wonder if you do as well?

(images from holly becker for decor8)

Posted in events + markets, furniture on November 09, 2006


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